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Flat 21Building 409,                                             Bahrain Contact No. : 39495444
QASSIM ALMEHZA AVENUE,                                           Email:prasathraj90@yahoo.com
0302 CENTRAL MANAMA,                                             CPR NO. : 890825319


          To seek the challenging position in Industry that needs innovation, creativity, dedication and
enable me to continue to work in a challenging and fast paced environment, leveraging my current
knowledge and fostering creativity with many learning opportunities.

Professional Summary:

10months + of combined Experience in Subject Matter Expert in Electronics, Circuit Designing and

        Excellent experience in Circuit Designing and Testing
        Capable to delve into the new leading Technologies.
        Possesses Strong Analytical & Problem Solving skills.
        Well exposed in virtual lab development in ECE Experiments with manual testing.
        Ability to work well in both a team environment and individual environment.

Academic Qualification:

 Level             College / School                                     Stream             Year     %
                   Thangavelu Engineering College (Anna University),
 Graduation        Chennai.                                             B.E (ECE)          2011    75.40
                   Vestley Matric Higher Secondary school,
 H.S.C             Aranthangi.                                          Maths- Bio         2007    88.00
                   Vestley Matric Higher Secondary school,
 S.S.L.C           Aranthangi.                                          General            2005    86.27

 Course                  Institute                                         Duration                      Grade

 Oracle 10g              NIIT-Chennai                                      Sep 2011-Dec 2011             A

Work Experience:

        Working as a Subject Matter Expert in Teledata Informatics Pvt Ltd. Chennai from 17 July
        2011 to 28 May 2012.
Technical Skills:

       Languages                         : C, C++
       Databases                         : SQL,PL SQL,DBA
       Operating Systems                 : Windows XP Professional , Windows 7


    Name                              Details                            Organization
Project Training on Linear            Assembly, Quality Control and      Bharat Electronics Limited (A
Accelerometer Transmitter used        Testing Department activities      Govt. of India Enterprise,
in Military Tanks.                                                       Ministry Of Defence),
                                                                         Nandambakkam, Chennai


Project #1

Title                             :       Physics Virtual Lab
Environment                       :       Circuit Designing and Testing
Clients                           :       UK & US schools

Application Overview

        The Application is to provide virtual lab experience to the students doing their higher studies. The
lab is more interactive and interesting to be dealt with and to learn easily. The template is user-friendly for
the students, which provides for the help and instructions to do the experiments. Additionally, demo video
is available to know how to use the layout and the particular lab. The application provides for the
valuation purposes to assign marks for the students. It is the simulation application which reflects the
behavior of the actual lab.
Experiments Done

       Ohms law
       Characteristics of a PN Junction diode
       Characteristics of a Zener diode
       Characteristics of a Bipolar Junction Transistor
       Logic gates using IC's
       Verification of Kirchoff's Current Law and Kirchoff's Voltage Law


       Done Designing, Development.
       Done Circuit Testing.
       Giving the instructions to the team members about the concepts of lab experiments.

Project #2

Title                            : Question Cat
Environment                      : Subject Matter Expert

Application Overview

        This custom component is created for the purpose of providing questions and answers for all the
experiments. This will make the students more interested in Q&A part. The interactivity along with the
animations makes it more enthusiastic to use.

Project #3
Title                            :       Digital Electronics, Microprocessor and Electron Devices
Environment                      :       Subject Matter Expert
Clients                          :       UK & US schools

Application Overview

        The Application is to provide the experience to the students doing their higher studies. My part of
work is teaching the digital electronics, Microprocessor and Electron Devices. We can reach the students
easily by using media. This section is very useful to understand the concepts.
Personal Profile:

Father’s Name           :      Mr.K.Tamilselvan
Date of Birth            :     22nd August 1989
Nationality              :     Indian
Sex                      :     Male
Marital Status           :     Single
Language Proficiency     :     English, Tamil
Hobbies                  :     Listening Music, Playing Cricket.
Permanent Address        :    Flat 21Building 409,
                             Qassim Al Mehza Avenue,
                             0302 Central Manama,
                             Capital Governorate, Bahrain.

       I hereby declare that all the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief. I ensure that I will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling your expectation.

Place: Bahrain.

                                                             (PRASATH TAMILSELVAN)

Relevant Experience            :       10 Months +
Current CTC                     :      2.2 LPA
Expected CTC                   :       As per Company Standards
Alternate Email ID              :      prasathtamilselvan@gmail.com

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