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Aditya 'Romeo' Dev (1 November 1988 – 13 September 2012) was an Indian
body builder with dwarfism made famous by being reported in the UK press in                        Aditya 'Romeo' Dev
February 2008. [1] Romeo could shoulder press custom made 2 kg dumbbells, a               Born        November 1, 1988
                                                                                                      Phagwara, India
notable feat given his 9 kg (20 lbs.) body weight and 84 cm (2' 9") stature. [2]
Although it has not been published in a Guinness World Records book, in 2006              Died        September 13, 2012 (aged 23)
                                                                                                      Jalandhar, India
they recognized him to be the "world's smallest bodybuilder". [3]
                                                                                          Occupation Body Builder, Entertainer,
Romeo had a head of 38 cm (15 inches) and a chest of 51 cm (20 inches). He
maintained his figure by working with his trainer Ranjeet Pal. [4]

Dev made many appearances on local television to demonstrate his dancing abilities.[2]
In summer of 2008, Dev was diagnosed with aneurysms which, if left untreated, are a serious threat to his life. Aneurysms
and Moyamoya are common symptoms of the syndrome MOPD II, which was the cause of Dev's small stature. [citation needed]

He died on September 13, 2012 after a brain aneurysm rupture.[3]

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