HANDOUT Ch1 StudyQuestions by 90wJ25m


									                                    Ch. 1 Study Questions
Study Questions are guided reading questions that help you pick out key concepts as well as
supplement the content explained during lecture. It is important that you do all of the reading for
this course and that you do your own study question homework.

1. List one real-world example for each of the following characteristics of life/properties of life. For two of
these, you will use your own example or you can look one up on the internet.
   •   Living things made up of cells:

   •   Reproduction:

   •   Growth and development:

   •   Energy utilization:

   •   Response to the environment:

   •   Homeostasis:

   •   Evolutionary Adaptation:

2. How is a cell related to a tissue?

3. Explain how living and non-living things interact in an ecosystem.

4. What is “energy conversion?”

5. What is the relationship between DNA and chromosomes?

6. Why is DNA analogous to letters in an alphabet?

7. What is the relationship between a gene and a protein?

8. Explain the difference between reductionism and systems biology and give an example of each.
9. Explain the difference between negative feedback & positive feedback and give an example of each.

10. List the one group and three Kingdoms subdivided under the larger “umbrella” of Domain Eukarya
(cells that have a nucleus). Briefly explain the basis for this division.

11. In Figure 1.21, why aren’t the white insects reproducing?
        How is this an example of “editing” the population?

12. If you wanted to perform a statistical analysis on your data, what type of data are you performing it

13. List two important qualities of a scientific hypothesis.

14. Briefly explain the myth of the scientific method.

15. How is a control group different than controlled variables?

16. List three ways a theory is different than a hypothesis.

17. “Structure and function” is one of the themes that repeats throughout biology. Give one example of
how this is true.

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