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					Name                           Club Name                                 Team Code     Team Rep Email
915 United 12 American         915 United Volleyball Club El Paso        FJ2UVCEP1SU   c.portillo.1@hotmail.com

Amarillo Elite 12-1 National   Amarillo Elite Volleyball                 FJ2AEVBC1SU   laparshaw@hotmail.com

Amarillo Elite 12-2 American   Amarillo Elite Volleyball                 FJ2AEVBC2SU   laparshaw@hotmail.com
Amarillo Elite 12-3 Club       Amarillo Elite Volleyball                 FJ2AEVBC3SU   laparshaw@hotmail.com
Amarillo Elite 12-4            Amarillo Elite Volleyball                 FJ2AEVBC4SU   laparshaw@hotmail.com
Amarillo Jrs 12 Black          Amarillo Juniors                          FJ2AMAJR2SU   bankhead4@suddenlink.net
Amarillo Jrs 12 Royal          Amarillo Juniors                          FJ2AMAJR1SU   bankhead4@suddenlink.net
Amarillo Jrs 12 Silver         Amarillo Juniors                          FJ2AMAJR3SU   bankhead4@suddenlink.net
Amarillo Jrs 12 Tina           Amarillo Juniors                          FJ2AMAJR4SU   bankhead4@suddenlink.net
Amarillo Jrs 12 Whitney        Amarillo Juniors                          FJ2AMAJR5SU   bankhead4@suddenlink.net

Angels of Albuquerque12-1      Angels of Albuquerque                     FJ2CANAB1SU   Veronica27V@hotmail.com
Artesia Elite 12               Artesia Elite                             FJ2ARTEL2SU   PLedezma@msn.com
ARVC 121 Inferno               Albuquerque Rebels Volleyball Club        FJ2ARVCA1SU   fmader@arvcrebels.com
ARVC 122 Firecrackers          Albuquerque Rebels Volleyball Club        FJ2ARVCA2SU   fmader@arvcrebels.com
ARVC 123 Explosion             Albuquerque Rebels Volleyball Club        FJ2ARVCA3SU   fmader@arvcrebels.com

AVWT 12 - Blackout             Advanced Volleyball West Texas-Midland    FJ2AVWTM1SU cajeter@hotmail.com

AVWT 12 - Vipers               Advanced Volleyball West Texas-Midland    FJ2AVWTM2SU cajeter@hotmail.com
CWT12                          Club West Texas Lubbock                   FJ2CLWTL1SU ns_campbell@yahoo.com

EP Synergy 12-1                El Paso Synergy Volleyball Club           FJ2EPSVC1SU   synergyvolleyballjoe@yahoo.com

Guns Up VBC 12 Black           Guns Up Volleyball Club Lubbock           FJ2GUVBC3SU   mmelton@snelling-lubbock.com

Guns Up VBC 12 Elite           Guns Up Volleyball Club Lubbock           FJ2GUVBC1SU   mmelton@snelling-lubbock.com

Guns Up VBC 12 Red             Guns Up Volleyball Club Lubbock           FJ2GUVBC2SU   mmelton@snelling-lubbock.com

Guns Up VBC 12 Silver          Guns Up Volleyball Club Lubbock           FJ2GUVBC5SU   mmelton@snelling-lubbock.com

Guns Up VBC 12 White           Guns Up Volleyball Club Lubbock           FJ2GUVBC4SU   mmelton@snelling-lubbock.com
JET 12 B. Bullard              Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB7SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 B. Tiffin               Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB8SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 Bullard                 Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB1SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 Hollobaugh              Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB6SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 L. Chandler             Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVBBSU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 Rusler                  Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB5SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 S/D Tiffin              Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB4SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 Smith                   Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVBASU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 T. Clark                Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB9SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET 12 Tafoya                  Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB2SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com
JET SW 12 Clark                Jet Volleyball Amarillo                   FJ2JETVB3SU   jess@jetvolleyball.com

Midland Mustangs 12U           Midland Mustangs                          FJ2MIDMU1SU kwhite@midland-memorial.com

NEVBC 12-1                     Northern Elite Volleyball Club Espanola   FJ2NEVBC1SU   brian.ainsworth@state.nm.us
NEVBC 12-2                Northern Elite Volleyball Club Espanola   FJ2NEVBC2SU   brian.ainsworth@state.nm.us
New Mexico Juniors 12-1   New Mexico Juniors Volleyball             FJ2NMJRS1SU   nmjuniorsdirector@gmail.com
New Mexico Juniors 12-2   New Mexico Juniors Volleyball             FJ2NMJRS2SU   nmjuniorsdirector@gmail.com
New Mexico Juniors 12-3   New Mexico Juniors Volleyball             FJ2NMJRS3SU   nmjuniorsdirector@gmail.com

PVP 121 ROX               Panhandle Volleyball Players-Amarillo     FJ2PANVO1SU   truettandleslie@sbcglobal.net

PVP 122 ROX               Panhandle Volleyball Players-Amarillo     FJ2PANVO2SU   truettandleslie@sbcglobal.net

West Texas Twisters 12    Midland Texas Twisters                    FJ2MTTWS1SU christinegforeman@gmail.com
WTO Big Spring 12         West Texas Oilers Big Spring              FJ2WTOBS1SU charlieg3@suddenlink.net

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