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                                  ATTENDANCE POLICY

Children of school age who are registered at a school must, by law, attend that school
regularly. Regular attendance is of vital importance and is the best way of ensuring that a
child makes the most of the educational opportunities available to him or her.

When a child is absent from school, he or she misses not only the teaching provided but is
also less prepared for the lessons after his or her return. A child’s absence can seriously
disrupt the continuity of their learning.

Promoting and sustaining good attendance at school is therefore fundamental to supporting
learning and the raising of achievement.

The Governors expect regular and punctual attendance at each of the twice daily sessions
of each school day within the given term dates.

The rules that govern attendance at school are contained, primarily, in two acts; the
Education Act 1996 (Sections 7 and 444) and The Education (Pupil Registration)
Regulations 1995 [updated 2006] (Sections 7 and 8). The effect of these laws is:
 Parents/carers must make reasonable efforts to ensure their children attend school
 The attendance of a child will be noted twice each day by the school
 There is no automatic right for a child to be absent from school
 All requests for absence will be considered on their own merits

On the first day of unauthorized absence the school will contact the parents/carers to
attempt to identify the reason for the absence. This is in accordance with RBWM’s First
Day Response initiative.

If a child is absent, without notification from the parents, by telephone or in writing, an
unauthorised absence mark will be recorded in the register. This situation remains so until
the reason for absence is given by the parent/carer. If a child arrives after registration;
(9.05am) then a late mark will be recorded.

If the absence continues without a satisfactory explanation (i.e. illness) for one week, the
Head Teacher will send a letter of enquiry. If there is still no response from parents/carers,
the Headteacher will ask the Educational Welfare Officer [EWO] to contact the family.

School registers are scrutinised at least once a term by a representative of RBWM's Local
Education Authority.

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There are approximately 190 school days in the academic year, leaving 175 days available
for children to take holidays. Lengthy and repeated absences put children's education at
risk. The school actively discourages any child being absent from school.

Applications for leave of absence during term times must be applied for in writing directly to
the Headteacher. Applications should be received by the school at least 14 days before
the first day of the requested absence. A shorter notice period may be allowed in
exceptional circumstances. Holidays should not be booked until the school has granted
permission for the absence.

Approval for such holiday can be given by the head teacher of the school for up to 10 days
in a year, but is discretionary. Holidays during term time are not an automatic right.
Authorisation should be used in cases when term time is the only option for a family holiday
(Pupil Registration (Education) Regulations 2006).

The headteacher will only be able to grant permission in accordance with arrangements
made by the governing body of the school (Pupil Registration (Education) Regulations

If a period over 10 days is requested, this should be referred to the Governing Body as this
will be considered exceptional and the implications should be carefully considered. Leave
of absence will not be granted retrospectively and any absence without advance
permission will therefore be recorded as unauthorised.

The playground gate is opened at 08:40 ready for parents/carers to bring children into
school. Between 08:50 and the official start of the school day at 08:55 is a special time for
parents/carers to share the start of the day together.

The registers are taken by class teachers at 09:00 and they are closed at 09:30.
Parents/carers must give a reason for their child's absence, even if it is given after the child
has returned to school.

Afternoon registration takes place at 13:00. Similar to the morning registration,
parents/carers must give a reason for their child's absence.

The school day ends at 15:15, when children are collected by their parents/carers or
nominated representative. All Staff endeavour to ensure children come out on time.

A pattern of regular lateness will result in a discussion with parents/carers. If the lateness
persists, the school will refer the child to the EWO (Educational Welfare Officer).

Date of Policy:                    October 2010

Ratified by Governing Body:

To be reviewed:                    September 2011

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                          DURING TERM TIME
    Please complete and return this form to the school office at least 14 days prior to
                                    requested dates.
To:  Mr Harris, Headteacher

Name of Pupil __________________________________                            Class _________

I wish to request authorisation for my child to be absent from school from (date) ____/___/____
to ____/____/____ . He/she will return to school on ____/____/_____. The total number of
days absence requested is ________.
Please explain the exceptional circumstances:



 Extract from the DCSF “School Attendance: Information for Parents” (Revised 2007)

 “What about holidays in term time?
 You should not expect your child’s school to agree to an absence for a holiday in term time. Taking a
 holiday during term time means that children miss important school time – both educationally and for
 other school activities. It will be difficult for them to catch up on work later on.

 Parents do not have a legal right to take children out of school on holiday. The law says that schools
 have the discretion to grant up to ten days authorised absence in a school year if:

 ■ the parent the child normally lives with applies in advance of the holiday; and
 ■ there are special reasons for the holiday.

 Each application is considered individually by the school, taking into account factors like the timing of
 the holiday and the child’s attendance record. Schools will only consider requests for more than 10
 days leave a year in exceptional circumstances. If you need to take your child out of school during
 term time:

 ■you should request the time off for your child as soon as possible and always before the holiday;
 ■ never ask for time off during exam or test periods unless for exceptional circumstances;
 ■ do not book travel for holidays in term time, until you have sought the school’s permission; and
 ■ remember that the school might not agree to authorise the time off.”

      I have read and understood the school’s Attendance Policy (see overleaf).

Parent/Carer Signature: ____________________________ Date: _________

                                       For office use only.

Headteacher signature _____________________________ Date __________

Authorised    Yes            No            Reason __________________________________
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