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DOG SCOUT CAMP STAFF and DSA Board of Directors: by azvbG4


Please note that various instructors may teach a number of different classes. Check to see which activities and
instructors you will have at any given camp. Core Staff try to be at every camp. Auxiliary Staff are staffers that are
regulars who are invited back repeatedly for one thing or another, and are usually teaching something during at
least one camp per year. Guest Staff may be on a one-time basis, or may be hired on a regular basis.

Lonnie Olson
St. Helen, Michigan
Camp Director, Core Staff;
DSA Founder and CEO 1999-2010
DSA store manager during the year
Lonnie has been doing most dog sports long enough
to be pretty much an “everything” instructor, but
prefers to hire others to do the instructing so she
can be the student)

Lonnie created Dog Scouts back in 1995, but the idea was put into her head by her overachieving
Border Collie, Karli. A dog obedience training class instructor for over 30 years, Lonnie has dabbled
in most every dog sport, and has excelled in a few. She “wrote the book” on Flyball training, and
authored the pages of the vast Dog Scouts web site and Manual. She has made “dogs” her life, and has
become a serious advocate of responsible dog ownership and teaching the benefits of the human/canine
bond. Dog Scouts of America was approved as an official 501 (c) (3) educational and charitable
organization in 2000, with that mission set forth.

Lonnie works 24-7 in the DSA office. Her forte is creative thinking, and her imaginative brain kicks
into overdrive whenever she has the creative juices of her other core staff members around to
brainstorm with. Lonnie says, “Dog Scout Camp may have been my idea, but without the input of my
staff, it would still be struggling in its infancy. Camp is definitely a group effort.”

Lonnie has three Dog Scouts: Gala (Alaskan Husky/Sighthound), Panda (Alaskan Husky/Sighthound)
and Kozi (“Boxamajig”)

Beth Duman
Howell, Michigan
Core Staff;
DSA Board 1999-2010
Backpacking Instructor/Outdoor Educator
Clicker Training Instructor
Puppy Paddler Instructor
Wolf Behavior Presenter (if offered)
Preventing Aggression Presenter
Water Safety Instructor

Beth Duman has been with the camp since it’s beginning in 1996 and has been an integral part of the
planning and execution of each of the camps since then. Beth wears many hats at camp, and is always
willing to help out in new areas. Her refreshing ideas have helped build the camp into the well-run
educational experience that it is today.

Originally a high school biology teacher, Beth Duman has been doing wolf education programs in
Michigan since 1972 and has been the Michigan representative for Wolf Park since 1974. She has
lectured to over 1,000 groups, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Timber
Wolf Alliance, and the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers. Beth is a frequent speaker
for animal control & law enforcement agencies throughout MI & has appeared as a court-qualified
expert on wolf hybrids. As a former wolf owner, Beth speaks from direct experience about the wolf's
majestic image versus the practical realities of wildlife in captivity. Beth is a Certified Professional
Dog Trainer and is honored to be a Victoria Stilwell licensed "Positively" trainer.

Beth has four Dog Scouts: Reggie (Belgian Shepherd), Kaddi (African Village Dog), Lacy (Aussie
Mix) and Charlie (BC mix).

Chris Puls
Core Staff (all camps),
DSA Board 2003-Present
DSA President
Brookville, Indiana
Administrative Assistant
Everything Instructor!
Scoutmaster Trainer
Certification Program Director

Chris is the Administrative Assistant at each camp. This gal “Friday” walked into the job and made
herself indispensable. She’s been helping out here at every camp since she found us, and if you want
the correct answer to any questions, just ask Chris. She has also been instrumental in the development
of some of the procedures and physical organization of the camp. She is now a full time volunteer
with DSA and the current President of the organization. She is the past President of a disaster response
group in her area and she often shares her law enforcement and martial arts background by giving
presentations about her book: Safe Home Visits, for people that work in the homes of others. Chris is
the former Troop Leader and a Scoutmaster for Troop 107 in the Ohio tri-state. Chris instructs many
of the badge activities and has developed some of the badges. And if you submit a badge video for
review, odds are good that she will be the one to review it. She has three dog scouts: Coyote “Cody”
(Australian Cattle Dog), Baron von Beaglestein “Bear” (Beagle) and Dazzle (Belgian Malinois). Her
husband’s beagle, King, is a Cadet Scout.
Martha Thierry
Core Staff (all camps),
DSA Board 2006-2012
St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Other duties as assigned

Martha’s smile can light up the room. She was always a favorite
camper, and in 2006, was asked to join the Board of Directors of
DSA. She is a great missionary for our organization and
believes in and epitomizes the dog scout way. Martha is a
graphic artist with the Detroit Free Press, and shares her home
with her Border Collie mix, Maia (who is a Dog Scout), and cat, Stewart. Martha enjoys photography,
horses, and helping people. She has been attending camp since 2001.

Chris Kloski
Fraser, Michigan
Core Staff (all camps)
Recognition Program Awards Chairperson
Poop Police
Flyball Instructor
Shaping/Tricks Instructor
Fun Director

Chris says: I’ve been married almost 40 yrs, have
3 Children (2 boys & 1 girl), and 6 grandchildren.
We share our home with 4 dogs :Happy (JRT) & Trixie
(Aussie) and two Papillions- Maverick and Indy. All are
Dog Scouts. We also have 4 Lovebirds, a Robin, & a 26
yr. old turtle, Mr. T.

I’ve been training dogs since 1972, I teach a Puppy Kindergarden Class, a Beginner Obedience Class,
and a CGC Class, thru the Mt. Clemens Parks & Rec. We have been doing flyball since 1986 and I am
captain of the Fuzzy Lightning Flyball Team. We are a family oriented team and all family members
are welcome to be part of the team, whether they are running a dog, loading the box, or being part of
the “pit crew”, picking up balls, holding dogs, etc. All dogs get to run on our teams fast or slow, when
they learn the game.
                                                         GLORIA VOSS –
                                                         Gladwin, Michigan
                                                         Regular Staff (all camps)
                                                         Canine Musical Freestyle Instructor & Judge
                                                         Platforms session
                                                         Gloria has been teaching Canine Musical Freestyle at
                                                         DSC since 2009. She and her husband Steve are
                                                         originally from St. Clair Shores, MI and have lived in
                                                         Gladwin since 1994, since their two daughters moved
                                                         out on their own. Gloria lives just 20 miles from the
                                                         camp in St. Helen.

                                                         Dogs have always been a part of Gloria’s life and she
                                                         began training seriously in 1988 having adopted a
                                                         rescued Border Collie that had been abused.
                                                         Obedience, then agility and even dog behavior were her
                                                         main focus for a time especially when she adopted
                                                         another rescued BC with fear aggression issues. She
                                                         was very involved in Therapy Work with her Delta
                                                         Certified TD dog Casey for about 10 years and recently
                                                         retired Casey at age 13.

Along the way as a mom, Gloria spent numerous years helping her daughter through dance classes and
recitals. Being artistic, she was a graphic designer/sign painter and commercial artist by trade and began
designing and creating sets. In 2000 the sport of Canine Musical Freestyle was introduced to the area at Brenda
Aloff’s by 4 gals from Oakland County who were 4H leaders & just starting in the new sport and forming the
Michigan WCFO club. All of Gloria’s creative background was united with her love of dogs when she found
freestyle and is now at the forefront so that she is a master at the inventive side of canine freestyle! One of the
very first members of the active Michigan club, “Freestyle Fanatics” and served as V.Pres and Pres of the club.

Gloria became a certified WCFO Judge in April 2006. She now competes, judges and presents workshop &
classes in freestyle while continuing to entertain and delight people of all ages with her demonstrations of
freestyle at Events, Fairs and Nursing Homes! Along with Freestyle, Gloria also teaches Puppy Classes, Basic
Home Control, and does “In Home” private sessions for basic training and behavior modification.

Gloria currently has 3 dogs. All her dogs are rescues… Casey 13 yrs. (Sheltie/Aussie Mix). Starr 10 yrs.
(Smooth Border Collie from Wisconsin BC Rescue) Fancy 4 yrs. (Border Collie from Buckeye BC Rescue in
Ohio) Casey and Fancy are both Cadet Scouts and Fancy is training toward becoming a Dog Scout.

Fay Reid
Guest Staff (all camps) Bay City, MI
Overnight Camping Instructor
Foil Dinner Organizer
Fun Director

Fay has been a Girl Scout leader for over 20 years and
attended her 1st Dog Scout camp in 2000, when her
Black Lab, Cassy become a Dog Scout and at which
time Fay says she learned a lot about positive
reinforcement training. “It was at Dog Scout camp that
I learned the value of clicker training and really watching the ‘light bulb’ turn on for Cassy.”

Fay has raised several PAWS with a Cause foster puppies and now spends time puppy-sitting for other
foster parents. Her Golden Retriever, Ivy, was in training for PAWS, when she had a “career change”
after deciding that she didn’t like people stepping over her. Fay was then offered Ivy back, as a
companion dog. When not working at Delta College or doing Girl Scout events, Fay and the girls
spend time educating the public on proper dog approaches and training; fundraising for such
organizations as the Salvation Army Bell Ringing, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Bay
County Humane Society; volunteering at the Saginaw Bay Recreation Area for public events like
Halloween trail guides, reading programs for kids; training puppies at Heaven on Arf, attending agility
classes, competing in Agility and Rally trials, practicing hunting retrieving and tracking hoping to
compete some day. In her spare time, Fay likes to take photos and scrapbook.

Kat Vogtmann
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Guest Staff
Sign Language for Dogs Instructor
Buildings and Grounds Technician

Kat Vogtmann has been a member of DSA since 1998. She and
her dogs have been coming to the DSA Camp every year since
1998. They are members of Troop #108 - Kalamazoo.
Kat tutored Lonnie in sign language when Lonnie was learning
ASL back in the 1980's! (And that was pre-DSA!) Kat
currently has one Dog Scout Indi (Black Labrador Retriever).

                Brenda Aloff
                Midland, Michigan
                Guest Speaker;
                DSA Board of Directors 1999-2004
                Preventing Aggression Presenter

                Brenda has been with Dog Scout Camp since 1998, when she came to camp the first
                time as a “guest instructor.” She was so popular with the campers and staff that we
                decided to do what the campers wrote over and over on their evaluations: “Get her on
                the permanent Staff!” Brenda is a clicker trainer, and has written a book on obedience
                training with the clicker has a video on how to train puppies, as well as two books on
                aggression. Those are her two areas of expertise. She has an eye for dogs like I have
                never seen on anyone. She can spot body posture or eye-contact that your average
                person would miss, and she is able to assess and predict aggressive behavior quite

Brenda has been involved with animals her entire life. For the past seven years She has owned and
operated a commercial boarding kennel/training center, presented numerous training seminars,
provided private and group lessons, produced a canine television program and served as a consultant in
canine behavior for local media sources. She has worked in a consultant capacity for Leader Dogs for
the Blind in Michigan. She has trained and shown competitively in Obedience, Agility Tracking and
Musical Canine Freestyle. Her specialty is using operant conditioning to eliminate aggression in dogs
where traditional methods have failed.

Allison Holloway-Frazee
Guest Staff
Agility Instructor
Animal Communicator

Allison Holloway-Frazee started competing in obedience
15 years ago with her first dog, a Samoyed named Kelsie.
But after Allison and Kelsie discovered agility, they never
returned to the obedience ring! Agility appealed to Allison
because it was fun, and positively motivated. Allison had
been training with traditional choke chains, and loved the
idea of building a partnership in agility through positive reinforcement. It was about that time that she
also became involved with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and learned positive motivation
techniques for all aspects of dog training. Allison quit her previous training position and formed her
new business, Liberty Good Dogs! to teach pet owners the benefits of training positively and gaining
the dog's respect through trust, not fear. Currently Allison is the Executive Director of the Humane
Society Serving Logan County in Bellefontaine, Ohio, where she lives with her eighteen dogs and one
husband. She competes in agility with her speed-demon Pomeranian, Skye, and her laid-back Border
Collie, Punch.

Angela and Lowell Schmorrow-Zuckerman
will be teaching Agility

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