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Alexandra Moen is an English actress, best known for her roles as Emily James
in the British TV drama Hotel Babylon, as Tamsin in the TV drama Tripping Over                 Alexandra Moen
and as Lucy Saxon in three episodes of "Doctor Who".                                Born             Alexandra Moen

Moen was born in Pisa, Italy in 1978 to an oceanographer father and teacher         Occupation       Actress

mother. She lived briefly in Canada and Bermuda with her two younger brothers       Years active     2003 – present
until moving to England in 1991. [1] She finished school in the UK and studied
English at Leeds University before training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in London.

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 2 Collaboration with Doctor Who cast members
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List of credits

   Not Alone (2011) - Chloe
   Bert and Dickie (2012) as Rosalind Burnell

   Foyle's War (2004) episode "Enemy Fire" - Mary Wrenn
   Midsomer Murders (2005) episode "Second Sight" - Emma Kirby (credited as Alexandra Moon)
   .357 (2005) - Mel
   Falling (2005) - Daphne
   Whatever Love Means - Princess Anne
   Tripping Over (2006) - Tamsin
   Doctor Who (2007,2009) episodes "The Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords", "The End of Time, Part One" [2]
   Hotel Babylon (2008–09) - Emily James
   Waking the Dead (2008) episodes "Sins: Part 1", "Sins: Part 2" - Cathy Reading
   Casualty (2010)
   Doctors (2010) episode "Five Seconds" as Laura Thomas[3]
   Strike Back: Project Dawn (2011) as Kerry Stonebridge

   The Seagull written by Chekhov, adapted by Phyllis Nagy, directed by Steven Pimlott, Chichester, (2003) - Nina
   The Hinge of the World written by Richard Goodwin at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, (2003) - Maria Celeste
   The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Chichester, (2003) - Jessica
   Look Back in Anger written by John Osborne at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh (2005) - Helena
   Phaedra's Love written by Sarah Kane at the Bristol Old Vic (2005) - Strophe
   Shoreditch Madonna written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz at the Soho Theatre, London, (2005) - Christina
   The Lady from the Sea written by Henrik Ibsen at the Rose Theatre, Kingston, (2012) - Hilde
Collaboration with Doctor Who cast members
Moen had appeared opposite actor David Tennant, (the tenth incarnation of The Doctor), on stage in a 2005 production of
Look Back in Anger. [4][5]
In the 2006 television series Tripping Over, Moen starred as Tamsin opposite Paul McGann, the actor who portrayed the
Eighth Doctor in the one-off 1996 telemovie. Moen also performed on stage in 2003 with David Troughton who in addition to
his own appearances on the programme is the son of actor Patrick Troughton, who played the second incarnation of the The
Doctor; Moen played Maria Celeste in The Hinge of the World, the daughter to Troughton's Galileo. [6] In Hotel Babylon,
Moen has appeared with John Barrowman who plays Captain Jack Harkness both in Doctor Who and in its spin-off series
Torchwood, as well as Michael Obiora, who appeared as Billy Shipton in the episode Blink.

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