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Alien Hunter is a 2003 science-fiction-thriller film, directed by Ron Krauss and
stars James Spader, Carl Lewis and Leslie Stefanson.                                                    Alien Hunter

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In 1947 New Mexico, a radio operator receives a bizarre signal, coming from
Roswell. He decides to investigate the signal's origin and goes out to follow it, to
never be seen again. Present day and the same signal is received from the
South Pole and then retransmitted from the Falkland Islands to the United
States. A satellite image captures an unknown object sitting on the Antarctic
snow. Cryptologist Julien Rome (James Spader), a teacher at Berkeley
University, is invited to investigate the mystery and he is sent to an Antarctic
research base, which includes a huge greenhouse of genetically modified plants
                                                                                              Alien Hunter Australian DVD cover
being studied by the scientists. They found what appears to be an alien vehicle
frozen in a huge block of ice. The unknown object is shaped like a shell or pod          Directed by       Ron Krauss

and is emitting the mysterious encrypted signal. Once it is freed of the ice Julien      Produced by       David Yost
discovers that it has a powerful static electric charge on its surface and painfully     Written by        Boaz Davidson
shocks anyone who touches it.                                                                              J.S. Cardone
While Julien is trying to decrypt the signal, another team works to open the alien       Narrated by       SciFi Channel
shell. They succeed in cutting the lid off which allows an viscous alien liquid to
                                                                                         Starring          James Spader
pour out. An alien also escapes and at the same time as an airborne virus                                  Leslie Stefanson
sealed in the shell kills four members of the scientific team by melting them from                         Carl Lewis
within. The virus also kills all the plants, making them wilt and turn brown. The
                                                                                         Music by          Tim Jones
virus has an unusually high speed of transmission and extreme virulence. It kills
                                                                                         Cinematography Darko Suvak
anyone within a few minutes of exposure.
                                                                                         Editing by        Amanda I. Kirpaul
The government is aware of the alien virus and the global risk that it poses.
They ask a Russian nuclear submarine to fire a nuclear missile at the base               Studio            Millennium Films
before the threat can spread. As the submarine nears its firing position, Julien                           Sandstorm Films
                                                                                                           Nu Image
manages to communicate with the alien before it is unfortunately killed by one of
the survivors. Julien realises that if any of the survivors leave the base alive, the    Distributed by    Columbia TriStar Home
lethal alien virus will cause a pandemic destroying all life on earth. He and three                        Video
others are rescued from the base by an alien spacecraft (which had homed in on           Release date(s)   July 19, 2003
the same signal Julien was studying) just a few seconds before the missile hits.
                                                                                         Running time      92 minutes
In the aftermath, the government mounts a cover-up campaign by claiming that             Country           United States
an experimental nuclear reactor at the base went into melt-down, destroying all                            Bulgaria
of the facilities and killing everyone. The film ends with the alien spacecraft, still
                                                                                         Language          English
carrying the human survivors, leaving the solar system.

  James Spader as Julian Rome
  Janine Eser as Dr. Kate Brecher
  John Lynch as Dr. Michael Straub
  Nikolay Binev as Dr. Alexi Gierach
  Leslie Stefanson as Nyla Olson
  Aimee Graham as Shelly Klein
  Stuart Charno as Abell
  Carl Lewis as Grisham
  Svetla Vasileva as Dacia
  Anthony Crivello as Pilot
  Kaloian Vodenicharov as Co-Pilot
  George Stanchev as Airman
  Rufus Dorsey as Navigator
  Roy Dotrice as Dr. John Bachman
  Woody Schultz as Sam
  Keir Dullea as Secretary Bayer

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