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									     Maryland Emergency Management Agency

• Total “08”Funding requested - $116,000.00
• $6000.00 (Total Funding Approved)
  – Provided updated Grant Application details

• Issues
  – Awaiting word on funding from NWS/Grants
             Maryland Emergency Management Agency
                      FY 09 Funding Request
    Task (Activity) Name             NTHMP Performance Metric(s) (from                        Amount of
                                         Strategic Plan) Supported                         Requested Funds

Task 1:                             Performance Metric:                                          $45,000.00
Review and Evaluate the Town of          To meet the requirements of 33 U.S.C. § 3204 to
Ocean City capability against the   conduct a community-based tsunami hazard mitigation
Tsunami Ready Program guidelines    program to improve tsunami preparedness of at-risk
and make recommendations for        areas in the United States and its territories…
satisfying all criteria.
                                    Promote community preparedness and resilience:
                                    -    Supporting and expanding the Tsunami Ready
                                    Program and adjusting criteria as necessary to best
                                    improve tsunami preparedness
Task 2:                             Performance Metric:                                          $12,000.00
Attend NTHMP meetings               NTHMP Coordinating Committee meeting and Annual
2 meetings for Voting member plus   meeting
Tsunami Expert
1 meeting for 2 Tsunami Ready
program evaluators

TOTAL                                                                                            $57,000.00

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