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									                     Curriculum Resources: History
Our Georgia History Exploration to the Reconstruction period.

Georgia History Georgia Prehistoric Period to the 20th Century.

The History of Atlanta

MSN Encarta - Georgia History

North Georgia History

Georgia's Pre-revolutionary History-Hernando deSoto to James Olgethorpe

James Oglethorpe

James Olgethorpe Tercentenary Home Page

Native Americans in North Georgia

A Short Tour of Eatonton, GA


Georgia History-The American Revolution

North Georgia Land - Yazoo Land Fraud

Civil War: The Battle of Chickamauga

Siege of Atlanta

Henry Grady Sells the New South
Jackie Robinson: Civil Rights Advocate

Martin Luther King, Jr. - American Civil-Rights Leader

MLK Online - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

Biography of Jimmy Carter

Georgia: Just the Facts

Explore the States: Georgia


U.S. States

Government and Civics


The United States Constitution

Ben's Guide (6-8): The Articles of Confederation

Ben's Guide to the US Government-Constitution

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence -- Media -- Encarta Online

Ben's Guide (6-8): The Declaration of Independence


Online Sunshine for Kids: Your Legislature

Online Sunshine for Kids: Glossary

Ben's Guide to the US Government (6-8)


Civics Online - Civic Explorations


Earth Science - Types of Maps

Quia - Different types of maps

Types of Maps

Latitude and Longitude

Five Themes of Geography

The Five Themes of Geography


Michigan Council on Economic Education: Economics Glossary

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