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Across the Tracks is a 1991 American independent film drama about track and
field. It was directed and written by Sandy Tung.                                                      Across the Tracks

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Across the Tracks is the story of two brothers who have gone very different ways
in their past, and who now must learn to deal with each other again. Joe (Brad
Pitt) is the older of the two. He is a good student and runner set on winning a
track scholarship to Stanford University. Billy (Rick Schroder), on the other hand,       Directed by        Sandy Tung
is a delinquent involved in drugs and crime. As the story begins, he has just             Produced by        Francesca Bill
been released from reform school after serving time for a failed attempt at car                              Nancy Paloian
theft. While Billy tries to make amends for his past life, it is not an easy task. Joe                       Dale Rosenbloom
still holds a lot of resentment for what Billy has put their widowed mother (Carrie                          Robert A. Schacht
Snodgress) through, and feels that Billy's return is an unnecessary strain on their       Written by         Sandy Tung
                                                                                          Starring           Rick Schroder
Forced to attend another high school on the other side of town, Billy tries to stay                          Brad Pitt
out of trouble, but his old rivals force him into a fight on his first day, which gets                       Carrie Snodgress
him into trouble with the school authorities. Billy's friend Louie (David Anthony                            David Anthony Marshall

Marshall), a highly alluring drug dealer who was also involved in the car theft           Music by           Joel Goldsmith
that got Billy sent to reform school, wants him to return to his life as a criminal. It   Cinematography Michael Delahoussaye
seems that only Billy and Joe's mother believes that Billy can become a valuable
                                                                                          Editing by         Farrel Levy
member of society and offers Billy full support.
                                                                                          Release date(s)    1991
                                                   Joe mockingly suggests to Billy
                                                   that he try out for his school track    Country           United States

                                                   team, figuring that nothing will        Language          English
                                                   come of it. Nevertheless, Billy
                                                   asks the coach at his school for a tryout even though the track season is two
                                                   months old and only two months remain until the county meet. Billy hardly
                                                   looks like a track star in his black high top Chucks and greased back long
                                                   hair, but during the tryout he demonstrates surprising speed, running an 800m
                                                   race at 2:04. (Joe's best time in that event is 1:57 and that is with four years of
                                                   running.) Impressed, the coach immediately puts Billy on the team. Joe is very
                                                   much impressed by this, and the two start to bond, especially after Joe goes
          Brothers Billy and Joe Maloney           out and buys him a special pair of track shoes as a gift.
                                                  Billy's speed soon makes him a contender for the county record for the 800m
event (at 1:55.25). Since Billy attends a rival school to Joe's, the brothers compete in a big meet which will help determine
whether or not Joe receives that scholarship to Stanford. With the pressure on Joe to prove that he is the best runner in the
county, Joe has trouble handling the competition. The outcome of this dilemma and the determination of Billy's low-life friends
to get some revenge for Billy's abandoning them for the straight life come together as the two brothers attempt to overcome
the adversity caused by these outside influences and solidify their relationship with each other. Joe ends up shattering the
record with Billy coming in a close second.

Main cast
   Rick Schroder – Billy Maloney
   Brad Pitt – Joe Maloney
   Carrie Snodgress – Rosemary Maloney
   David Anthony Marshall - Louie
   Thomas Mikal Ford – Coach Walsh
   Annie Dylan - Linda
   Jack McGee - Frank

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