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An ait (or eyot) (pronounced /eɪt/, i.e., the same as 'eight') is a small island. [1] It is
especially used to refer to river islands found on the River Thames and its
tributaries in England.[2]
Aits are typically formed by the deposition of sediment in the water, which
accumulates over a period of time. An ait is characteristically long and narrow, and
may become a permanent island. However, aits may also be eroded: the resulting
sediment is deposited further downstream and could result in another ait. A channel
with numerous aits is called a braided channel.

References in literature
                                                                                                               Bush Ait on the River Thames in Berkshire
Although not common in modern English, "ait" or "eyot" appear in J. R. R. Tolkien's
Lord of the Rings trilogy, Charles Dickens' Bleak House, and Thackeray's Vanity
Fair. [3]
Joyce Cary used "eyot" in The Horse's Mouth — "Sun was in the bank. Streak of salmon below. Salmon trout above soaking
into wash blue. River whirling along so fast that its skin was pulled into wrinkles like silk dragged over the floor. Shot silk.
Fresh breeze off the eyot. Sharp as spring frost. Ruffling under the silk-like muscles in a nervous horse. Ruffling under my
grief like ice and hot daggers."
More recently, "eyot" was used by Terry Pratchett in the first of the Discworld books, The Colour of Magic. It also appears in
The Pope's Rhinoceros by Lawrence Norfolk. Steampunk author G.D. Falksen uses "eyot" in the first chapter of Blood in the

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      Islands in the River Thames

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