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					Standard Chartered Bank                                                        Date :
Trade Services Centre, Singapore                                               Ref :      INF
                                                                                                (for official use only)

Application for Invoice Financing :                               Import                    Export
Name & Address of Applicant

Contact Person :                                                                        Tel :

Financing Details :
Finance/Discount for                 days                                          Rate :
    in SGD                                                                   Contract No :
    in same currency                                                                Dealer :
    Others :

Remittance Details:
Name & Address of Beneficiary                              Beneficiary’s bank account maintained with (if applicable)

Name & Address of Beneficiary’s Banker                     Receiver’s Correspondent Bank in the country of the
                                                           currency (if applicable)

Account Numbers :                                          UID / Chips Number (if applicable):

Documents Enclosed :
    Invoice/accepted/confirmed sales order/contract in                 copies dated
   (if more than one invoice, please key in earliest invoice date). Invoice ref(s):

    Transport documents in                Copies.                  Export LC ref:

Other Instructions:
    Please credit proceeds of loan to our SDG / FCCAB / ACU A/c No.:
    Others (details of payment etc.) :
Please debit charges to our SGD / FCCAB / ACU A/c No.:
We confirm that we agree to the terms and conditions set out in page 2 of this document.

Signature verified                                                         Company stamp and Authorised Signature

TRADE-0104-0808                                          1 of 2
                               Terms and Conditions for Invoice Financing

1.   The terms of the contract of sale and the Letter of Credit (if issued) shall not be amended without your
     written consent.

2.   In the case of Export Invoice Financing (except where the underlying contract of sale is on an open
     account basis), we shall be required to submit all documents required for presentation under the Export
     Letter of Credit through you and shall, if you so elect, present these documents to you for the purpose of
     negotiation. We shall procure that the export Letter of Credit is restricted to you for negotiation or is
     otherwise freely negotiable. Where the underlying contract of sale is on an open account basis, the
     original invoice, transport documents and contracts of sale shall be enclosed with this application. In all
     applications of export invoice financing, in consideration of you agreeing to provide such financing, we
     hereby irrevocably assign to you all our rights, receivables, interests, rights of suit, payment and price due
     to us under such contract of sale and authorise you to give notice of assignment of the same to the buyer.

3.   Unless we instruct in writing that the export financing is on a without recourse basis and an assignment of
     the export receivables due to us under such export transaction has been given in your favour, and subject
     always to your sole discretion whether or not to provide without recourse export financing, all financing be
     provided hereunder shall be on a with recourse basis.

4.   In the case of Import Invoice Financing, we undertake to procure that the full set of the Bills of Lading shall
     either name you as consignee or be endorsed to you, to be released and endorsed back to us only in the
     event that we repay in full the financing extended to us.

5.   In consideration of the export, import or trade bill financing extended to us, we hereby agree to pledge and
     do so pledge in your favour (as well as that of your assigns and successors) the goods to which such
     financing relate and the documents (including but not limited to the bills of lading) relating to such goods.

6.   We undertake and certify that we have not obtained and shall not obtain any other financing against the
     invoices enclosed or the goods to which such invoices relate or the Bills of Lading relating to such goods.

7.   The agreement between you and us contained in or evidenced by the foregoing terms and conditions shall
     be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and we agree to
     submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore for any disputes arising out of or in
     connection with this agreement.

8.    We irrevocably consent to the disclosure by you, your officers and agents, in any manner howsoever, of
      any account information (including any personal data) relating to us including but not limited to details of
      our facilities, any securities taken, transactions undertaken, our account balances and deposit with you to
      (i) your head office, any of your representative offices, documents checking and processing centres,
      branch offices in any jurisdiction, related corporations (as defined in the Singapore Companies Act Cap
      50), (ii) any regulatory or supervisory authority including fiscal authority in any jurisdiction, (iii) any potential
      assignee of yours or any other participant in any of your rights and/or obligations in relation to our facilities,
      (iv) any guarantors, third party pledgors or security providers and your agents and independent
      contractors, and (v) any insurers with whom insurance cover is taken out in connection with this

9.   For avoidance of doubt and subject to the proviso appearing below, it is the intention of the parties that
     any terms, interests, rights, benefits, defences, exemptions or limitations in this Agreement shall not be
     enforceable by a third party (save and except for a third party as defined below) pursuant to the Contracts
     (Rights of Third Parties) Act of Singapore (“the Act”), provided always that nothing herein operates to
     prevent or limit your right to assign, novate, otherwise confer any benefit or interest in favour of any other
     party, apart from the Act. The terms, interests, rights and benefits referred to above shall include but are
     not confined to any banking facilities, advances, loans, financing or any other form of financial
     accommodation that you provide or may provide under this Agreement.

     Provided always that it shall be the intention of the parties that all defences and limitations in this
     Agreement shall be enforceable by all of your subsidiaries (whether wholly or partly owned), parents,
     branches, any other bank within the Standard Chartered Bank Group, whether carrying on business in
     Singapore or not, successors in title or assigns of the Bank, entities into or with which the Bank may
     merge or consolidate, any entities formed as a result of acquisition, by or of the Bank as well as your
     employees, sub-contractors and agents, all of whom or which shall be deemed as third parties for the
     purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act of Singapore. For the purposes of this Act, consent
     of any of these third parties is not required for any variation, rescission or termination of this Agreement.

TRADE-0104-0808                                           2 of 2

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