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Adaldag (c. 900 – 28 April 988; also Adelgis, Adelger, and Adalgag) was the seventh archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen, from
937 until his death.
He was of noble birth, a relation and pupil of Adalward, Bishop of Verden, and became canon of Hildesheim. Otto I made him
his chancellor and notary immediately after his accession, and on the death of Archbishop Unni in 936 nominated him to the
vacant see.
None of the early incumbents of the see ruled so long a time; and none did so much for the diocese, though his success was
partly the fruit of his predecessors’ labors and of peculiarly favorable circumstances. Under Adaldag the metropolitan see
obtained its first suffragans, by the erection of the bishoprics of Ribe, Schleswig, and Århus; and that of the Slavic territories
of Aldenburg (today's Oldenburg in Holstein) was also placed under Hamburg. Not to be confused with Oldenburg in
Oldenburg, which had formerly belonged to the diocese of Verden.
He resisted successfully a renewal of the efforts of Cologne to claim jurisdiction over Bremen. He gained many privileges for
his see, in jurisdiction, possession of land, and market rights, by his close relations with the emperors, especially Otto I. He
accompanied the latter on his journey to Rome, and remained with him from 961 to 965, and is mentioned as the emperor’s
chief counselor at the time of his coronation in Rome. Otto placed the deposed pope Benedict V in his custody.
After Adaldag’s return to Hamburg, he still maintained these relations, and his privileges were confirmed by Otto II and by the
regency of Otto III. The later years of his life were troubled by inroads of the Danes and Slavonians on the north, and he may
have witnessed the sack of Hamburg by the latter under Mistiwoi.

      This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Jackson, Samuel Macauley, ed. (1914).
   "article name needed". New Schaff–Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (third ed.). London and New York: Funk
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                                        Born: around 900       Died: 28 April 988 in Hamburg?

                                                       Catholic Church titles

                                                                                                        Succeeded by
             Preceded by                         Archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg
                                                                                                Liawizo I (also Libizo, Latin:
                 Unni                                        936-988

                                                       Bishop of Schleswig                              Succeeded by
             New diocese
                                                                947                             Hored (also Horath or Oredo)

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