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Adam Habib is a citizen of South Africa, a professor of political science, and deputy vice chancellor of the University of

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Political Orientation
He cites Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky as his key influences. [4]

Barred entry to the United States
In October 2006 Habib was apprehended and deported when he flew into John F. Kennedy Airport, in New York City.[5][6]
Habib had studied in New York when he was in graduate school. He had made numerous trips to New York in the past.

This trip was one with colleagues from South Africa's Human Sciences Research Council.[5] His itinerary had included visiting
the National Institute of Health, the Centres for Disease Control and the World Bank.
In November 2006 Habib and his wife learned that she and their two children, aged 8 and 11, would also be barred entry to
the USA. [7]
In November 2007, according to the New York Times, the US informed Habib he had been barred entry over allegations of:
"...engaging in terrorist activities." [8] The Christian Science Monitor reported that he had been barred due to having: "...links to
terrorism". [3]

The American Civil Liberties Union tried to aid Habib in learning the reasons he was barred. [3][8] Upon the release of the
justification the ACLU shifted its effort to get the evidence supporting the allegation, if any, released.
On January 20, 2010, after more than three years of waiting, the American State Department has decided, in a document
signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to lift the ban that prohibited Professor Habib (as well as Professor Tariq
Ramadan from Switzerland) from entering the United States. [9]

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