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The alar ligaments connect the sides of the dens (on the axis, or the second
                                                                                                                 Ligament: Alar ligament
cervical vertebra) to tubercles on the medial side of the occipital condyle.
They are short, tough, fibrous cords that attach the skull to C2 vertebra (via
the dens) and function to check side-to-side movements of the head when it
is turned.
The alar ligament is also known as the "check ligament of the odontoid."

      "Ligament, alar." Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed. (2000). ISBN 0-
                                                                                                       Membrana tectoria, transverse, and alar ligaments.
      Moore, Keith L., and Arthur F. Dalley. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 4th ed.                          (Alar ligament labeled at center right.)
      (1999). ISBN 0-683-06141-0                                                                     Latin                   ligamenta alaria
                                                                                                     Gray's                  subject #74 296
                                                                                                     From                    Sides of the dens (on the
                                                                                                                             axis, or the second
                                                                                                                             cervical vertebra)

                                                                                                     To                      tubercles on the medial
                                                                                                                             side of the occipital
                                                                                                     Dorlands/Elsevier l_09/12491573

  V   · T· E·                                       Joints and ligaments of torso (TA A03.02–04 ,GA 3.299)
                                   Of vertebral bodies     anterior longitudinal ligament · posterior longitudinal ligament ·
                 Syndesmosis                               ligamenta flava · supraspinous ligament (nuchal ligament) · interspinal ligament ·
                                   Of vertebral arches
                                                           intertransverse ligament ·
                   Symphysis      intervertebral disc (annulus fibrosus · nucleus pulposus) ·

                                                        median: Cruciate ligament of atlas (Transverse ligament of atlas) · Alar ligament ·
  Vertebral                                             Apical ligament of dens · Tectorial membrane of atlanto-axial joint ·
                                                        lateral: no ligaments ·
                                                        anterior atlantoaxial ligament · posterior atlantoaxial ligament ·
                 Synovial joint
                                    Zygapophysial       no ligaments ·

                                      Lumbosacral       iliolumbar ligament ·

                                   Sacrococcygeal       anterior sacrococcygeal ligament · posterior sacrococcygeal ligament ·

                                          Head of rib    Radiate ligament · Intra-articular ligament ·
                                    Costotransverse      Costotransverse ligament · Lumbocostal ligament ·

       Thorax      Sternocostal    interarticular sternocostal ligament · radiate sternocostal ligaments · costoxiphoid ligaments ·

                  Interchondral    no ligaments ·

                 Costochondral     no ligaments ·

                 Syndesmoses of pelvic girdle       Obturator membrane · Obturator canal ·

                             Pubic symphysis        superior pubic ligament · inferior pubic ligament ·
                                                    anterior sacroiliac ligament · posterior sacroiliac ligament · interosseous sacroiliac ligament ·
                                     Sacroiliac     ligaments connecting the sacrum and ischium: sacrotuberous ligament · sacrospinous ligament ·
                               Greater sciatic foramen · Lesser sciatic foramen ·

         M: JNT     anat(h/c, u, t, l)/phys     noco(arth/defr/back/soft)/cong, sysi/epon, injr   proc, drug(M01C, M4)

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