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Advanced Skin Fitness was founded in 2003 by physiologist William A. Moore,                            Advanced Skin Fitness
MS and Lush Investments, Inc in Dallas, Texas.[1] It is a med spa that offers
advanced skin care including dermatological procedures, hair removal, and non-
invasive surgery.[2]

The company was one of the first med spas in the United States to offer non-
invasive treatment for skin texture, tone, and elasticity issues that accompany                 Type           Private
aging. According to CBS News, the process is done through "a fractional laser                   Industry       Med Spa, Cosmetic Surgery
that works by making microscopic holes in your skin, forcing it to repair itself with
                                                                                                Founder(s)     William A. Moore
fresh cells". An IPL laser treatment that corrects the tone of skin irregularities is
                                                                                                Headquarters Dallas, Texas
used afterwards, followed by the use of a radio frequency that causes tightening
of the skin.[3] The company also helped to spread another non-invasive                Website        Homepage

procedure called the "vampire facelift", in which unipotent stem cells are activated
in the treatment areas by the application of Platelet Rich Plasma created out of the patient's own plasma. Founder William
Moore also invented a process called iRevival that precedes the facelift, which combines carbon dioxide laser resurfacing with
the process to decrease the effects of the loss of cheek or face volume. [4] The company was featured as a top Dallas body
contouring treatments clinic in 2012 by La Mode Dallas.[5]

Company founder and Clinical Director William Moore[2] has been interviewed by the Dallas Voice on several occasions as
regards non-invasive medical and non-medical methods of keeping skin looking younger. [4][6] In 2011 Moore also became
the Executive Vice-President of The Society for Clinical & Medical Hair Removal.[7] Alongside other board members, Moore
helped to edit the book Infection Control and Sterilization for Electrology and Laser Hair Removal, published by the society in
2010. [8] Dr. Abraham Armani also works for Advanced Skin Fitness as their hair restoration physician, as do plastic surgeons
Dr. Vu Ho and Medical Director Dr. Chili Robinson. [9] Armani has been featured as a hair restoration expert by media outlets
including Fox News Radio, CBS Radio, and Reader's Digest.[10] Dr. Robinson was the winner of the 2000 Jefferson
Volunteer Award for his performance of pro bono of over 200 "cleft palate and cleft lip operations on people in countries such
as El Salvador, Mexico and Peru". [11]

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