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Alicia Banit


									Alicia Banit
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Alicia Banit is an Australian actress and dancer who is best known for her role as
Kat in the ABC television series Dance Academy.[1]
                                                                                                                   Alicia Banit
                                                                                                    Occupation            Actress, dancer
    Contents                                                                                        Years active          1998-present
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 2 Filmography
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Banit first acting appearance was in the Australian film Dead Letter Office, playing a younger version of the main character
Alice. In 2006, she had a two episode minor role in the Network Ten soap opera Neighbours as Madison Sullivan,[2] then in
2008 she returned to the soap for another two episode role, this time portraying Sharni Hillman.[3] From 2007 to 2009 she
had two guest roles on the Australian version of the Disney Channel series As The Bell Rings playing Amber. In 2007, she
was cast in Chris Lilley's television series Summer Heights High as Kaitlyn for the duration of the first season. [4] In 2008,
Banit appeared in Rush as Gemma Rose Parker acting alongside former Neighbours actress Eliza Taylor-Cotter.[4] In 2009,
she was Leah in season one of the Australian drama series Tangle.[4] In late 2009, she was cast as one of the main
characters Katrina Karamakov in the ABC television series Dance Academy.[1] From 23 August 2010 to 27 August 2010, she
acted as a co-host on the ABC3 wrapper program Studio 3 along-side Kayne Tremills and Amberly Lobo. [5]

     Year                      Title              Type     Episodes                 Role
1998               Dead Letter Office          Film                       Young Alice
2006               Neighbours [2]              TV series 2                Madison Sullivan
2007–2011          As The Bell Rings           TV series                  Amber
2007               Summer Heights High[4] TV series 8                     Kaitlyn
2008               Neighbours [3]              TV series 4                Sharni Hillman
2008               Rush [4]                    TV series 1                Gemma Rose Parker
2009               Tangle[4]                   TV series 6                Leah
2010–present Dance Academy [1]                 TV series 52               Katrina Karamakov
2010               Studio 3 [5]                TV series 5                Herself

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