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					                               Wapello County 4-H Expo Board
                                        May 21, 2009

Members in attendance were Dan Weber, Jeff Emery, Nick Heckart, Randy Conrad, Janet
Jacobs, Duane Bass, Steve Tanner, Harold Moses, Becky Davis-Dimmit, Shirley Stuart, Cathy
Angle and Becky Jacobs. Extension staff was represented by Sue Wasson, Sue Henderson and
Lisa Whitmore.

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Janet Jacobs moved to approve and Shirley
Stuart seconded. The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report
$12,530.04 – Checking
$10,000.00 – CD at South Ottumwa Savings Bank
$34,869.09 - CD at Wells Fargo
Bills paid out include $1273.00 for insurance and $1267.85 for ribbons,etc. Shirley Stuart moved
to approve and Steve Tanner seconded. The motion was approved.

Old Business
Sheep & Goat Weigh in – It was reported that 5 exhibitors weighed in 26 goats and 10 exhibitors
weighed in 68 sheep for this year’s Expo.

2009 Expo items
   Fundraising
        o $8805 has been received. Community 1st Credit Union has agreed to donate $2000.
   Commercial Vendor Spaces
        o The revised vendor contract was handed out and reviewed
   Volunteer Sign up
        o The sign up sheet for opportunities to volunteer at the Expo was passed again. There
             are still opportunities to help for anyone interested
   Scrapbooking Open Class Update
        o The rules for the open class scrapbooking class were distributed and discussed.

Other Old Business – The sweet corn feed was discussed briefly and the board was updated that
Johnsons plan to have the sweet corn available again this year. It was reported that the Extension
office is still working with the city on the 28E agreement and that plans are for it to be on a June
City Council Meeting. The Extension Office will continue to update board members if new
information becomes available.

New Business

2009 Expo Items – Lisa handed out pamphlets that highlight the activities taking place during the
Expo. These pamphlets will be distributed at a variety of businesses around town. The tentative
schedule and locations for each activity were briefly reviewed. Extension staff also reported on
the vet clinic that will be available on Friday morning of the Expo (July 17) for all youth ages 14
to 17.
Other New Business – Sue Henderson updated the board on the restructuring that is currently
happening with ISU Extension. H1N1 precautions were also discussed briefly.

Becky Davis-Dimmit motioned to adjourn the meeting and Duane Bass seconded. All members
voted approval and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Jacobs
Wapello County Expo Board Secretary

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