Professional Letter by azvbG4


									 As a parent/Carer of a child                  Little Spring Primary and Pre School                       As a child at Little Spring
 at Little Spring School I/we                                                                             School I will:
                                                                                                          Keep the School       Behaviour
Make sure my child arrives on time at
8.30 in tidy, neat school uniform with        Home-School Agreement: 2011-2012                            Attend school everyday unless I
everything they need for school.                                                                          am ill.
Ensure my child attends school                                                                            Arrive at school at 8.30 every
everyday, unless they are ill.                                                                            day.
 If your child is ill and unable to come                                                                  Wear my school uniform and
to school: to provide an explanation                                                                      come to school neat and tidy.
for absence by phone on the first day               At Little Spring School we will:
of absence and by letter on the child’s                                                                   Keep the school clean and tidy.
return to school.                          Offer high standards and expectations in all areas of school
                                           life and learning.                                             To take care of our school,
Attend Open Evenings to discuss my                                                                        school equipment and resources.
child’s progress.                          Encourage our children to do their best at all times.
                                                                                                          Help to take care of everyone in
                                           Nurture and protect our children.                              my school.
Support my child with home learning
and other activities.                      Encourage our children to take care of their surroundings
                                           and others around them.                                        Do the very best I can in school
When possible, attend assemblies,                                                                         by trying hard to achieve my
other school events or information         Provide the very best learning environment for our children    learning targets.
evenings relevant to my child.             to develop and learn.
                                                                                                          Make sure that I have everything
Follow    the    School   Behaviour        Keep parents and carers well informed about their child’s      that I need for school.
Expectations     whilst on school          progress, the curriculum and events and activities in
premises.                                  school, through regular meetings and newsletters.

                                           Consult parents, carers, children and other stakeholders       Child’s Signature:
Keep us informed of anything that
                                           regularly about school policy and initiatives.
may affect your child’s wellbeing and
learning.                                  Headteacher signature:

                                           Class teacher signature:
                                           Support staff signature:

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