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									                         Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
                                     Weekly Lesson Plan
         Name: Ms. McLaughlin                     Grade: 10

         Subject: Modern American History         Weekly Plan from: December 20th through December 24th

         Topic To Be Covered: The Progressive Movement

Monday : The             Tuesday : The            Wednesday: The           Thursday: Jubilee   Friday: Winter
Progressive              Progressive              Progressive                                  Break
Movement                 Movement                 Movement
Objective/s              Objective/s              Objective/s              Objective/s         Objective/s
Students will be         Students will be         Students will be         Students will be    Students will be
able to:                 able to:                 able to:                 able to:            able to:
     Content:                Content:                Content:               
         Be                       analyze                  evaluate the
         introduced               primary and              importance
         to a Mini-               secondary                of
         DBQ                      documents                Progressive
         assignment:              examining                reforms by
         “Progressivi             issues faced             completing
         sm: Where                during the               the
         Will You                 Progressive              Progressivis
         Put Your                 Movement                 m Mini-Q:
         Million                  and                      Where Will
         Dollars?”                complete                 you Put
         and analyze              Thesis                   Your
         primary and              Developme                Millions?
         secondary                nt and               Language:
         documents                Roadmap                  (writing)
         for the                  for                      selects and
         Mini-DBQ                 Progressivis             uses graphic
     Language:                   m Mini-Q                 organizers
         (listening)              Language:                to organize
         demonstrate              (listening)              expository,
         s                        demonstrate              descriptive,
         comprehens               s                        persuasive,
         ion of multi-            comprehens               and
         step,                    ion of multi-            narrative
         complex                  step,                    writing;
         directions in            complex                  uses
         structured               directions in            outlines for
         learning                 structured               multi-
         activities               learning                 paragraph
         (reading)                activities               formats;
         can read                 (speaking)               creates topic
         long,                    asks and                 sentences,
         complex                  answers                  thesis, and
         sentences                factual,                 hooks
including    inferential,    (writing)
structures   and abstract    selects the
that are     questions       appropriate
mainly       that are        tone, style,
limited to   based on        diction, and
academic     academic        mood to
text         content         write essay
             topics and      in “letter”
             defends         format
             answers         based on a
             (writing)       clear thesis
             selects and     statement
             uses graphic    with
             organizers      introductory
             to organize     , supporting,
             expository,     and
             descriptive,    concluding
             persuasive,     paragraphs
             and             with a clear
             narrative       topic
             writing;        developmen
             uses            t and
             outlines for    includes
             multi-          logical
             paragraph       organization
             formats;        , effective
             creates topic   use of
             sentences,      details that
             thesis, and     support and
             hooks           elaborate on
                             and precise
Activities              Activities              Activities              Activities            Activities
Do Now: If you          Do Now: Of all the      Do Now:
could donate            issues that you         Questions,              No Classes –          No School –
money to one social     examined last night     comments,               Jubilee               Winter Break
issue, what would it    for homework,           concerns about the
be?                     which issue do you      Mini-Q?                 (One cohort may
                        believe should be                               have class but will
1. Review topic,        addressed first and     1. Review topic,        continue to work
objective, agenda,      why?                    objective, agenda,      on their DBQ until
hw, and do now                                  hw, and do now          Jubilee)
                        1. Review topic,
2. Students will be     objective, agenda,      2. Expectations for
given an                hw, and do now          the class period will
introductory                                    be reviewed. This
activity where they     2. Review each          is a writing day, not
will work with a        document as a class     time for socializing.
partner to analyze      and provide further     You may ask for
underlying causes       detail for the class.   help from
of the problems                                 classmates but be
during the              3. Begin                sure not to distract
Progressive             “Bucketing” –           others. I will check
Movement and            Getting ready to        in with each student
hopefully create an     write. This is          about their progress
interest base for the   where students will     so far and their plan
Progressivism           choose three            for the overall
Mini-Q                  reforms to address      Mini-Q
Activity:               and place each of
-Students will          the documents into      3. Write, Write,
identify one            the three “buckets”     Write!
problem out of a        which represent
list of 10 that would   their body
make it easiest to      paragraphs
solve the other 9
-Then explain how       4. Thesis
solving the number      Development and
one problem would       Roadmap “The
make it easier to       Chicken Foot”
solve six of the
other problems in  5. Students will
the list.          then be given an
Discuss as a class.outline for the
                   Mini-Q which they
3. Read the        will write as a letter
historical context to their Aunt Bessie
for the            who is allowing
Progressivism      them to donate one
Mini-Q and the     million dollars to
main objective of  the three
the assignment:    Progressive issues
Where Will you Put of their choice
Your Million
Dollars? Answer       5. Begin writing
questions on the      using the outline
historical context.   and documents as
4. Review questions
as a class.

5. Review the
Question for the
Mini-Q and begin
Pre-Bucketing the

6. Review
assignment :
Analyze the
provided by
answering the
questions that
follow the
HW#1.                 HW#2.               HW#3.                HW#4.   HW#5.
Analyze the           Continue with the   1st typed rough
documents for the     writing process.    draft due Tuesday,
Mini-Q by                                 January 4th!
answering the
questions that
follow the

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