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Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is an Arab-American journalist, blogger and Huffington Post columnist. He currently works as a
producer/co-host for Al Jazeera English's new show, The Stream.[1]

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Early life
Ahmed         grew up in California, Kuwait, Egypt and Austria. [2]
After graduating with honors from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, he began teaching New Media
courses there as an Adjunct Professor. Soon after he joined PBS's award-winning international documentary series, WIDE
ANGLE, as a multimedia producer.
Ahmed has worked as a reporter & producer for the Doha Film Institute. Prior to that, he was with Al Jazeera English as a
journalist and The New York Times as a news producer.
In 2008, his Masters Thesis earned him a Webby Award for 'Defining Middle Ground: The Next Generation of Muslim New
Yorkers'. He has worked as a new media mentor on News 21, a collaboration of 12 journalism schools experimenting with
forms of in-depth investigative reporting about how America is changing.
Ahmed is fluent in English and Arabic, and proficient in French and German.

Education and career
Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University and Master of Science in Journalism from
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

He was an adjunct faculty member at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. [3]
He was recently a news producer for The New York Times and a web producer for the PBS documentary series, Wide

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