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					                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

            Post Title             Communication Officer
           Salary Grade            Grade I
              Hours                37 Hours (2 years fixed term)
                                   Pen Green Research Base, Rockingham Road, Corby,
                                   Northants, NN17 1AG
           Reports To              Director of Research
           Service Area
                                   The Pen Green Research Base is a not for profit, self-financing
                                   organisation that has been undergoing a shift in terms of its
                                   priorities for income generation.        There is an increased
                                   emphasis on further and higher education programmes, as well
                                   as national projects and Local Authority contracts/frameworks
                                   that require bid or tender applications.
                                   The Communication Officer will have a key role in shaping the
      Purpose Of Post
                                   direction and development of the organisation. The post
                                   holder will be responsible for implementing procedures, plans
                                   and strategies that will achieve identified outputs and
                                   outcomes e.g. Business and Marketing Plans.
                                   The nature of this post will require the individual to keep up to
                                   date with the latest policies and recommendations as well as
                                   the latest research in order to identify opportunities and risks
                                   for the organisation.


    1. The post holder will be responsible for managing and delivering all elements of the
       marketing mix in order to generate income to balance the budget through:

            identifying and exploring new areas of business development including bids/tender
             opportunities, partnership working and website development
            recruiting to required participant target numbers for all degree programmes, short
             courses and seminars/conferences
            producing publicity materials and information, including copy-writing leaflets, posters,
             brochures, web editorial and other campaign materials and commissioning
             photography, design and print as required

    2. The post holder will lead on the identification, implementation and development of new
       technologies and tools that will benefit the organisation and contribute towards its vision
       and place in the market eg. the Pen Green website, a CRM system and VLE platform.

    3. The individual will work closely with the finance team to monitor and manage marketing
       and communications budgets; ensuring financial targets are identified and met and will
       report regularly to the Leadership Team.

    4. The post holder will have responsibility for developing and maintaining databases for
       marketing, evaluation and promotion of the work of the research base to prospective
       service users including local authority lead officers.

    5. The post holder will be responsible for the project management of various projects (both
       internally and externally funded projects) including the project management of the current
       DfE funded Early Years Teaching Centres project.
   6. The post holder will be responsible for technical developments and assist with the
      provision and upgrade of communication systems and to deliver solutions involving
      current technology.

   7. To participate in supervision and appraisal. To take part in relevant training and group
      meetings as appropriate to enhance personal and professional development and

   8. To ensure that reasonable care is taken at all times for the health, safety and welfare of
      yourself and other persons, and to comply with policies and procedures relating to health
      and safety within the County Council.

   9. To implement the Research Base policy of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory
      practice and those of the Directorate and County Council. To value and respect each
      child and parent as individuals and take into account ability, race, gender, sexuality,
      language, culture and beliefs.

   10. To follow the principles of safeguarding and safer recruitment in order to safeguard and
       promote the welfare of children and young people

   11. To carry out any other duties which fall within the broad spirit, scope and purpose of this
       job description

This job description reflects the major tasks to be carried out by the post holder and identifies a
level of responsibility at which they will be required to work. In the interests of effective working,
the major tasks may be reviewed from time to time to reflect changing needs and circumstances.
Such reviews and any consequential changes will be carried out in consultation with the post

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