Friends of Extension Nomination 2003 by 03qZ8Xyu


									                              Friends of Extension Nomination 2012
                                 Any ISUE or county employee may submit
                                      nominees for state consideration

                                 Deadline for submission is March 31, 2012

Submit as an e-mail attachment to Carol Peterson at (only e-mail
nominations will be accepted)

Length of nomination is not to exceed 2 typed pages.

Sponsored by the Iowa Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi

Name:________________________        Phone:_________________________


Please specify if this is an individual ______ couple______ business_______

       1.     Give a brief description of the applicant's contributions to Extension programs
              both past and present:

       2.     What happened as a result of the applicant's efforts in relationship to Extension?

       3.   General information about the applicant's family, community services, activities.

Contact person(s) submitting the application: _______________________________
E-mail:______________________             Phone: _______________________

Note: If your nominee is an award recipient, we will need 2 electronic photos of the nominee.

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