Choices for Rain Forest Animal Project by pa7E4jCO


									Name: _________________________

   Choices for Rain Forest Animal Project

Options for Presenting Information:
  1. Flip-flap
  2. Mobile
  3. File folder book
  4. Factoid bag or box

*Each person will also create a PowerPoint slide about the
animal he or she researched.

Options for Art Display:
  1. 3-D clay model
  2. Animal hanging

These are my choices for displaying the research I
gathered about my rain forest animal:

Information Presentation - ____________________
Art Display - ____________________

  Use your Planning Talent to list the MATERIALS you
  will need to complete your project:
  ____________________ ___________________
  ____________________ ___________________
  ____________________ ___________________
  ____________________ __________________

Let’s get started! Do your best, have fun, and good luck!!! 

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