Project Summaries by 140RIE7X


									          JISC Users and Innovation Programme Contacts:

APT STAIRS (Appropriate and Practical Technologies for Students, Teachers,
Administrators and Researchers)

Sarah Sherman, Royal Veterinary College, E-Media Unit. Tel: 07515 580 385. Email:

ARGOSI (Alternate Reality Games for Orientation, Socialisation and Induction)

Dr Nicola Whitton, Manchester Metropolitan University, Education and Social
Research Institute. Tel: 0161 247 2046. Email:

ASEL (Audio Supported Enhanced Learning)

Will Stewart, Project Manager, Teaching Quality Enhancement Group. Tel: 01274
235137. Email:

AWESOME (The Academic Writing Empowered by Social Online Mediated
Environments (AWESOME) Dissertation Environment [ADE] Project)

Dr Rebecca O’Rourke, Lifelong Learning Institute. Tel: 0113 343 3181. Email:

CIP (Content Integration Project)

Nikki Rogers, University of Bristol. Tel: 0117 3314412. Email:
eTutor - Education Through Ubiquitous Technologies and Online Resources

Professor Tony Toole, Swansea Metropolitan University, Commercial Services. Tel:
07966627998. Email


George Roberts, Project Manager. Tel: 0771 169 8465 Email:


Sarah Chesney, Senior Lecturer in E-Learning, St Martin's College (soon to become
the University of Cumbria). Tel: 01524 384695. Email:

Gold Dust

Dr Simon Hodson. Email:

HeLMET (HORUS e-Learning Management Extension for Tutors)

Tim Cappelli, University of Manchester. Tel: 0161 275 2250. Email:
MACFoB (Multimedia Annotation and Community Folksonomy Building)

Dr Mike Wald, Learning Societies Lab, School of Electronics and Computer Science,
University of Southampton. Tel: 02380 593667. Email:

MOOSE (MOdelling Of SecondLife Environments)

Jaideep Mukherjee, University of Leicester. Email:

M3 (MUVEs, Moodle and Microblogging)

Julie Watson, University of Southampton. Tel: 02380 597511. Email:

Open Habitat

David White. Tel: 01865 280989. Email:

PERSoNA (Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking

Wendy Luker, Leeds Metropolitan University, Innovation North. Tel: 0113 812 7468.
Planet – Pattern Language Network for Web 2.0 Learning

John Gray Tel: 07931 675540. Email:

PREVIEW (Problem-based Learning in Virtual Interactive Educational Worlds)

Prof Maggi Savin-Baden, Project Director, Coventry University. Tel: 024 7615 8261.

Reflect 2.0

Christopher Murray, University of Leeds, Leeds School of Medicine. Tel: 0113
3437990. Email:


John Davies, Development        Officer,   TLDU.   Tel:   01273   873219.      Email:

Sounds Good

Bob Rotheram, Leeds Metropolitan University. Tel: 0113 812 9045. Email:

Professor Janet Finlay, Innovation North, Leeds Metropolitan University. Tel: 0113
283 2600. Email:


Terry Bucknell, Electronic Resources Manager, University of Liverpool Library. Tel:
0151 794 2692. Email:


Paul Mayes Deputy Director, L&IS. Email:


Naomi Korn, Web2Rights Project Manager/IP Consultant, Tel: 079 57 761 032.

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