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									Generic Risk Assessment Record
Activity              Technician duties                                           Assessed by          Clare Hazlewood
Location              Strode campus. Teaching rooms, laboratories, prep           updated              30/08/06    Review before           30/08/07
                      rooms, salons, stores, Sports Hall & studios
Date/duration         ongoing                                                     Team
Time of activity      9am - 5pm / holidays                                        Line Manager

Summary of factors
People affected                         Technicians, students, teaching staff
Substances/materials used               Please list
Equipment used                          Please list
Additional assessments required         COSHH, Display Screen Equipment, Manual Handling, Pregnant Workers, Lone Workers, First Aid
delete as appropriate
Relevant safety documents               PATS risk assessment

Steps in the task            Hazards and risks              Who’s      Risk    How are risks controlled?                 Are controls adequate?
                                                            at risk?   level                                             Actions required:
Setting up, routine          Manual handling of equipment   Techs      M       Where strenuous or unusual handling       Identify any activities requiring
maintenance and storage of   and teaching materials                            tasks are to be preformed a separate      special assessment
teaching equipment                                                             manual handling assessment is to be

                                                                               MH information and training given as
                                                                               part of staff induction & development

                                                                               Handling aids are provided eg trolleys,
                                                                               sack trucks

                                                                               Equipment/materials storage areas
                                                                               should be chosen and laid out to
                                                                                minimise handling. Frequently-used or
                                                                                heavy items should be stored below

                                                                                Objects whose weight and centre of
                                                                                gravity are not immediately apparent (eg
                                                                                items stored in cardboard boxes) should
                                                                                be marked.

                                                                                Where there is a risk to fingers or feet as
                                                                                a result of MH operations, gloves or foot
                                                                                protection should be provided and used.
                              Falls from a height/fall of        Techs      M   Items which might roll, tip or spill
                              objects from a height                             should be made secure.

                                                                                Kick-stools, step-ladders or other
                                                                                suitable access equipment are provided        Shorter persons may need taller steps
                                                                                where the technician cannot reach             etc.
                                                                                objects from ground level.

                                                                                Any operation in which a person could
                                                                                fall more than 2m should be the subject
                                                                                of a detailed risk assessment.

                                                                                Where the risk of objects falling from a
                                                                                height cannot be reduced to minimal,
                                                                                hard hats should be provided and worn
                              Equipment hazards (electrical,     Techs      M   Technicians may only carry out                For hazards and measures relating to
                              mechanical, heat, radiation,                      maintenance activities in which they are      Electrical safety testing of
                              sharps etc) arising during                        competent or have received suitable           appliances, see PATs risk assessment
                              maintenance                                       training.

                              Equipment hazards due to faulty    Techs,     M   Maintenance logs should be compiled for       PUWER assessment required for
                              maintenance or undetected faults   Tutors,        all higher-risk equipment                     higher-risk equipment
Use of specialist equipment   ***give details***                 techs      M   Additional training may be necessary in       Additional assessment required
******                                                                          order to use specialist equipment safely
Preparation, handling and       Exposure to substances             Techs       M   COSHH assessments should be carried            COSHH assessments required
storage of materials and        hazardous to health – routine                      out for all hazardous substances and
substances                                                                         appropriate steps taken to minimise the

                                                                                   Personal Protective Equipment should be
                                                                                   checked regularly and replacements
                                                                                   provided when necessary.

                                                                                   Where the COSHH assessment indicates
                                                                                   the need for local exhaust ventilation,
                                                                                   this must be formally tested at least every
                                                                                   14 months.

                                Ditto - accidental                 Techs,      M   Equipment for dealing with spillage and
                                                                   tutors &        accidental release, as identified in
                                                                   students        COSHH assessment, should be provided.

                                Fire & explosion hazards           Techs,      M   Where, after appropriate measures have
                                                                   tutors &        been taken, the risk of fire or explosion is
                                                                   students        moderate to high, the technician should
                                                                                   have firefighting training and access to
                                                                                   appropriate firefighting equipment.
Assisting teaching staff with   Risks to and from students         Techs,      L   Technicians who will, at times, directly
class supervision                                                  students        supervise children, young people or
                                                                                   vulnerable adults should be police

                                                                                   Technicians who are required to carry
                                                                                   out some teaching duties should be made
                                                                                   aware of teaching protocols.
Use of Display Screen           Musculo-skeletal disorders due     Techs       L   If the technician’s use of DSE is more
Equipment                       to poor workstation layout,                        than minimal, a DSE assessment should
                                posture or job structure                           be carried out.
Emergency procedures –          Hazards arising if these special   Emergency   M   Emergency shut-down procedures for
special duties – give details   duties are not fulfilled           services        equipment should be identified and
Continue overleaf if necessary, and complete a Risk Assessment Action Plan if actions are identified. Please copy Action Plan to H&S Advisor.

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