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									MAY 29, 2007 • LAVOZDEANZA.COM                                                                                                                                                            News 3
                                                                     lieved that the campaign was over. “It’s been the longest                  2007 DASB Senate                     V.P. of Student Services:
ELECTIONS: continued from page 1                                     two weeks ever,” said Alexis Loveday-Tierney, who ran                      Election Results:                    Yujin Yoshimura
                                                                                                                                                                                     Senators : Tai Yen Chin, Victor
and as a result, the election results were postponed by              for senator and won a position.                                            President: Robin Claassen            Tanzil, Alexis Loveday-Tierney,
two hours.                                                               Newly elected Trustee Jordan Eldridge was happy                        Executive Vice President:            Natalie Holbert, Shoko Ando,
   Last Wednesday, the results were posted in a back                 with the results once they appeared in window. “I’m go-                    Rahela Sami                          Dan Sealana, Kurt Pham, Vivian
window in the Administration building. Over a dozen                  ing to stand up for students and not always follow with                    V.P. of Budget and Finance:          Au, George E. Smith, Helen Wing
                                                                                                                                                Eden Su                              Kwan Cheng, Jiabi He, Annie Lau
candidates crowded around the posted sign, and many                  what the administration says. I’m ready to do it,” he said.                V.P. of Student Rights:              and Adwin Ho
celebrated with embraces and congratulations. “I’m flat-             Vice President of Student Services-elect Yujin Yoshimu-                    Alexander Lin
tered and looking forward to working with the students,”             ra, said: “I feel like shouting. This is not the end, this is              V.P. of Marketing: Calvin Chu        Student Trustee:
senator-elect Dan Sealana said. Candidates appeared re-              just the beginning.”                                                       V.P. Diversity: Cynthia Toscano      Jordan Eldridge

CHARGES: contin-
ued from page 1                         2006 - 2007 De Anza Scholarship Recipients
                                        Academic Senate Career Program:              Thai-Ray Chang-Urena                          Mandriques, Barbara Memorial: Christine     Thorburn: Daniela Munoz, Vanessa
the facts. We discussed it and          Robert Dee                                                                                 Jeffries                                    Sadueste
                                                                                     De Anza Kiwanis:
decided there was insufficient          Academic Senate Prospective Teachers:        Loriza Sasur                                  Merit Scholarship for Transfer: Maia        Valley Scholars Nursing:
evidence of any crimes being            Phoenix Rainey                                                                             Sciupac                                     Yanira Acosta, Christina Doane, Bethany
                                                                                     De Anza Nursing Alumni:                                                                   Eytenlson, Anne Kamiti, Alicia Kosman,
investigated,” said Assistant Dis-      Administration Managers Association:         Katie Grace                                   Moise Psychology: Diana Tran, Puiki Chow    Cindy Lau, Donna Lynch, Daniel Rockmeal,
trict Attorney David Tomkins in         Stefan Anderson                                                                                                                        Alesia Surrency, Myreen Tan, Emilienne
a phone interview from CBS5                                                          Klaus Dehn: Joy Smith                         Morgan: Soi Chan                            Traore, Andrea Voci
                                        African-Ancestry Heritage:
News.                                   Erika Francies, Zahra Noor                   A. Robert Dehart Memorial:                    Nature Expeditions: Vanessa Sadueste        Cindy Walker: Christina Doane
     “This has been going on for                                                     Rachel Wong
                                        Allen, Judson Memorial: Royce Dove                                                         Nursing Alumni: Katie Grace                 Wolgast Memorial: Yosief Hailemichael,
two and a half months, but for us                                                    Del Castillo Journalism: Loriza Sasur                                                     Lupita Torres
it feels like it’s been going on for    American Women in Science (AWIS): Nith-                                                    Patnoe Memorial Music: David Beatty, Sara
six months,” said De Anza’s base-       akan Chou, Uyen Pham, Claudia Caballero      Epstein Family: Mark Mohanna                  Worrell, Anson Otani                        Recycled Computer:
                                                                                                                                                                               Bilal Abdulkerim, Leila Adl, Shahreh Ah-
ball coach, Scott Hertler. “I think     Board of Trustees:                           Carolee Erickson Memorial - ICC: Chris-       President’s Award: Yosief Hailemichael,     ghari, Nabil Ahmed, Hiba Algizawi, Brenda
bad decisions were made, but I          Yujin Yoshimura                              topher Sanjay Chandra, Leung Tim Cheah,       Rehana Rehmann                              Alvarez, Angela Anderson, Pooya Banan-
                                                                                     Carol Londres de Guzman, Kay Kuo, Well-                                                   khah, Abit Baral, Bonnie Bea, Beate Bell,
don’t think that athletes are dif-      California History Center Director’s:        man Chi-Fai Law, Lupe C. Medrano, Shun Yi     Quirke: Marcel Wilson                       Allen Bland, Courtney Brill, Junuan Cantu,
ferent from the rest of the student     Maia Sciupac                                 Mo, Hoi Wing Ng, Chi Hin Ngai, Nila Nine,                                                 Jesus Cardenas, Julie Case, Michael Celso,
body. That’s not an excuse.”                                                         Rehana Shakla Rehman, Anthony Yi-An           Stephanie Rivera Memorial: Dereck Byrd      Anthony Cervi, Chris Chandra, Peter Chung,
                                        California Retired Teacher’s Association:    Suen, Wai Wan Ting, Chun Yan Wong, Wai                                                    Janice Cimatu, Filemon Corpuz, Andrea
    The investigators, including        Michaelina Zmijewski                         Yan (Karen)Yu, Yujin Yoshimura                Rotary Club of Cupertino: Jill Ciacho,      Correa, Phuong Dao, Jaimie Day, Triet Do,
Santa Clara County Sheriff Lau-                                                                                                    Katie Grace                                 Lawrence Durbin, Veronica English, Christo-
                                        Campbell Service: Robert Dee                 Faculty Association: Hoang-Anh Nguyen                                                     pher Espanola, Rosita Fakhrevaezi, Leonardo
rie Smith, were frustrated with                                                                                                    Rutner Family: Dustin Crown                 Fierros, Bobby Flores, Marcus Furguson,
the DA’s decision, according the        Campbell, Edna Memorial: Sadueste,           Faculty Staff Memorial: Michaelina                                                        Indira Garcia, Parvin Guic, Daro Gross, Rosa
Mercury News. “The DA’s office          Vanessa                                      Zmijewski                                     San Jose Mercury News Wishbook: Bonnie      Guzman, Hassan Hajibabaei, Christina Hicks,
                                                                                                                                   Bea, Alison Cimono, Daniela Munoz,          Allen Hooper, Maraeka Hoover, Wen Hsu,
has a different responsibility than     Chancellor’s:                                FODARA: Nathalie Hyland, Sandra Lwee          Fatima Rasidagic                            Hong Hu, Wei Huang, Dan Huang, Michael
we have,” she said. “We have no         Jee-eun Hwang, Luis Jimenez, Lopez Olilio,                                                                                             Jacobo, Zhou Jiawei, Gustavo Jiminez,
                                        Tiffany Quang, Ibrahim Suleiman, Yen Tran    Friedman/Vendelin: Fatima Rasodagic           Schoettler, Dale Memorial: Bonnie Bea,      Johnny Jiminez, Ana Maria Jones, Indpreet
expertise in prosecution. I under-                                                                                                 Janet Beck, Arzemina Beso, Che Bou-Matar,   Kaur, Sepehr Kermani, Ksenia Kerolova,
stand that that is entirely their de-   Cookies Quilters: Daniela Munoz              Galindo Memorial: Lupita Torres               Farhang Dahmubed, Lawrence Durbin, Rich-    Abdullah Khalid, Davis Khuu, Alexander
cision.”                                Cozzens                                                                                    ard Falsetti, Felix Hung, Anthony Nguyen,   Kieron, Catherine Krenn, Krisan Kulusich,
                                                                                     Gilberg Computer Science: Chat Mak            Anna Schermerhorn, Joy Smith                Larry Lam, Han Le, Nam Le, Adriana Leon,
    To revisit the case, major evi-     Nancy B. Memorial: Maia Sciupac                                                                                                        Leticia Llamas, Andrew Logan, Rachel
dence must be uncovered. If not,                                                     Keith Goodin Memorial: Denise Lawrence        Scholarship for Veterans: Allan Caguiat     Long, Xiaoling Lu, Jennifer Lubrica, Nha
                                        DASB Book Grant:                                                                                                                       Ly, Jin Ma, Phong Mach, Dorothy Malloy,
the sheriff’s department or the         Ru Yuan Chen, Hae-in Cho, Felix Hung,        Hagan Memorial Technology for Disabled        Sequoia Japanese American Citizens          Masoudfardm Mohsen, Alma McCrea, James
victim may ask the state attorney       Amitabh Mohanty, Fu Man Tam, Wai Ting,       Students: Christine Jeffries                  League: Anson Otani, Eden Su                McDonald, Michelle Medeiros, Lana Mon-
general’s office to take over the       Sherrie Williams, Cheuk Hin Wong                                                                                                       tano, Donald Murphy, Melissa Music, Felicia
                                                                                     Haughton Family Scholarship: Javan            Smiley Family: Kyle Johnson                 Nelson-Coe, Hieu Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen,
investigation.                          DASB Full Time:                              Cheetsos                                                                                  Muhsin Osborne, Bryan Palafox, Vandit
    Spatafore said education and        Bianca Beatrice, Ho Tak Chan, Yin Lung                                                     Social Science Division: Diana Tran         Patel, Amir Pourshafiee, Emily Powala,
                                        Chuan, Dustin Crown, Hirouki Haga, Tszkin    Heritage: Sara Worrell                                                                    Bianca Quinonez, Leiana Quintero, Esthela
awareness programs for students         Lam, Thu Vo                                                                                Sons of the American Revolution: Megan      Ramirez, Yesenia Ramirez, Rehana Rehman,
and athletes regarding acceptable                                                    Patricia Johnson Memorial: Jennifer Kam       Hesterburg                                  Mayra Rodriguez, Reynaldo Ross, Avido
behavior will be offered.               DASB Part Time:                                                                                                                        Sainz, Jennifer Saminathen, Anna Schmidt,
                                        Lupe Medrano, Anson Otani                    Kaider: Jonathan Abrenica, Rebecca Bullard,   Seth Stauffer Memorial: Karen Elliot        Ellen Serdyukova, Hassti Shokrellahi, Justin
    “A group was contacted from                                                      Rachel Powell, Amit Sharma, Marina Skobel                                                 Sievers, Nilka Skeete, Alexei Skobel, Marina
back east that works with NCAA          DASB 4.0 GPA:                                                                              Stow Family: Diana Hoover                   Skobel, Michael Smith, Kristina Stueck,
                                        Hoi Ng, Maia Sciupac, Chi Ngai, Chun         Lam Research: Lawrence Durbin                                                             Jorge Sung, Farzam Tondnevis, Daniel Tran,
teams on alcohol-related issues         Wong, Yujin Yoshimura                                                                      Student Nurses Organization: Carol De-      Jim Trevino, Kim Tran, Amy Tu, Audrey
and how women should be treat-                                                       John Long Memorial Photography: Royce         Guzman, Katie Grace, Paige Whitney          Tuufuli, Michelle Tye, Daniel Varela, Doug-
ed,” said Hertler.                      DASB International Student:                  Dove                                                                                      las Vaughan, Shahram Vedei, Mary Visperas,
                                        Ryo Kawaguchi, Seong Hyun Kim, Hoi Wing                                                    Samantha Swensson Memorial: Triet Do,       Ngoc Vu, Maikha Vuong, Dessie Wassie,
    “Everyone deserves a second         Ng, Hong Shi, Wei-Wei Su, Man Chun Tsui,     La Societe des 40 et 8 : Javan Cheetsos,      Nathalie Hyland                             Sherrie Williams, Amantia Xavier, Damestani
chance. We should look at this in       Cheuk Wun Wong                               Jill Ciacho, Katie Grace, Martine Sinkondo,                                               Yasaman, Mith Yeav, Kim Yim, Peng Zeng
                                                                                     Paige Whitney                                 Technology: Soi Chan
terms of how we can learn from          De Anza Commission:
it,” he said.

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