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   This article is about the film prize . For the cancer research award, see Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Prize.

The Alfred P. Sloan Prize is an award given each year, starting in 2003, to a film at the Sundance Film Festival. The prize is
given to a feature film that focuses on science or technology as a theme, or depicts a scientist, engineer, or mathematician as
a major character.
Each winner is presented with a $20,000 cash award provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Winning films
Year              Film                  Director                       Writer(s)
2003 Dopamine [1]               Mark Decena             Mark Decena & Timothy Breitbach
2004 Primer [1]                 Shane Carruth           Shane Carruth
2005 Grizzly Man [1]            Werner Herzog           Werner Herzog
2006 The House of Sand [2] Andrucha Waddington Elena Soarez
2007 Dark Matter[3]             Chen Shi-zheng          Billy Shebar
2008 Sleep Dealer [4]           Alex Rivera             Alex Rivera & David Riker
2009 Adam[5]                    Max Mayer [6]           Max Mayer [6]
2010 Obselidia [7]              Diane Bell              Diane Bell
2011 Another Earth [8]          Mike Cahill             Mike Cahill & Brit Marling

        Robot & Frank [9]       Jake Schreier           Christopher Ford
        Valley of Saints [9]    Musa Syeed              Musa Syeed

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