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									                         JOB DESCRIPTION

DEPARTMENT:                  Stabilisation Unit
GROUP/TEAM:                  Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) – UK
                             Team of Experts
JOB TITLE:                   Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Experts
RATES:                       Membership of the pool of experts is not paid.
                             Remuneration upon deployment
DATE OF VACANCY:             6 August 2012
CLOSING DATE:                External Applicants - 23:59 on 2nd September 2012
                             CSG Members – 23:59 on 26th August 2012
ELIGIBILITY:                    External Applicants
                                Civilian Stabilisation Cadre Members
                                Deployable Civilian Experts (DCEs)


Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative: New UK Team of Experts

Sexual violence has long been prevalent in situations of conflict and its frequency
and severity is often exacerbated by the breakdown in the rule of law. Rape is
often used as a weapon in conflict and perpetrators often go unpunished.
Significant improvements must be made to the international ability to gather and
preserve evidence, investigate claims and support survivors of violence. Tackling
sexual violence is central to conflict prevention and peace-building and the UK is
already working to strengthen the mechanisms and institutions of justice and
security in conflict-affected countries through its Building Stability Overseas
Strategy (BSOS).

The PSVI UK Team of Experts is a new resource that will strengthen the specialist
capabilities that the UK is able to bring to bear on these issues, in order to end the
culture of impunity and establish a culture of deterrence in its place.

The Stabilisation Unit is recruiting for experts to join the UK Team of Experts, the
creation of which forms one strand of the Foreign Secretary’s wider initiative on
preventing sexual violence in conflict announced on 29 May 2012. William Hague
described ‘the establishment of a dedicated UK team devoted to combating and
preventing sexual violence in conflict’ and explained that this team will be able
to be deployed overseas at short notice to support efforts to gather evidence and
testimony that can be used in investigations and prosecutions. The full
announcement is available here


The team will function as a pool of experts and will be drawn upon to deploy as
bespoke, multidisciplinary groups in a way that best complements and supports
existing international and national efforts. This will include supporting the UK and
other international investigations and missions; providing training and mentoring to

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                        JOB DESCRIPTION
national authorities; and working on the front-line with grassroots organisations,
local peace builders and human rights activists in conflict-affected and fragile


GBV experts will have extensive knowledge and experience of the tools and
techniques necessary to provide holistic, multi-sectoral care and support to
survivors of sexual violence, including in coordinating the different elements of
response, training, in-country mapping of services and liaising with partners,
including in government.

The Stabilisation Unit (SU), established in 2004, is jointly owned by the
Department for International Development (DFID), Foreign and Commonwealth
Office (FCO) and Ministry of Defence (MOD) (the three “parent Departments”).
The Unit’s role is to support fragile states and countries emerging from violent
conflict, at the request of its parent Departments or the Cabinet Office; it provides
specialist, targeted operational assistance, to help establish peace and security
and prepare for longer term development. The SU is the UK Government’s centre
of expertise and best practice on stabilisation, and home of the Civilian
Stabilisation Group. The Unit is currently engaged primarily in Afghanistan but
also in Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia, among others.

For information on the SU, please visit our website www.stabilisationunit.gov.uk

KEY SU COMPETENCIES (see below)(select maximum of 4-5 competencies)
Managing Yourself and self                 Developing and Managing
Reliance                                   Collaborative Relationships
Delivering Results                         Leadership and Management
Communicating and Influencing              Decision Making
CSG members can find guidance on how to complete competency-based
application forms and advice on interviews on the SU Portal.

Key Experience Specifically, GBV experts will need to have significant experience
in the following areas related to the care of survivors of sexual violence, expertise
with child survivors is also sought:

   Managing multi-sectoral, GBV response teams in fragile and conflict-affected
   Experience in and ability to train police, health-care and community workers on
    gender-based violence specific-skills, including adult and/or child survivor
    interview skills, referral pathways, medical-legal response protocols and case
    management of adult and/or child survivors;
   Working in GBV prevention and response in inter-agency settings and
    coordination mechanisms;

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                         JOB DESCRIPTION
   Liaising and advising national authorities, plus liaison with in-country response
    services and co-ordination (e.g. GBV and Child Protection Areas of
    Responsibility/working groups and Protection Clusters);
   Working in partnership with local civil society, including NGOs and Community
    Based Organisations; and
   Applying a GBV lens to conflict and risk assessments;

Additional experience in the following areas an advantage:

   Mapping GBV resources, institutions and service providers;
   Ensuring that training and services provided in legal, medical and police
    sectors include awareness and understanding of gender, violence, and power;
   Developing context-relevant GBV training modules and conducting trainings to
    affected populations;
   Coordination and direct provision of case management of survivors, including
    supportive reporting, escorting, referral and follow-up care and monitoring;
   Behaviour-change communication strategies to aid in the prevention of sexual
    violence in communities;
   Understanding of preventative measures for gender-based violence, access to
    justice and the provision of basic services in a conflict environment; and
   Experience of implementing community based approaches in conflict and
    applying these to the design, implementation and monitoring of programmes.

Skills and Qualifications


   Master’s Degree in Public Health, Gender, Human Rights, Social Work, or
    other relevant field, or equivalent professional experience;
   Minimum 8 years of professional experience, with minimum 4 years directly in
    gender and GBV programming and coordination;
   Thorough knowledge of both gender and GBV issues, including those specific
    to children;
   Excellent understanding of International Law; specifically International
    Humanitarian Law (IHL) but also human rights law and refugee law;
   Knowledge, skill, and experience in participatory methods for community
    development and mobilisation;
   Significant experience in training, group facilitation, and counselling.


   Experience working in conflict affected environments, preferably in more than
    one country;
   Understanding of a survivor centred approach and demonstrated ability to work
    with a high degree of cultural sensitivity;
   Proven ability to lead, train, supervise, facilitate and motivate staff in their
    respective tasks in a professional, respectful and supportive manner;
   Experience working within a multi-sectoral response model, including

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                           JOB DESCRIPTION
    interaction with the police, social workers and psychosocial support,
    interpreters, and the justice system;
   Experience working with children, with good knowledge of child rights and
   Strong analytical and report writing skills;
   Excellent communication skills, personal commitment, efficiency and flexibility;
   Ability to work with minimal supervision;
   Ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a team with colleagues from
    varied cultures and professional backgrounds;
   Ability to maintain confidentiality, medical ethics and respect for clients at all

For general information contact O-Halil@stabilisationunit.gov.uk For specific information
about the post, please contact: Natalie Wirth, n-wirth@stabilisationunit.gov.uk or Jackie
Upton, j-upton@stabilisationunit.gov.uk

Please e-mail your completed SU application to
stabilisationunitapplications@stabilisationunit.gov.uk. Cadre and Civil Servants
should also include their last two appraisal reports and copy to line management
and appropriate Home Department HR contact)

For CSG Members:
Please remember to copy in the Cadre Manager (Civil Servants) or your
Function Manager (DCEs) when submitting your application.

If you are unsure who your Function Manager is, please contact Ozen Halil on

Applications will be assessed through paper sift and interview
    Paper sift / short list for interview: By 15 September
    Interview: Interviews will be held between the 15th and 30th of September
Candidates will be notified of application progress within 5 days of sift and interview dates
or of any significant delays that effect the timings.


Level of security clearance: - Minimum BPSS, SU can clear successful applicants.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – Successful applicants will
complete HEAT training prior deployments.

Contingent Liability: If the successful applicant is a cadre member they will need to
obtain agreement from their home department that at the end of the posting, they
will return to their home department (unless they are able to secure a move

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                          JOB DESCRIPTION
elsewhere).       The    contingent         liability   remains       with       the    home

Equal Opportunities: Stabilisation Unit is committed to diversity and equality. The
Civil Service Equal Opportunity policy provides that all eligible people shall have
equality of opportunity for employment and advancement on the basis of their
suitability for the work whatever their sex, marital status, race, colour, nationality,
ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation. It provides that
there shall be no unfair discrimination on the basis of disability.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS): We operate a Guaranteed Interview Scheme
(GIS). This means that any applicant with a disability who satisfies the minimum
competences and essential criteria for an advertised post is guaranteed an
interview. To qualify for this scheme, applicants will need to (1) declare that they
have a disability; and (2) confirm they wish to apply under the GIS. Candidates
choosing to apply under the GIS will be asked to provide evidence of their
disability from a suitably qualified professional at the interview stage.

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                                                                         JOB DESCRIPTION
                                                              Stabilisation Unit Core Competency Framework
             Essential personal behaviours required to operate effectively in all Stabilisation Unit roles including those in a hostile environment
          Self-Management and Motivation                                           Working with Others                                      Applied Intellect
Managing yourself and Delivering results            Communicating and            Developing and              Leadership and             Decision making
self-reliance                                       influencing                  managing collaborative management
Apply a high level of self       Assure delivery through          Adapt how and what you              Engage effectively with relevant   Set the pace and behave           Make decisions based on
awareness in order to            effective identification,        communicate in order to             colleagues, partners and           with integrity, reinforcing       the analysis of the evidence
develop and maintain your        planning and management          influence diverse audiences         stakeholders to share              good team work and                available
                                                                                                      information, seek advice and
skills and knowledge as          of timeliness, people, risk,                                                                            performance as well as
                                                                                                      build relationships that deliver
well as cope with the            cost and quality                                                     results                            taking account of the big
demands of the role              requirements                                                                                            picture
CONTEXT: SU personnel often deploy to conflict-affected or fragile states, therefore in the assessment of each of these competencies, particular importance should
be placed on evidence which demonstrates: safe and secure working and cultural awareness and sensitivity.
• Adopts a disciplined           • Uses initiative to identify    • Tailors approach based on         • Understands others’ needs        • Takes responsibility for        • Uses a wide range of
  approach to managing risks       opportunities, explore           recognising how to gain the         and perspectives by paying         ensuring the team works           sources to gather
  and avoiding harm to self        alternatives and pursue          co-operation and respect of         attention to clues in what         well together                     information and explore
  and others                       solutions                        different groups and                they say and do                  • Plays an active role in pre-      alternatives
• Uses effective coping          • Shows persistence and            individuals                       • Invests time and effort in         empting and resolving           • Takes steps to clarify
  strategies to manage the         determination in striving to   • Works closely with key              building and maintaining           misunderstandings and             information and check
  pressures of difficult           achieve objectives               stakeholders to keep them           good relationships with            conflict                          assumptions before
  working and living             • Takes responsibility for         informed and involved               colleagues and stakeholder       • Leads by example in               deciding on a course of
  conditions                       ensuring work is done          • Plays an active role in             groups                             demonstrating confidence          action
• Maintains flexibility and a      efficiently and to a high        facilitating shared               • Acts with fairness and             and commitment                  • Applies critical analysis to
  sense of perspective by          standard                         understanding among                 consideration towards other      • Recognises when to take the       identify and evaluate
  taking a balanced, evidence-   • Takes a pragmatic approach       groups from diverse                 people                             lead on setting direction and     options
  based view of events             to achieving objectives,         backgrounds                       • Establishes collaboration          introducing improvements        • Makes good use of past
• Exercises self-control to        responding in a flexible way   • Influences plans and                with other groups and            For those who have line             experience to assess a
  remain composed and              to changing situations and       decisions by contributing           organisations to develop         management responsibility:          situation and take action
  constructive when faced          requirements                     views and input based on            creative solutions in support    • Provides team members           • Demonstrates confidence in
  with frustrating or            • Balances competing               understanding of the                of objectives                      with challenge and                exercising judgement to
  distressing circumstances        demands, priorities and          cultural context                  • Accommodates the                   responsibility, backed up         determine the best way
• Maintains a calm, rational       stakeholder interests to       • Shows confidence by                 priorities of the team,            with appropriate support          forward
  approach when the social         achieve the best overall         challenging others’ views           adapting own role and            • Facilitates the development     • Thinks flexibly, considering a
  demands of the situation         outcome                          and decisions in a firm but         behaviour to achieve shared        of others by providing            range of diverse ideas,
  are complex and                • Plans ahead taking account       constructive manner                 objectives                         feedback and learning             perspectives and solutions
  challenging                      of wider requirements and      • Influences by making good         • Seeks out others’ experience       opportunities
• Balances self-confidence         the need for continuity          use of own and other                and knowledge to ensure          • Takes a firm but fair
  with openness to feedback                                         people’s contact networks           plans and objectives are           approach to maintaining
  and a commitment to self-                                                                             sound and relevant                 high standards of
  development                                                                                                                              performance


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