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CHENEY STUDENT VILLAGE Oxford Brookes University


VILLAGE 2012/13

Hall of residence information
                                     WHERE YOU’LL LIVE

                                                  1 Cheney Student Village
                                                  2 Clive Booth Student Village
                                                  3 Clive Booth Student Village
                                                  4 Crescent Hall
                                                  5 Harcourt Hill Hall and
                                                    Westminster Hall
                                                  6 Lady Spencer Churchill Hall
                                                  7 Paul Kent Hall
                                                  8 Warneford Hall

Blocks A to K            Blocks L to U
Cheney Student Village   Cheney Student Village
Cheney Lane              Cheney Lane
Headington               Headington
Oxford                   Oxford
OX3 0BD                  OX3 0BF

Telephone: 01865 325380
02 Welcome from the
   Village Manager

03 Village facilities

04 Occupying your

06 Environmental impact
   and recycling

07 Health and safety

08 Frequently asked

UUK/Guild HE Code of Practice for
the Management of Student Housing
Oxford Brookes University Halls of
Residence and Accommodation Services
comply with the Code of Practice; every Hall
Office holds a compliance folder which is
available for you to look at if you wish.
Further information on the Code can be
found at:
Hospitality Services are committed to
providing a professional and friendly
service that values you as an individual.

                                               Cheney Student Village 01

                            Welcome to Oxford Brookes University and
                            Cheney Student Village on behalf of the hall
                            staff and UPP Oxford Brookes Limited, who
                            manage this Halls of Residence.

                            My name is Janet James and as Manager of Cheney Student Village I
                            am responsible for the day to day operation of the site. The halls are for
                            most an exciting place where students create a vibrant community and
                            friendships are made and maintained for a lifetime. Communal living is a
                            new experience for many and most students manage the change
                            extremely well, but there are always cases where problems arise. This
We are here for you         booklet is designed to help you settle into your new community and
and aim to make your        inform you of the support available to address any issues that may arise.
experience of study
                            We are here for you and aim to make your experience of study and social
and social life an
                            life an enjoyable one so if you feel we are not meeting your expectations
enjoyable one.
                            then please tell us.
                            Constructive feedback, compliments, comments and criticism that
                            residents make assist us in providing the services that students require;
                            so get involved, this is your community.
                            We strive to provide secure, safe and affordable accommodation for
                            residents living in halls and to offer support and information that will be of
                            use to you throughout your university career. Our staff are always willing
                            to provide advice or support, especially to those who are living away from
                            home for the first time and aim to make your stay with us an enjoyable
                            academic and social experience.
                            I look forward to welcoming you to Cheney Student Village.

                            Janet James
                            Village Manager

02 Cheney Student Village
Cheney Student Village provides mixed ensuite accommodation and
is home to 750 students. Generally, there are six study bedrooms
per flat. There are two laundry rooms on site open 24 hours a day.
In the common room there is a TV and vending machines selling
confectionery and cold drinks. It is open 24 hours a day.

Your bedroom
Your bedroom has a bed-base and mattress,
mattress protector, desk and desk chair, desk
light, wardrobe, curtains. Vacuum cleaners are
provided and it’s up to you to keep your room
clean and tidy. There are pin-boards for posters,
etc. so please don’t pin or stick items to the walls.
You are responsible for your room and you should
complete the inventory form and hand it in at the
Hall Office.
NOTE: you must bring your own bed linen. For
those of you who arrive without any we have a
very small stock of bedding sets that you can buy
(duvet, pillow, duvet cover, sheet and pillow case)
subject to availability.

Fridges and freezers
Kitchens are normally equipped with two standard
fridge freezers shared by six people. If you are
planning to shop for groceries before you arrive
please remember that storage for chilled/frozen
food is limited.

                                                        Cheney Student Village 03
Arriving at hall                                        Data and phone lines
Arriving at your accommodation can be busy time.        There is a network point in your room and subject to
Please refer to the table below for advisable time      the relevant rules and regulations; you can connect
slots which is listed by surname. If you cannot         to the University network. Once you have enrolled
make your time slot please try to arrive between        on your course and have been issued with a
09.00 and 18.00 on the Saturday or the Sunday.          student number then you will be able to access this
                                                        facility. This service is included within your hall fees.
Should you be arriving outside these times, please
make arrangements in advance by contacting the          There are Wi-Fi spots during fresher’s week. Please
Hall Office on 01865 325380.                            contact the Hall Office for more information.
                                                        Information on the hall network can be found at:
                 SATURDAY 15         SUNDAY 16

     A-C           09.00-10.30        09.00-10.30
                                                        Mobile phones
     D-G           10.30-12.00        10.30-12.00       Many students use mobile phones. These will
                                                        either be ‘pay-as-you-go’, or contract:
     H-L           12.00-13.30        12.00-13.30       n  ‘Pay-as-you-go’ phones are bought for a one-off
                                                           purchase price. Calls and texts are paid for by
     M-P           13.30-15.00        13.30-15.00          buying top-up cards from local shops.
                                                        n Contract phones are bought for a lower one-off

     R-S           15.00-16.30        15.00-16.30          payment, but you are contracted for one year
                                                           with a monthly payment. This usually includes a
      T-Z          16.30-18.00        16.30-18.00          package of calls and texts and is generally
                                                           cheaper for medium to high use customers.
                                                        There are many mobile phone shops in Oxford and
Given these days when the Hall Office issue keys        ‘pay-as-you-go’ phones can also be bought from
will be extremely busy, can we kindly request that      most supermarkets and some local shops. You may
only the licence holder (student) present themselves    find that some of the best deals are on the internet.
at the reception area with all completed paperwork.

                                                        Voice over Internet Protocol
                                                        If you need to contact the Hall staff while you are
If your mail is properly addressed it will be           in halls, you will be able to do this, once you have
delivered to a post box that is for your flat only.     registered at the University, using your Google
Appointed carriers will deliver parcels to your flat.   account. To contact the outside world, you will
Please note we cannot sign for parcels or               need a VoIP provider (e.g. Google, Skype, etc).
registered mail at the hall office.                     The advantages of this system are:
The address for your hall is printed inside the front   n   Free installation and calls using the software
cover of this booklet and should be preceded by             application
your name, flat number and room letter.                 n   Competitive rates when calling landline
                                                            telephones or mobile phones

04 Cheney Student Village
n Easy to install and use (more information will be      What to do when you leave
  provided in the Welcome folder)
n Able to use from Smart phones, laptops, tablets,
                                                         At the end of your Licence to Occupy you will be
                                                         required to vacate your room by 09.00 and return
                                                         your room keys to reception. Please contact
You can also purchase a number from the VoIP
                                                         reception staff to make arrangements if you are
provider of your choice so you can be contacted
                                                         leaving before this time.
by anyone who uses a landline telephone.
                                                         Each resident will be expected to leave their room
                                                         and communal areas clean and tidy. All furniture
Overnight absence                                        and items must be arranged in the same place as
You may come and go as you please, but for               when you arrived. Items missing or damaged are
safety purposes, we must know if you are going to        charged to you for replacement. Ensure that you
be absent from your room overnight. There is an          hand in your room key to reception on departure.
Absence Register in Reception which must be
                                                         At the end of your Licence to Occupy, any
completed in advance.
                                                         belongings which are left in your room will be
                                                         stored for two weeks and we will try to contact
Vacation arrangements                                    you. If after two weeks we have not had any
                                                         contact from you then we will send the items to a
Your room is available to you for the duration of
                                                         charity shop or they will be disposed of. If you
your licence including vacations. If you do not wish
                                                         have contacted us and cannot collect your
to remain in halls you can leave all your
                                                         belongings within two weeks, there will be a
possessions in your room. During the times you will
                                                         storage charge until such a time as you collect
be absent, you will need to inform us of the dates
                                                         them. However, we cannot store your items longer
you are not on site for security and safety purposes
                                                         than four weeks and after this time they will be
by completing the Absence Register in Reception.
                                                         disposed of as outlined above.
Students are not allowed to rent out their rooms
directly to another student. This is called subletting
and is illegal and in breach of Student Hall
Regulations. Any swaps need to be done through
the Accommodation Office.

                                                                              Cheney Student Village 05
There is evidence in the press and on television of     Council, supported by Oxford Brookes Students’
the global environmental impact of human                Union. We want it to be a success, so please help
activities. The University would like all residents     us succeed in this endeavour by segregating your
and staff to play their part in reducing this impact.   waste as specified by the information provided in
                                                        your kitchen.

Heating                                                 Most of your waste can be recycled at Cheney
                                                        Student Village. Please recycle using the facilities in
The University is bound by legislation and
                                                        your kitchen (blue bag). Please see below for guide:
approved codes of practice which determine the
                                                        n Clear bags: general waste i.e. food, un-
temperature levels within its buildings. The heating
for the halls is controlled centrally within the          recyclable plastics.
                                                        n Blue bags: recyclable plastics, paper, card, glass
Buildings and Estates Department. You should be
aware that once a building has reached the                etc.
required temperature the thermostat will then           Please read notices located above the bins to
switch off the radiators. So if you have no heating,    ensure that you only put the correct materials into
consider if the flat has reached the required           the recycling containers. Rubbish such as banana
temperature.                                            skins could contaminate the whole load and
                                                        therefore the contents would be sent to landfill.
The heating and hot water is on from 7.00am –
12.00 midnight. The heating season runs from 1          Porters/Handymen will collect your landfill waste
October to 31 May each year.                            (clear bags) throughout the week. Residents are
                                                        required to take blue bags and glass boxes to the
                                                        recycling stations at least three times a week.
What you can do to help
                                                        You can make a difference – please make your
The main areas of concern are wasted electricity,       contribution to help protect the environment.
gas, water and recycling. You can do your bit to        Cheney Student Village operates a re-use scheme;
help by:                                                students on departure from halls can donate items
n switching off lights in rooms when not in use, i.e.   for students to re-use or to charities, please
  switch off your bathroom light, lamp, room light      contact the Hall Office for more information.
n while brushing teeth, turn the tap off
                                                        Please be aware that failure to co-operate will result
n use a plug in the sink; do not let hot water pour
                                                        in charges being incurred by residents of a flat.
n for a single cup of tea, don’t boil a whole kettle
                                                        Recycling reward schemes are currently under
n put a jumper on or wear warm clothes
                                                        consideration by the hall.
n don’t leave electrical items on standby, i.e. TV or   IMPORTANT:
  mobile phone chargers.                                We all have a responsible role to play in addressing
As far as possible, environmentally friendly            the environmental issue of recycling waste.
chemicals are used to clean with.
                                                        More information can be found on:
This is an important new initiative with Oxford City

06 Cheney Student Village

General maintenance                                     ASBESTOS
                                                        In some older halls you may find small stickers
During your time at Cheney Student Village your
                                                        which indicate that asbestos is present. This
bedroom may require maintenance work to be
                                                        alarms some residents. It shouldn’t, asbestos was
carried out. To report general maintenance, please
                                                        a standard building material during the 1960s and
do so in one of the following ways:
                                                        the vast majority of buildings of this age will have
n  by reporting directly to reception                   low levels of asbestos. Asbestos is not dangerous
n  by calling 01865 325380 during office hours.         so long as it is not disturbed. Oxford Brookes
When reporting the fault please give as much            arranges for an independent survey to be
information as you can – i.e. location and              completed on an annual basis and have placed
description of fault. This will ensure the request is   these stickers to ensure that maintenance
carried out as soon as possible.                        engineers know where it is and can work safely. If
                                                        you would like more information on this subject it
                                                        can be found at
Fire alarm bells                                        health_safety/docs/obuhsn35.html
These are regularly tested every Wednesday
                                                        LEGIONELLA CONTROL
between 1400 – 1630. The alarm will sound for a
                                                        Many residents will have heard of Legionella
short period.
                                                        Disease but are unaware of what it is. This is a
                                                        disease caused by bacteria that can be found in
Health and Safety                                       natural water sources e.g. water systems in
                                                        offices, academic buildings, residential
Oxford Brookes takes health and safety very
                                                        accommodation and houses. The route of infection
seriously and as a result we have a regime of
                                                        is inhalation of bacterium in aerosol form. Oxford
inspections and protocols, both internal and
                                                        Brookes University has policies and procedures in
                                                        place to manage risk from contamination in
The following information is provided so you are        accordance with the current legislation and good
aware of what the University is doing and to give       practice. Site risk assessments have been
you an understanding of these issues. If you have       completed and an approved specialist water
any questions or concerns about the attached            treatment company has been appointed to
please do not hesitate to contact the Hall Manager.     undertake the necessary monitoring and
                                                        maintenance activities. What this means for
                                                        students in Halls of Residence, is that periodically
                                                        access will be required to your room or flat to
                                                        monitor the quality of the water. We will always
                                                        give you notice when this will happen and as far as
                                                        possible we will avoid exam periods.

                                                                             Cheney Student Village 07
1   Where are the nearest cash point,                 4   How much storage is provided in the
    shops/supermarkets and pubs/restaurants?              kitchen or bedroom?
    The nearest cash point is located in the Helena       Bedroom storage consists of a wardrobe and
    Kennedy Student Centre next to the shop               under bed storage.
    which is approximately a 5 minute walk or
                                                          Kitchen storage consists of a wall and a base
    there are two on the main campus in the
                                                          cupboard per student.
    Gibbs Building or the Main Foyer of the Gipsy
    Lane Site.
    There are small Hospitality Services Shops on     5   How much to do my laundry?
    the Headington Campuses, there is a small             The laundry is provided by Circuit Laundry and
    shop on Grays Road or alternatively there are         costs £2.00 for a wash and £1.00 for a full dry.
    shops and supermarkets on Headington High
    Street which is approximately a 20 minute walk.
                                                      6   How to get to hall when first arrive in Oxford?
    There are various pubs and restaurants in
    Headington which are approximately a 20               SatNav with postcode OX3 0BD. You would
    minute walk.                                          need to go onto Warneford Lane and then
                                                          access via Cheney Lane.
                                                          If you are arriving via the Airline or London
2   How will be the flats be mixed?
                                                          coaches, then if you advise the bus driver that
    Accommodation is allocated via a random               you want to get off at Gipsy Lane Stop and
    computer allocation system so your room               then it is approximately 10 minute walk wards
    could be on any floor and any direction. The          on the bridge on the main road.
    flat will consist of a mixture of students who
                                                          If you are arriving in the city centre, then you
    are of different genders, cultures and studying
                                                          would need to catch a U1 bus, these are
    different courses.
                                                          located near the train station and in the centre
                                                          of town to Gipsy Lane then walk approximately
3   Will the accommodation be with                        15 minutes onto the Headington Hill Site and
    undergraduates or postgraduates?                      over the bridge to Cheney.

    Where possible, students who have requested
    postgraduate or mature undergraduate will
    be allocated within postgraduate blocks. If a
    student moves out during the year and we
    have students wanting accommodation
    then this room could be filled with an
    undergraduate or postgraduate student.

08 Cheney Student Village
Where external websites have been
referenced, these have been provided for
information only and Oxford Brookes cannot
accept responsibility for their accuracy.

Oxford Brookes halls have signed up to
the Universities UK code of practice,

All information correct at time of printing.

Oxford Brookes is committed to the principle of
equality. Our policies and practices promote equality
of opportunity for all who study, work and visit our
community. We seek to make the university an
inclusive place to work and study and welcome
applications from all sections of the community and
from people at all stages of their life. To find out more,
see or
contact the HR Team and Business Partnership
Manager (Equal Opportunity and Diversity)
+44 (0) 1865 485929.
To obtain a large-print copy of this publication or to enquire
about other formats, please contact +44 (0) 1865 484848 or


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