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Aislinn Paul


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									Aislinn Paul
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Aislinn Paul ( /eɪsˈliːn/; born March 5, 1994) is a Canadian actress, best
known for her role in Degrassi: The Next Generation as Clare Edwards, the                                Aislinn Paul
younger sister of Darcy Edwards.                                                          Born            March 5, 1994 (age 18)[1 ]

                                                                                          Occupation      Actress
                                                                                          Years active    2000–present
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 2 Acting Roles
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Previous roles include Hannah Woodal in Wild Card, Amber in the CBS Film, Candles on Bay Street, Isabella in the HBO
series Tell Me You Love Me, and Alexa Ammon in the Lifetime Movie Network Original Murder in the Hamptons. [2]

Acting Roles
     Year                      Title                       Role                   Notes
2000              The Famous Jett Jackson        Girl #1             Episode: "Business As Usual"
                  Doc                            Emily Slater        2 Episodes
2001              In a Heartbeat                 Chelsea             2 Episodes
                  Sister Mary Explains It All    Angel               TV
                  Do or Die                      Heather, a Student TV
                  Betrayed                       Bonnie              TV
2003–2005         Wild Card                      Hannah Woodal       32 Episodes
2005              Murder in the Hamptons         Alexa Ammon         TV
2006              Candles on Bay Street          Amber               TV
                                                                     seasons 6-7; recurring
2006–Present Degrassi: The Next Generation Clare Edwards
                                                                     seasons 8-present; regular
2007              Tell Me You Love Me            Isabella            10 Episodes
2008              Finn on the Fly                Chloe
2010              Trigger                        Rocker Chick #3
2010              Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars     Beth Ellen

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