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									Adrenal adenoma
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A adrenal adenoma is a benign tumor of the glandular type (adenoma) in the
                                                                                         Adrenal Gland
adrenal gland. While some adrenal adenomas do not secrete hormones at all
(nonfunctional, often diagnosed incidentally as incidentalomas), some secrete
cortisol (causing Cushing's syndrome), aldosterone (causing Conn's syndrome),
or androgens (causing hyperandrogenism).

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                                                                                         Endocrine system

                                                                                           Adrenal gland
                                                                                Latin       glandula suprarenalis
                                                                                Gray's      subject #277 1278
                                                                                System      Endocrine
                                                                                Artery      superior suprarenal artery,
                                                                                            middle suprarenal artery,
                                                                                            Inferior suprarenal artery
                                                                                Vein        suprarenal veins
                                                                                Nerve       celiac plexus, renal plexus
                                                                                Lymph       lumbar glands
                                                                                MeSH        Adrenal+Glands
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