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External application form for 2012 by j9UU0r


									                         Slough and Eton Church of England
                           Business and Enterprise College

                                  External Application Form
                                       For Sixth Form Entry 2012

                       Please return as promptly as possible, even if you are unable to complete some items

NAME OF CANDIDATE:                                                 NAMES OF PARENT/S:
(Please print)                                                      (Please print)

ADDRESS:                                                           CONTACT NUMBERS:



                                                                   OWN MOBILE:

DATE OF BIRTH:                                                     E-MAIL:

PRESENT SCHOOL & ADDRESS:                                          HEAD OF YEAR 11:

             SUBJECTS BEING STUDIED                            RESULTS/MOCK RESULTS                EXAMINATION BOARD
            AT GCSE/BTEC please specify                             (if known yet)
To study BTEC National Level 3 you will need to gain at least five A* to C GCSEs preferably with Mathematics and
English (you must have one of these). You can choose BTECs up to the value of 3 A Levels. You may also choose ONE AS
level from below, but you will need a B grade in that subject or a related subject and grade C in English AND

                               BTEC Level 3 Courses                                     Write your choice

      BTEC National Art andDesign (Two A level equivalent)
      BTEC National Diploma in Business(Two A level equivalent)
      BTEC National Health and Social Care(Two A level equivalent)
      OCR National ICT(Two A level equivalent)
      BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production (One A level equivalent)
      BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Business (One A level equivalent)
      OCR National ICT(One A level equivalent)
      BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science—Forensics (One A Level

Alternatively if you gain at least 5 grade A* to C including Mathematics and English you may take three/four A Level
courses (you must have grade B or higher in each subject chosen, or a related subject).

                                                                                      Write 1, 2, 3 and 4 in
                                       AS Levels                                       the boxes below.
     AS Accountancy

     AS Art

     AS Biology

     AS Business Studies

     AS Chemistry

     AS Drama and Theatre Studies

     AS English

     AS French

     AS Geography

     AS History

     AS ICT

     AS Mathematics

     AS Philosophy

     AS Physics

     AS Psychology

     AS Sociology
       If you do not achieve GCSE grades sufficient to commence Level 3 you can join the BTEC
programme at Level 2 and if successful progress to Level 3 the following year if you wish. Please indicate
                                           your choice below.

                          BTEC Level 2 Course
                                                                            Write 1 and 2 in the
      Please indicate below your firstand second choice BTEC Level two boxes below

     BTEC First Diploma in Art and Design

     BTEC First Diploma in Business

     BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care

     BTEC First Diploma in Travel and Tourism

 You will complete your programme of study with new or retake courses in English and/or Mathematics
                              dependent on any previous results at GCSE.

                                Wednesday afternoon activity
   Please choose one of these and if you are not yet sure give a second choice. Everybody has an
   activity on Wednesday afternoon. CSLA/HSLA has UCAS points and Community Service also has
   recognition through UCAS

                                                                             Write 1 and 2 in the
                  Wednesday afternoon activity                                  boxes below

     Sport (including trial for school football team)

     Community Service (may be in or out of school)

     Community Sports Leadership Award
     (and Higher Sports Leadership Award in second year)

     Supervised study
Proposed Career ambition if known:

Other interests?: (Sporting, dramatic, artistic, musical, etc)

Why do you want to join the Sixth Form?

Where did you hear about the possibility of applying to the Sixth Form?

Friend/relative                Present School recommendation Connexions Careers Advisor

Other (Please give details):

Parental Signature                                        Candidate’s Signature

Date:                                                     Date:

We strongly encourage and advise that you return this form as soon as possible.


Mr I Amod
Head of Sixth Form
Slough & Eton Church of England Business & Enterprise College
Ragstone Road
Chalvey SL1 2PU             

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