Service Level Agreement Template CSM by 140RIE7X


									   Service Level Agreement
         between the
University Disability Service and
     Central Saint Martin’s

Outline of Service Level Agreement.                                                5

Detailed Service Level Agreement.                                                  6

Signatories                                                                        11

Appendices.                                                                        12

Appendix 1: Roles and Responsibilities of UDS and College Staff in meeting
            disabled students’ access needs                                        13

Appendix 2: Roles and Responsibilities for specific key processes                  19

              A.   Admissions – in development
              B.   PEEPs– already appended
              C.   Arranging Library Support – in development
              D.   Estates issues – requires development

Appendix 3: University Disability Service Organisation Chart.                      21

Appendix 4: Flow charts for Key Processes                                          22

              A.   Contacting disabled applicants
              B.   Student experience of accessing University Disability Service
              C.   Development of Individual Support Agreements

Appendix 4: Individual Support Agreements                                          25

              A.   Sample ISA - appended
              B.   Sample ISA Guidance - appended
              C.   Roles and responsibilities in enacting ISA recommendations – in

Appendix 5: Contacts – In Development                                              31


High-quality disability provision for students requires very high levels of collaboration,
communication and understanding between various parties. In particular, it requires
an understood relationship between the University Disability Service (UDS) and
College staff.

This SLA articulates the commitment of UDS and (insert College name) to work
together to provide support of the highest quality to disabled students and ensure
that their experience is positive. It aims to make explicit the components of the
working relationship between UDS and the College.

Objective of the SLA

The SLA sets out:

      the range of services that the UDS and (insert name of College) provide to
       disabled students
      the overall standard which the UDS aims to achieve in the provision of
      the respective roles and responsibilities of both organisations in the
       successful implementation of the Agreement
      a mechanism for resolving any problems relating to this Agreement or the
       delivery of services and support.

The SLA has been structured so that the first x pages constitute an overarching
Service Level Agreement between UDS and the College. Details of the services
provided by UDS and the specific service standards relating to each one are set out
in a series of Appendices.


The Agreement refers to provision of services for students with disabilities other than

Date of Agreement (insert date)

Future reviews and amendments

For the first year of its implementation, this SLA agreement will be reviewed termly.

At the end of the first year the frequency of subsequent reviews will be determined
between both parties. Changes made to this agreement will be signed off by both

Overall Objectives

UDS will work in partnership with (insert name of College) to ensure disabled
students (prospective and current) are provided with:
     timely information, expert advice and specialist support
     funding and equipment
     reasonable adjustments to facilities, services and learning and teaching
in order to support their academic success and ensure compliance with legal


     Students (current and prospective) who have (or suspect they may have) a
    College staff:
      Any member of staff who is involved in teaching or supporting students may
      benefit from training or case-specific advice from UDS.
     The key College stakeholders are as follows:
      Senior managers
      Academic Co-ordinator (Student Support)
      Programme/Course directors
      Personal tutors
      Technical staff
      Programme Lead Administrators (or equivalent)
      International Officers
      Marketing and Communications
      ArtsCom Business Manager? – the relationship between UDS and ArtsCom
      requires further thought/discussion

Roles and responsibilities

An overview is provided here. Detailed information about roles and responsibilities is
included in Appendix 1

UDS and the College will:

      Provide each other with timely and relevant information relating to disabled
      students to ensure timely disclosure, implementation of support and
      adjustments and risk management
     Identify key people within their organisations who will act as the first point of
      contact for specific areas of the SLA
     Endeavour to resolve difficulties before they impact negatively on disabled
     Work supportively with colleagues across the two organisations

UDS will:

    assign a specialist disability adviser to the College, who will:
         - co-ordinate disabled students’ support
         - manage formal disclosure of disabilities
         - assess students’ support needs
         - arrange students’ access to specialist equipment, assistive technology
            and support workers
         - produce Individual Support Agreements (ISAs) detailing the support
            and adjustments required by each student
          - communicate ISAs to College staff and other service providers
         - provide guidance and support to College staff to assist them in making
            reasonable adjustments
          - work closely with the Academic Co-ordinator or equivalent to
                - ensure ISA recommendations are feasible and implemented
                - broker complex adjustments to learning, teaching and
                - identify training needs amongst College staff and tailor training
                     according to need
         - regularly review students’ cases, convening case conferences and/or
            amending support arrangements and ISAs as necessary
         - maintain a complete record of all documents, correspondence and
            interactions with- or pertaining to each disabled student
    provide data and consultancy (Head of Service) to College management to
     provide an evidence base and help the College to embed disability equality in
     its activities in line with the Equality Act 2010 and University- and sector good
    manage a University budget for individual support for students who are not
     eligible for external funding

The College will:

     assign a senior manager (Associate Dean or equivalent) to oversee the
      Agreement and work closely with the Head of Service to oversee the
      implementation and monitoring of the Agreement
    establish a role (Academic Co-ordinator, Student Support or equivalent) with
      specific responsibility for:
          - assisting UDS to facilitate reasonable adjustments relating to learning,
              teaching and assessment
          - receiving copies of students’ ISAs
          - facilitating communication between UDS and College staff, where
          - working with the College’s UDS Disability Adviser and Head of Service
              to assist in developing and ensure delivery of staff development
     ensure that staff (course directors, administrators, the Academic Co-
          - signpost UDS support and seek advice from UDS relating to students
              who are/may be disabled but have not yet formally disclosed it
          - maintain accurate records of interactions with and pertaining to
              disabled students about their support
          - provide timely information to UDS where requested
          - put in place adjustments outlined in the ISA
          - update the disability adviser where there are concerns about a
              student’s support, attendance, progression or wellbeing
          - work positively with the disability adviser to address difficulties with
              implementing recommended support
     provide appropriate resources and facilities for disabled students’ support,
          - funding for disability-related staff development activities
          - funding for adjustments to College facilities/resources
          - confidential space for disability advice appointments and support work
          - Storage space (lockers) for disabled students’ use
          - Medical/quiet room at each College site
          - Assistive software on-site

Service Availability

UDS is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

The UDS adviser assigned to the College will be on-site x working days per week.

Adviser resource will be allocated according to the number of students with disclosed
disabilities within that College.1

UDS will ensure that there is sufficient disability adviser resource to cover disability
advisers’ absence and annual leave.

Initial inquiries and appointment bookings are handled by the Disability Service

Delia Carruthers
Tel: 020 7514 6156

The UDS disability adviser is:

The Head of the UDS:
Jenny Alsop

Local arrangements would need to be added (reception arrangements etc)

  Sector guidance, practice at comparator HEIs and UDS experience at CSM in 2011-12 suggests
that an appropriate ratio of disability adviser: disabled student numbers is about 1:250.

Description of key services

UDS will:

      answer student disability-related queries from students and staff involved in
       supporting them within 3 working days
      contact all applicants who hold an offer and have disclosed a disability pre-
       arrival (e.g. for HE students starting in September, contact would be made in
       April) Need further discussion to map timescales for admissions decisions and
       pre-arrival contact
      contact all firm offer holders with the applicant support questionnaire in order
       to plan support effectively pre-arrival (e.g. for HE students starting in
       September, this would be done in June)
      inform programme directors/course leaders of new students with support
       needs prior to arrival (provided they have registered with UDS and given
      offer all students who require it an appointment with the disability adviser
       within 5 working days of receiving their inquiry. At peak times (the first 3
       weeks of autumn and spring terms), an appointment will be offered within 10
       working days. Students who urgently require support will be prioritised to be
       seen sooner.
      offer students up to 15 appointment slots with the disability adviser per week
       throughout the year and one 3-hour drop-in session per week throughout term
       time (45 weeks)
      provide staff with students’ ISAs within 10 working days of their appointment
       (it may take slightly longer at peak times or for the most complex cases which
       require consultation/case conferencing)
      review each student’s ISA at least annually (appropriate to the length of
       course and the complexity of support needs)
      ensure that all students who are eligible for DSA and wish to apply
       successfully complete the process within 4 months and all monies for support
       provided by UAL are recouped by August each year.
      make decisions pertaining to UAL-funded disability support within 5 working
       days of request (15 working days for requests in excess of £10k)
      ensure that students who require a support worker are assigned one within 10
       working days of this need being identified (via the internal needs assessment
       with the disability adviser).
      with Randstad and City Lit, to recruit and select appropriate specialist support
       workers, ensuring that they are CRB and reference checked prior to
       commencing work
      review relationships with support work providers annually to ensure service
       quality, seeking feedback from students and staff to inform the reviews
      maintain up-to-date records and prepare data required for HESA and YPLA
       by required deadlines
      provide University-wide staff development sessions on disability equality and
       x days’ training for College staff, plus any ad hoc training required (as
       identified by the Associate Dean, Academic Co-ordinator, Head of Service,
       disability adviser and College staff)

      conduct student survey in May each year to gain feedback on disabled
       student experience and meet with Associate Dean or equivalent to discuss
       outcomes and provide results of the survey to the College
      obtain feedback from staff (e.g. Programme Directors and Course Leaders) –
       the feasibility of conducting an annual survey will be explored
      contribute to/attend relevant College committees as required

What we need from College staff

Key principles are provided here. Detailed information on input from College staff
with regard to specific processes is included in Appendix 1. May need to add
additional appendices for key processes

      Accurate and timely disability information to be inputted onto QL from external
       applications and enrolment by College Academic Registry
      For College staff to signpost or make referrals to UDS, where they are aware
       that a student is disabled or may have a disability
      For College staff to disseminate ISA information effectively to colleagues,
       according to consent given by the student
      For College staff to enact the ISA recommendations
      For College staff to contact the disability adviser promptly if they have
       concerns about a student or their support arrangements so that a solution
       may be found
      Accurate and appropriate record-keeping of interactions pertaining to
       students’ disability support.

Service Levels/Standards

Quantitative measures:
    Head of UDS will monitor number of students accessing appointments and
      numbers of students accessing support.
    The number of disability-related extenuating circumstances, appeals and
      complaints will be monitored by the Head of UDS and College Associate
      Dean/Academic Co-ordinator.
    Annual analysis of quantitative results from disabled student survey by UDS
      and College Associate Dean and Academic Co-ordinator

Qualitative measures:
   Quality and consistency of disability advisers’ advice monitored by UDS line
       management and opportunities for UDS to share expertise and reflect on their
       practice (e.g. fortnightly case discussion meetings
   Annual analysis of qualitative information from the disabled student survey
   Feedback from College staff (the feasibility of UDS conducting an annual
       survey with Programme Directors/Course Leaders will be explored

Monitoring success

       UDS line management to monitor disability advisers’ appointments, response
        times, active cases
       It is expected that the number of recorded disclosures should gradually rise as
        a result of proactively encouraging disclosure, advertising services and
        effective record-keeping
        It is expected that the number of disability-related appeals, complaints and
        extenuating circumstances should gradually reduce
       Disabled student survey
       Feedback from College staff

A review of the SLA will be undertaken by both parties (termly in tthe first year; the
frequency of subsequent reviews will be agreed by both parties), in order to:

           Identify and explain areas where service standards have not been met
           Clarify aspects of the SLA that, although delivered according to the service
            standards, did not actually meet the needs of the College and its students
           Propose amendments to the SLA that will result in improvements in
            service for the College and its students in 2012/13
           Amend the SLA in response to any University policy changes or externally
            driven changes (e.g. from HEFCE, QAA, YPLA, legislation or case law


       Applicant challenges and complaints will be dealt with using the Admissions
        Procedure (Section 10)
       Student complaints will be dealt with using the UAL complaints procedure
       Any dispute, difference or disagreement arising out of or in connection with
        this agreement will, in the first instance, be considered by the Head of UDS
        and the Associate Dean (or equivalent).
       If they are not able to resolve the matter within x days (and it is expected that
        this will only be the case in extreme circumstances), it will be referred for
        consideration to UAL Dean of Students and the relevant College Dean.
       If they are not able to resolve the matter within x days it will be referred to the
        Head of College and the Rector

Signatories to Agreement

For and on behalf of (insert name   For and on behalf of the University
of College):                        Disability Service:

Signed                              Signed
_____________________________       _____________________________

Name                                Name
(Block)                             (Block)
_____________________________       _____________________________

Role                                Role
_________________________           _________________________

Date                                Date
_____________________________       ______________________________


APPENDIX 1: Roles and Responsibilities

     UDS will:                                                         Who?          The College will:                                           Who?

A.   For students (prospective and current)

1.   Provide clear information about UAL’s ‘offer’ to disabled         Disability    Ensure information about disability support is clearly      Marketing
     students, including:                                              Adviser/      communicated on the College website and course              and
                                                                       Administrat   /admissions information                                     Communicati
     -    what to expect from their disability adviser                 or                                                                        ons
                                                                                     Signpost UDS services to students who wish to               All staff
     -    how to access funding (DSA or UAL-provided)                                disclose a disability

     -    what support to expect: support workers, equipment,                        Encourage students whom staff suspect to be disabled
          access to assistive technology, assistance in negotiating                  to seek confidential advice from UDS
          academic adjustments and assessment accommodations
          with course teams, liaison with other service providers                    Seek advice from the UDS disability adviser with any
          (e.g. health, counselling, LLR,                                            queries relating to disclosure of disabilities

     -    how the service links with other related services (e.g.                    Advertise UDS services and disseminate leaflets
          Counselling and Health advice)                                                                                                         Course
                                                                                     Invite the UDS disability adviser to participate in         leaders
     -    Contact details for their UDS disability adviser                           induction events

     Produce a handbook and leaflets containing the above
     information for students and staff at the College                 UDS

     Provide information for induction sessions and attend induction
     sessions as far as possible                                       Disability
2.   Proactively anticipate students’ support needs:                                 Ensure that disability information is correctly recorded    Registry
                                                                                     on QL when recording applications (for pg study) and
     -    contact all applicants who have disclosed a disability for   Disability    enrolling students
          information on their support needs;                          Adviser
                                                                                     Signpost UDS to inquirers, applicants and students          Admissions/
     -    arrange visits for students with complex requirements pre-                 whom staff think may have a disability                      front of house
          arrival;                                                                                                                               / course staff
                                                                                     Notify the disability adviser at the earliest opportunity
     -    assist eligible offer-holders in applying for DSA funding                  when inquirers/applicants disclose a disability (e.g.       Admissions
          pre-arrival;                                                               when arranging attendance at Open Days/interviews)

APPENDIX 1: Roles and Responsibilities

     UDS will:                                                        Who?         The College will:                                         Who?

A.   For students (prospective and current)

     -    give clear advice to offer-holders ineligible for DSA
          funding about how UAL can support them

3.   Meet students to assess and review their support needs in        Disability   Provide appropriate space for the disability adviser to   College
     appropriate confidential space at College sites and at High      Adviser      do desk work and to conduct confidential appointments     Resources
     Holborn                                                                       (a private sound-proofed office with computing and        Manager
                                                                                   telephone facilities which is easily accessible)

                                                                                   Provide reception arrangements for appointment

4.   Operate according to agreed disclosure and confidentiality       All UDS      Manage disability information in accordance with the      Administrator
     policy                                                           staff        Data Protection Act as it applies to sensitive personal   s, course
                                                                                   information, seeking advice from UDS where                tutors,
                                                                                   necessary                                                 directors,
5.   Consistently assess applicants’ and students’ support            Disability   Provide information on course requirements, locations     Course
     entitlements, informed by knowledge of best practice in terms    Adviser      and resources to the UDS disability adviser and           leader/
     of disability advice, expertise of other UDS advisers, and by                 participate in consultation as requested to inform        Administrator/
     information from course teams.                                                assessments of students’ support needs                    Programme
                                                                                                                                             s/ Technical
6.   Produce an Individual Support Agreement (ISA) for each                        Consider the contents of ISAs carefully and contact the   Course
     student (including accommodated assessment                                    UDS disability adviser if any recommendations are         leader
     recommendations) and disseminate this to other staff with the                 unclear or if difficulties are foreseen in implementing
     student’s agreement, along with general guidance note on how                  the suggested adjustments.
     staff should respond to the ISA.
     UDS will sends ISAs to the course team (course director,                      Store the ISAs appropriately                              Lead
     personal tutor (where known) and administrator). UDS will copy                                                                          Administrator

APPENDIX 1: Roles and Responsibilities

      UDS will:                                                          Who?          The College will:                                          Who?

A.    For students (prospective and current)

      it to the Academic Co-ordinator (or equivalent) for information.                  Disseminate ISAs to relevant staff involved in teaching   s
      UDS will also send relevant sections to other services (e.g.                     or supporting the student on their course as per
      LLR, Health and Safety, Housing, Estates).                                       students’ disclosure agreements.

7.    Assist students in applying for DSA and monitor the progress of    Disability
      applications, expediting them as necessary and recording their     adviser and
      DSA status on QL for the purposes of monitoring, managing          administrat
      expenditure and reporting to YPLA/HEFCE.                           or

8.    In partnership with Randstad Recruitment Agency, co-ordinate       Disability    Assist UDS to identify appropriate support workers         Course
      support workers for students. This includes identifying,           Adviser,      from student body (e.g. for library support) or College    leaders/techn
      selecting, supervising and monitoring arrangements. Randstad       Support       staff or specialist contacts (e.g. for technical           ical co-
      is responsible for their employment, including CRBs, reference     Work          assistance).                                               ordinators
      checks, recording hours worked and invoicing (Student              Administrat
      Finance England or UAL) for the work.                              or            Provide confidential meeting space (private
                                                                                       soundproofed office with computing facilities) for
                                                                                       students to meet their support workers (e.g. mentors of
                                                                                       learning support assistants)
9.    Advise students on how to access assistive technology              Disability    Work in partnership with UDS and LLR to enhance            Senior
                                                                         Adviser       assistive software provision at College sites              managers
10.   Lend equipment or software to students who need it but cannot      Disability    Assist UDS in identifying appropriate computing            Course
      access it via DSA.                                                 Adviser       equipment/software to ensure compatibility with course     leader
                                                                                       requirements. (E.g. Mac or pc? Required subject-
                                                                                       specific software packages)
11.   Manage a budget for individual support (equipment, support         Head of       Fund adjustments to College premises or facilities (e.g.   Academic
      work, travel) for students who are not eligible for DSA. The       Disability    minor alterations to buildings, purchase of equipment      Co-ordinator/
      disability adviser will make the case for individual student’s     Service       for studios/workshops)                                     Dean/ Course
      requirements.                                                                                                                               leader/
12.   Collect and monitor data and feedback from disabled students:      Disability    Flag up feedback received from students about UDS          All staff

APPENDIX 1: Roles and Responsibilities

      UDS will:                                                            Who?          The College will:                                         Who?

A.     For students (prospective and current)

                                                                           Adviser and   with the disability adviser or Head of Service
      Report annually on the number of disabled students at College        Head of
      and University-level and the number of students accessing            Disability    Ensure relevant College committees receive disability     Associate
      UDS to create an evidence base for local and University policy-      Service       reports in time for monitoring purposes                   Dean or
      making.                                                                                                                                      equivalent to
                                                                                         Participate in annual review meeting to review results    arrange
      Conduct annual anonymised student survey to obtain feedback                        of student survey and plan improvements in response.      Associate
      on UDS and college disability support services                                                                                               Dean,
      Share findings with relevant College staff (Academic Co-                           Assist UDS in providing (“You said, we did” update to     Acadmemic
      ordinator, Associate Dean or equivalents) to inform service                        students)                                                 Co-ordinator

      UDS will:                                                            Who?          The College will:                                         Who?

B.     For staff:

     1. Provide clear and timely information about new disabled            Disability
        students and their support requirements                            Adviser
        Provide expert advice to staff involved in teaching or             Disability    Assist disability adviser to define and broker complex    Academic
        supporting students, and to staff from other services, about the   Adviser       adjustments to learning, teaching and assessment          Co-ordinator,
        support and adjustments required by individual students                                                                                    Course
                                                                                                                                                   Leader, PLA
       Send staff student’s ISAs, consulting them on content where         Disability    Assist disability adviser to determine and broker         Academic
       needs are ot straightforward, and advising staff on how to          Adviser       complex adjustments.                                      Co-ordinator
       implement and share them.                                                                                                                   Course
                                                                                         Confirm receipt of the ISA and flag up any potential      leader
                                                                                         difficulties or queries about its implementation.
                                                                                         Send ISA to staff involved in teaching/supporting the     administrator
                                                                                         student concerned.
       For complex cases (e.g. mental health difficulties, or complex      Disability    Update disability adviser if there are concerns about a   Course
       physical/sensory disabilities), UDS will:                           Adviser       student’s support, wellbeing, safety, attendance or       leader/
                                                                                         progress.                                                 personal tutor
       Maintain ongoing relationships with key staff involved in

APPENDIX 1: Roles and Responsibilities

    supporting students, including arranging case conferences                        Attend case conferences                                 Course
    Offer ad hoc training to staff involved in supporting students as                Work with the disability adviser to identify training
    required                                                                         needs and arrange ad hoc sessions.

                                                                                     Provide funding for bespoke training required by
                                                                                     College staff

    Request feedback from academic and technical staff, analyse         Disability   Promote completion of feedback from staff on            Assoc Dean
    and share findings with Associate Dean                              Adviser      effectiveness of disability services

 APPENDIX 2: PEEPs Roles and Responsibilities

 Stage                     Applicant/ Student Disability Adviser                      Health and Safety                Programme Director/
                                                                                      Adviser                          Course Leader
1. Applicant / Student      Discusses PEEP           Identifies students who              Receives information           Receives information
   Discloses disability      needs with                potentially need a PEEP               from UDS about                  from UDS about
                             disability adviser,      Finds out relevant                    students’ PEEP needs            students’ PEEP needs
                                                       information about their                                              Arranges PEEP, inviting
                                                       PEEP-related needs,                                                   Health and Safety Officer
                                                       previous emergency                                                    and Disability Adviser
                                                       evacuation                                                           Arrange for relevant staff
                                                       arrangements, presence                                                to provide hands-on
                                                       of a carer as a potential                                             support with evacuation
                                                       ‘buddy’ etc                                                           (e.g. to identify staff who
                                                      Flags up the student’s                                                are/need to be trained in
                                                       need for a PEEP with the                                              evac chair training)
                                                       health and safety officer
                                                       and programme director
                                                       (this would be using the
                                                       Individual Support
                                                       Agreement templates)

2. Applicant/Student has    Attends PEEP             Attends to support                   Attends to offer health        Co-ordinates PEEP
   PEEP                      meeting and signs         student and offer                     and safety advice on            meeting and finalises the
                             final PEEP form           specialist disability-                PEEP solutions                  PEEP form, including a
                                                       related advice on PEEP                presented                       review date.
                                                       solutions presented                                                  Sends PEEP form to
                                                      Assists in identifying                                                PLA to be recorded on
                                                       adjustments which may                                                 student’s file
                                                       be required (e.g. if                                                 Informs PLA which staff
                                                       access to certain facilities                                          the PEEP form needs to
                                                       is not possible) and flags                                            be disseminated to
                                                       this in Individual Support

 APPENDIX 2: PEEPs Roles and Responsibilities

3. After the PEEP        Communicates any          Records that PEEP is in         Advises Director of          Ensures relevant staff
                          significant                place and notes review           Resources on                  receive evacuation
                          developments or            date                             necessary equipment           training
                          unplanned                                                   and maintenance              Maintains overview of
                          movements that                                             Provides or facilitates       location of student in
                          will affect the                                             delivery of related           relation to trained staff
                          PEEP to the               If necessary, reminds            training                     Co-ordinates reviews
                          course leader              programme/course                Maintains record of           (annual or termly)
                         Attends reviews            director of need to review       evac-chair trained
                                                     arrangements                     people, dates and
                                                                                      normal locations

 Work in progress – still need to define responsibility for:
 Overall monitoring of PEEPs
 Payment for equipment
 Facilities/Estates staff role (e.g. in relation to non-course areas e.g. libraries etc)

APPENDIX 3: University Disability Service Organisation Chart

            Senior                 Working closely together to develop
                                            and review SLA                         Head of
          Manager at
         each College
                                                                               Disability Service
           the SLA


       Disability              Disability           Disability             Disability               Disability
       Adviser                 Adviser(s)           Adviser                Adviser                   Adviser
         CSM                     CCW                  LCC                    LCF                    (floating)

                                                                                                                     Disability        Disability
                                                                                                                   Administrator -   Administrator
                                                                                        The exact number and
                                                                                        deployment of disability     Support
                                                                                         advisers is yet to be

                    Disability Advisers will communicate with a range of College staff (admin,
                        academic, and support services, e.g. Library, Health and Safety)                              Support
               There will be a specific role-holder at each College with specific responsibility
                            for acting as link between UDS and college functions
APPENDIX 4: Flowcharts for Key Processes
Appendix 4A: Contacting Disabled Applicants

The University Disability Service provides information and advice about disability issues to
prospective students before and during the application process. We strongly encourage
prospective students who have access requirements for interviews/selection to contact us early so
that we can arrange support for interviews/Open Days. We also offer advice to staff involved in
planning these events.
In addition, we have a formal process for contacting all disabled offer-holders pre-arrival:

APPENDIX 4: Flowcharts for Key Processes
Appendix 4A: Contacting Disabled Applicants

APPENDIX 4: Flowcharts for Key Processes
Appendix 4B: Disabled Students’ Experience of University Disability Service
     Student               Student             Student                   Student
    discloses             discloses           wants to                 referred by
       their                 their           disclose an               College- or
   impairment           impairment at        impairment                 UAL staff
        on                enrolment          during their               member
   application                                 course

                                                       Individual Support Agreement
                                                       DA draws up ISA in consultation
                                                      with student and College staff and
                                                      communicates it to Course Leader,
                                                        PLA, Library, Health and Safety
                                                       and any other staff as necessary
        Appointment with Disability
                 Adviser (DA)
    To discuss impact of the impairment
       on the student’s ability to access
           University life; to identify               DA assists eligible students to apply
       communication/physical access                    for Disabled Students’ Allowance
        barriers; to identify the actions             funding. DA applies for UAL funding
      required to remove these barriers                   for non-DSA-eligible students
     (and by whom); and to identify any
        equipment or support workers
   To seek students’ permission to share                          Equipment
                                                        Where needed, DA lends out
    information about access needs with               assistive computing- or ergonomic
                  College staff                       equipment required by the student
        To determine how a student’s                            for home study.
   equipment and/or support workers etc               DA advises Academic Co-ordinator
               are to be funded                         if College needs to purchase
                                                            equipment on-campus
           Possible outcomes of the
      appointment are listed on the right

                                                              Support Workers
                                                       DA arranges support workers e.g.
                                                         mentors, BSL interpreters or
                                                        technical/library assistants etc

                  Review Appointments with Disability Adviser
                      (and College staff, where necessary)
       To review access needs and support worker arrangements and update
        them where necessary (e.g. in response to course requirements, or
                   changes to student’s disability access needs)

  APPENDIX 4: Flowcharts for Key Processes
  Appendix 4C: Individual Support Agreements

Student and the Disability Adviser (DA) discuss student’s access needs and agree who might need to be
         The DA obtains the student’s consent to pass on information to other members of staff
                               This discussion forms the basis of the ISA.

  The DA may require more
     information about the
    course (e.g. timetable                        Is more info
                                                                         YES                DA requests more
  information, teaching and                         about the                           information from Course
    assessment methods,                              course                           Leader, PLA, Technical Co-
    placements, access) in                         required to                       ordinator, Estates, Health and
    order to anticipate the                      finslise ISA?                         Safety, Library as required
   students’ access needs.


  If the ISA is complicated,
  or it is not clear to the DA
                                                                                     DA contacts Course Leader
      how best to effect a                        Are the ISA           NO
   reasonable adjustment,                                                            (and possibly Academic Co-
                                                 recommend-                           ordinator) to discuss ISA in
    the DA will consult the                          ations
      Course Leader. The                                                                detail. DA may need to
                                                    straight-                        arrange a meeting between
    Academic Coordinator                           forward?
   (AC) is on-hand to help                                                             the student, DA, Course
        broker academic                                                                    Leader and AC.


                                     DA finalises ISA. Student signs it.
                                     DA sends ISA to relevant staff via
                                              email as follows:

  Course Leader                            PLA                   Library Manager                    Health and
 Confirms receipt                     Saves ISA in               Ensures that ISA                Safety Officer /
  of ISA with DA.                student’s personal                 recommend-                       Estates
 Ensures that ISA                          file.                    ations about                 Receives health
recommend-ations                       Passes on                 access to Library                  and safety
    are actioned.                 relevant sections                resources are                   recommend-
 Raises concerns                      of the ISA to                   actioned.                       ations.
about the ISA with                    teaching and                   Raises any                  Advises Course
  the DA and AC.                    technical staff.              concerns about                   Leader when
                                   Seeks guidance                 the ISA with the                they carry out
                                     from the DA if                      DA                            rrisk
                                   unsure what to                                                assessments or
                                     pass on, or to                                                  PEEPs.

APPENDIX 5: Individual Support Agreements
Appendix 5A: Sample Individual Support Agreement


Individual Support Agreement

To:                  Course Leader

Cc:                  Programme Lead Administrator
                     PLA, please disseminate information to the student’s:
                     Personal Tutor
                     Stage / Pathway Leader
                     Technical Co-ordinator

                     Academic Co-ordinator, Student Support

Disability           Natalie Humphrey
Contact Details:     Email:        Phone: 020 7514 7143

Student Name:        Joe Bloggs                    Student
Course:                                            Pathway:

Year of study        1
Nature of            08 Two or more disabilities

Consent to share     The student has given consent for all the information contained in
disability           the agreement to be shared with staff who teach and support them.
Date drafted:        21.03.2012 Agreed: 21.03.2012            Review:     termly

The Individual Support Agreement records the adjustments and support that the
University can reasonably be expected to put in place to meet a disabled student’s
needs. It is intended to staff meet legal obligations in respect of the Equality Act
2010. The information contained in it is personal and sensitive. Please refer to the
Individual Support Agreement Guidance Notes for further information about how
to store and share this information. If you have queries about how to implement the
recommended support, please contact the Disability Adviser.

   APPENDIX 5: Individual Support Agreements
   Appendix 5A: Sample Individual Support Agreement

1. Effects of the student’s disability on their ability to study and engage with the

      The student has a physical impairment and mental health difficulties. The effects
      to highlight are:

         Difficulty carrying items
         Difficulty concentrating for prolonged periods
         Experiences fatigue
         Finds social interaction difficult –experiences difficulties decoding complex
          instructions and anxiety around group work/presentations

2. Space:


3. Provision of equipment/facilities:

      Please provide the student with:

         Access to a locker
         Access to quiet room (arranged already by Disability Adviser?)

4. Information for teaching and technical staff:

4.1 Learning and Teaching Resources:

         Please provide timetables in advance to help the student to plan and organise
          and manage anxiety
         Please provide reading lists in advance
         Please provide copies of readings / handouts / lecture notes / OHTs and
          Power Point slides in advance of taught sessions (ideally 48 hours) wherever
         Please provide guidance to help the student to prioritise reading lists (i.e. key
          texts and chapters highlighted)

4.2 Learning and Teaching Adjustments:

   APPENDIX 5: Individual Support Agreements
   Appendix 5A: Sample Individual Support Agreement

          Please permit the student to record lectures/seminars/crits/discussions
          Please do not call upon the student to contribute in-class (e.g. reading out
           loud / answering a question in front of the class) without prior warning
          Please give instruction in a step by step format in writing as well as verbally
          Please give advance notice about group work or crits. Please discuss with
           Joe what he should expect and what is expected of him for each task. It may
           be necessary to amend tasks (e.g. to enable Joe to do a crit in front of a tutor
           rather than his group). Please consult the Disability Adviser/Academic Co-
           ordinator for advice if you are unsure whether (or how) a task may need to be

4.3 Support Workers:

               Student has access to a mentor for 1.5 hours per week (additional hours
                may be arranged if needed)
               Student has a Technical Assistant for some workshops
               Please arrange health and safety training for the Technical Assistant (see
                section 9)

5. Accommodated Assessment:

          Please provide assessment briefs well in advance
          Please make questions/briefs available in a simplified format or explained /
           elaborated (detailed explanations in written step by step format are preferred)
          Where possible and if requested, please allow the student to submit their work
           in smaller chunks with staggered deadlines
          The student’s disability may occasionally make it difficult for them to meet
           assessment deadlines. Where needed, please permit the student to have an
           extension of up to two additional weeks (for coursework).

6. Information for Academic Visits


7. Placements


   8. Information for Library and Learning Resources

          Book fetching service (same day)

APPENDIX 5: Individual Support Agreements
Appendix 5A: Sample Individual Support Agreement

       Book collection Service (Student can call up / email prior to arrival to get
        books ready for collection)
       Inter-site loan service
       Postal loan service
       The student will require e-copies of texts. Please discuss how to arrange this
        with the disability adviser

9. Health and safety and access

       Risk Assessment to be carried out in workshops / laboratories / studios
       Please arrange Health and Safety training for the Technical Assistant
       If you suspect that Joe is becoming unwell (indications may include very
        poor/sporadic attendance, manic behaviours, or lack of personal care) please
        advise him to contact the Disability Adviser/Mental Health Adviser, or make
        that contact yourself if you are not confident that Joe is able to do so.

10. Other support arrangements

The student is in receipt of the following support from the University Disability
Service or Disabled Students’ Allowance:

       Assistive technology – voice activated/mind-mapping/Text-to-Speech software
        and digital recorder
       Computer and scanner
       Support workers – Mentor and Technical Assistant
       Occasional taxis

Student Name:

Student Signature:


APPENDIX 5: Individual Support Agreements
Appendix 5B: Sample ISA Guidance


Individual Support Agreement
Guidance Notes

The Individual Support Agreement (ISA) lists support and adjustments that the
University can reasonably provide for a disabled student. It is intended to help staff
to ensure that they comply with legal obligations regarding disabled students under
the Equality Act, 2010.

The support each student requires is identified at an appointment with a disability
adviser, on the basis of the information the student has disclosed. Where the
student’s support needs are complex and may significantly impact on the delivery of
teaching or the way in which the student participates in their course, the disability
adviser consults relevant staff before the ISA is finalised.

Programme/course directors:

You have overall responsibility for ensuring that the recommended support is put in
place. If you have any queries about the ISA or how to action the recommended
support, please contact the disability adviser for CSM, Natalie Humphrey
( x 7143) as early as possible to discuss this.

If the ISA recommends that specialist equipment is required on the College
premises, or adjustments to facilities are required, the Academic Co-ordinator for
Student Support, Tim Sokolow ( x 2367) will contact you to
discuss this.

It may be helpful for you or a nominated colleague (e.g. the Stage Leader or
Personal Tutor) to discuss with the student how you plan to implement their support.

Please handle this information carefully and put in place adjustments sensitively and
with discretion. Please ensure that all communication and liaison needed to action
the recommended support is carried out and recorded and copied to the Programme
Lead Administrator.

Programme Lead Administrators:

Paying close attention to the ‘Consent to share disability information’ on the front
sheet of the ISA, please pass on the information to the other staff listed on the ISA.
(The list could include the student’s personal tutor, pathway leader and technical
manager). Please record that you have done so and consult Natalie if you have any
queries about passing on information.

This information is personal and sensitive and should be saved in the student’s
personal file. It should be accessible only to those who need to know its contents.

APPENDIX 6: Contacts

APPENDIX 2: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans: Roles and Responsibilities

APPENDIX 2: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans: Roles and Responsibilities


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