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Airports Council International (ACI) is a non profit global trade organization of the world's airports, consisting of 580
members operating 1,650 airports in 179 countries and territories. ACI primarily represents member airport's interests and to
promote professional standard in airport management and operations. It aims to provide the public with a safe, secure,
efficient and environmentally responsible air transport system.
It is governed by the ACI Governing Board. ACI World Headquarters was based in Geneva, Switzerland but subsequently
moved to Montreal, Canada, after the 2010 General Assembly. It incorporates the International Civil Aviation Organization
(ICAO) Bureau and is a member of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG).

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In 2009, airports worldwide handled 4.8 billion arriving and departing passengers, 79.8 million metric tonnes of cargo and 74.1
million movements. ACI regular members represent over 96 per cent of the world’s passenger traffic and are owners or
operators, other than airlines, of one or more civil airports with commercial air services.

Regional offices
   ACI-North America: Washington, D.C.
   ACI-Europe: Brussels, Belgium
   ACI-Latin America and Caribbean: Quito, Ecuador
   ACI Asia-Pacific: Hong Kong - encompassing mainland Asia, Australasia, the island nations in the Pacific Ocean,
   Vancouver (Canada), San Francisco (USA) and Hawaii (USA).
   ACI-Africa: Casablanca, Morocco

Airport Service Quality Awards
The ACI gives out the Airport Service Quality Awards (AQS), based on passenger satisfaction ratings in the ASQ Survey,
which is a global survey based on interviews with passengers on the day of travel. Along with the World Airport Awards by
Skytrax, it is considered one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry. [1]
The awards are given out in five categories:
   Best Airport Worldwide
   Best Airport by Region
   Best Airport by Size
   Best Regional Airport
   Best Improvement

Best Airport Worldwide

 Year                  1st                        2nd                             3rd
2010[2] Incheon International Airport Singapore Changi Airport Hong Kong International Airport
2011[3] Incheon International Airport Singapore Changi Airport Beijing Capital International Airport

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