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Alexandre "Alex" Dias Ribeiro (born in Belo Horizonte, November 7, 1948[1] ) is a former                                Alex Ribeiro
racing driver from Brazil. He entered in 20 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix,
                                                                                                        Born             7 November 1948 (age 63)
but scored no World Championship points.
                                                                                                           Formula One World Championship career
                            Contents                                                                    Nationality           Brazilian
 1 Career
                                                                                                        Active years     1976 - 1977, 1979
 2 Racing record
                                                                                                        Teams            Hesketh, March, Fittipaldi
     2.1 Complete European Formula Two Championship results
       2.2 Complete Formula One World Championship results                                              Races            20 (10 starts)

 3 References                                                                                           Career points    0

                                                                                                        First race       1976 United States Grand Prix
Career                                                                                                  Last race        1979 United States Grand Prix

After a solid graduation from the lower formulae (he placed fifth in the 1976 European
Formula Two season), Ribeiro paid for his drive in the March Formula One team for the 1977 season (main sponsors were Caixa
Econômica Federal-a Brazilian bank and Souza Cruz-a tobacco company).
However, the season turned into a nightmare. March owner Max Mosley (later FIA president) hired four drivers, and the team simply did
not have the capability to provide for them all. Ribeiro's reputation as a driver suffered.
In 1978, he tried to save his credentials as a racing driver and set up a privately-owned F2 team to enter the 1978 European Formula Two
season, a year dominated by the March factory team. His car was painted with the words "Jesus Saves". Ribeiro managed to win the
Nürburgring round in a dramatic way, after favorites Bruno Giacomelli and Marc Surer retired from the race. The rest of the season,
however, bore no fruit.
Then, in 1979, the fellow Brazilian Fittipaldi team offered him two chances to qualify a second car, for the Canadian and American
Formula One Grands Prix. However, the team was concentrating on former F1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi, and Ribeiro failed to qualify
for both events.

Ribeiro was perhaps best known for his proclamation of faith in the form of 'Jesus Saves' slogans on his Formula One cars. [2]
He subsequently went on to perform Chaplaincy at the F1 events he attended as the driver of the Medical Car and is arguably the most
accomplished driver in the 'Christians In Motorsport' group.
At the 2002 Brazilian Grand Prix, Ribeiro was involved in a potentially serious incident. During the morning warm-up on race day Sunday,
Enrique Bernoldi crashed his Arrows in Turn 2. When Ribeiro, the driver of the Medical Car, went out to check on Bernoldi, he opened the
door to the car. Just as he opened it, Nick Heidfeld came along in his Sauber, and smashed into the open door. Both Ribeiro and Heidfeld
were uninjured.
In 1981, Ribeiro wrote an autobiographical book called "Mais Que Vencedor" (translation goes something like "More Than A Winner"), in
which he names March owner Max Mosley "Mack Mouse" and March engineer Robin Herd "Robin Hood".

Racing record

Complete European Formula Two Championship results
(key) (Races in bold indicate pole position; races in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year            Entrant          1       2     3   4    5     6     7     8    9      10    11    12      13    Pos Pts
                               HOC THR VAL SAL PAU HOC ROU MUG PER EST NOG HOC
1976 March/BMW Motorsport                                                                                       5th 31
                                 13      2     3   5     6   Ret   Ret    4     2      3     5    Ret

                                        THR             VAL PAU MUG ROU NOG                              DON
         March Engineering      SIL           HOC NÜR                                 PER         EST
                                         3              14   DNA   DNA    7   DNA                          8
1977                                                                                                            14th 4
         Fred Opert Racing

                                THR HOC NÜR PAU MUG VAL ROU DON NOG PER MIS HOC
1978    Jesus Saves Racing                                                                                      8th 11
                                   15       6         1         12       10         NC       10       Ret       Ret        7       13        DNA

Complete Formula One World Championship results

 Yr      Entrant      Chassis   Engine          1         2          3        4          5        6         7         8        9        10     11   12    13   14    15    16    17 WDC Points
         Hesketh      Hesketh Cosworth                                                                                                                               USA
1976                                        BRA RSA USW ESP BEL MON SWE FRA GBR GER AUT NED ITA CAN                                                                        JPN        NC   0
         Racing        308D       V8                                                                                                                                 12

                       March    Cosworth ARG BRA RSA USW ESP MON BEL SWE FRA GBR GER AUT NED ITA USA CAN JPN
1977      March                                                                                                                                                                       NC   0
                       761B       V8            Ret       Ret    Ret          Ret    DNQ DNQ           DNQ       DNQ        DNQ DNQ            8    DNQ   11   DNQ   15     8    12
         Fittipaldi   Fittipaldi Cosworth                                                                                                                      CAN USA
1979                                        ARG BRA RSA USW ESP BEL MON FRA GBR GER AUT NED ITA                                                                                       NC   0
        Automotive      F6A       V8                                                                                                                           DNQ DNQ

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