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Alex Meneses


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									Alex Meneses
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Alexandra Estella DeAnna "Alex" Meneses (born February 12, 1965) is an
American television and film actress and model.                                                   Alex Meneses
                                                                                         Born     February 12, 1965 (age 47)
She was born in Chicago of Mexican American descent on her father's side and
                                                                                                  Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Ukrainian American descent on her mother's. Meneses studied acting at Chicago's
                                                                                         Years    1994-present
The Second City Improvisational Theater during summer vacations. Immediately
upon graduation from high school, she got a modeling contract in Milan, Italy.
                                                                                         Spouse   John H. Simpson {2004-
Originally she was to stay in Italy for only 3 months, but fell in love with Italy and
stayed there for 2 years where she became a successful model. When Alex came
back to the USA, she headed to Los Angeles, where she studied acting at the Lee
Strasberg Institute.
Meneses portrayed Teresa Morales in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and has had significant recurring roles on Everybody
Loves Raymond as Robert's Italian lover Stefania, Friends (1997, Third season) as Cookie (Joey Tribiani's sister), and The
Hughleys. She has also appeared in Martial Law as Alex Delgado in the episode Lock Up and the films Amanda and the
Alien, Selena, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Auto Focus, NCIS, and Funny Money. Alex has also appeared in
numerous L.A. stage productions.

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