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                                   Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule
                                          Language Arts
                             Independent Novel Study Scrapbook Project

This novel study assignment was designed to expose students to a variety of literary genres. Students will
explore this historical fiction while studying the character analysis, the author’s literary works and writing
style. Students will explore the historical event presented in the novel: The Reconstruction Era after the Civil
War. Students will complete an array of activities that will reinforce reading, writing, and conventions.

In order to complete the assignments, you will need to read the novel, Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule, by
Harriette Robinet. This book should be read in its entirety before completing the assignments on the
checklist. Due Date: Friday, Dec. 16, 2011. (No Exceptions).

Project Criteria and Rubric: (Submit this rubric with final project. 5 pts. will be deducted if not included)
________          Scrapbook Cover (8 Points): Create a scrapbook cover that includes the following
                    Title of the book, the author’s name, and your name.
                    Be creative when you add each of these details into the cover.
                    Illustrate the cover so it is a representation of the main character.

_________pg. 1 Title Page (1 point)

________ pg. 2 Table of Contents (1 point): List of the contents and the page numbers contained in the

________pp. 3-5 Pictures and Photographs (1 Point each): Include 5 pictures or photographs (drawn or cut
                out of magazines). Pictures and/or photographs should illustrate each of the following:
                  The main character in a scene from the book.
                  The character’s family or friends.
                  The main character’s major accomplishment.
                  The setting of the story.
                  A picture of your choice.

________pp. 6-7 Souvenirs and Mementos (2 points each): Draw and/or create at least 5 souvenirs and/or
                mementos that the main character would have put into the scrapbook.
                  Objects should reflect events in the story or important aspects of your character.
                  Include an explanation next to each object describing its importance.

________pp. 8-9 A Map of Time (10 points): Use the map outline of the United States (provided by teacher)
                on which you can write.
                  Label the states of the Confederacy and the Union, using information from the book,
                    along with other available resources.
                  Color states of the Union (blue) and the Confederacy (red) and then create a map key.
                  Create a time line on a separate sheet of paper to record the events of Reconstruction
                    that affect the lives of Gideon and Pascal. For each date, write a sentence description.

________pg. 10 Letter to a President (15 points): Imagine that you lived through the Civil War years.
               Write a letter using the friendly letter format.
                 Write a letter to Abraham Lincoln, identifying who you are and explaining your side in
                    the Civil War conflict.
                     Express your views about the Emancipation Proclamation, the legal document that
                      freed all slaves.
                     Include examples, including details from the novel that supports your views.

________pg. 11 Reconstruction Persuasive Writing (15 Points) Imagine if you had lived as a slave and
               suddenly became a free farmer, or if you were a free farmer and your land was unfairly
               taken away.
                  Write a short speech to present to government officials or people in your area in order
                    to gain support for their views.
                  Write 1 well-developed paragraph (10 complete sentences per paragraph).

________pp. 12 The Next Chapter Narrative Essay (20 Points): Consider what might happen to
                  Gideon, Gladness, Pascal, and Nelly as they travel to the coastal Sea Islands in search of
                  land they can farm.
                 Write Chapter 21 of this story, which tells what happens next.
                 Write 2 well developed paragraphs (8-10 complete sentences per paragraph)
                 Focus on a major event either during the journey or once they reach their destination.
                 Decide if the chapter will be told from the point of view of one of the characters or a
                    story narrator like the one who tells the story of Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule.
                 Show how the characters respond to the event through what they say, what they do, and
                    what the narrator describes about how some or all of them feel.

________pg. 13 Diary Entry (10 points)
                 Write a diary entry from the main character’s point of view that describes the main
                    character’s feelings about himself.
                 Show how the character changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.

________pg. 14 Journal Entry (10 Points): Write a journal entry from the main character’s point of view
               that gives a summary of the book. The journal entry should:
                  Write 1 well-developed paragraph using complete sentences (8-10 sentences per
                  Include a brief description of the: main character, setting, major events, and conclusion.
                  Include a date that shows the “date” the character wrote it.

Note: The scrapbook should be bound together. (No store purchased scrapbooks will be accepted). All
pages should be included in the scrapbook. All pages should be numbered according to the specifications
above. This assignment may be typed or handwritten, but you must adhere to the guidelines for the page

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