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									                Kindergarten Writing Resources 09-10
      Resources                                   Descriptions
   NCSCS objectives       Objectives are listed which are specific to writing instruction

 Kindergarten Writing     Prompt Administration Information
    Accountability        Portfolio Guidelines for Writing

Kindergarten Writing      Written Rubric
       Rubrics            Pictorial Rubric

  Characteristics of      Includes characteristics of writers and descriptions of
Kindergarten Writers      appropriate tasks

  Marie Clay’s Seven      Outlines the progression of a kindergarten writer and the
    Basic Principles      characteristics of the writing found at each stage
  Characteristics of      Outlines the 5 stages of kindergarten writing.
 Kindergarten Writing     As students progress during the year, they develop their
                          writing ad spelling ability according to these descriptions.
                          Stage 1 is to be anticipated and used in modeled writing at the
                          beginning of the year, and Stage 6 at the end of the year.
  Kindergarten Goals      Outlines minimum end of the year kindergarten goals
 for Narrative Writing
  Kindergarten Goals     Outlines minimum end of the year goals for writing to inform and
     for Expository      to explain why
    Five Criteria for    Outlines 5 features of writing and the characteristics of those
      Kindergarten       found in Kindergarten writing. These can be used as mini-lesson
                         ideas as well.
 Monthly Benchmarks      Monthly goals for kindergarten writing instruction
   for Kindergarten
 Kindergarten Content    Lists types of content writing activities and includes sample
  Writing Instruction    lesson plans

 Monthly Sample Ideas    Activities, Prompts and Lesson Plans for each month of the year
 for Teaching Writing

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