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Acronychia octandra is a rainforest tree in the citrus family, found in
eastern Australia. It is one of several Australian trees known as
Doughwood. An attractive tree with a spreading crown of relatively large
glossy leaves. The specific epithet octandra refers to the eight stamens in
the flower.

 1 Habitat
 2 Description
     2.1 Flowers & fruit
 3 Germination
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Habitat                                                                                         Scientific classification
                                                                                Kingdom:                     Plantae
The habitat is rainforest on fertile volcanic soils. Growing as far south as
the Bellinger River to Nambour in south eastern Queensland. A common            (unranked):                  Angiosperms
species on the McPherson Range, on the border between the states of             (unranked):                  Eudicots
New South Wales and Queensland.                                                 (unranked):                  Rosids
                                                                                Order:                       Sapindales
                                                                                Family:                      Rutaceae
A tree to 30 metres in height [1] , with a stem diameter of 75 cm. The trunk    Genus:                       Acronychia
is buttressed in larger trees. Bark is a pale greyish brown colour, with
                                                                                Species:                     A. octandra
cracks and fissures. Also there are flaky corky scales. Small branches are
                                                                                                     Binomial name
green, hairless with noticeable leaf scars.
                                                                                                  Acronychia octandra
Leaflets are in threes. Leaflets have no leaf stem. They are 8 to 20 cm
                                                                                                    (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley
long, oblong-elliptical in shape. Oil dots are easily noticed with a hand
lens. A dark green above, paler below. Somewhat leathery to the touch.                                  Synonyms
The leaf stalk below the three leaflets is 1 to 8 cm long with a turpentine            Melicope australasica F.Muell. ex Benth.
like smell, and with raised dots on the stalk. Leaf veins easily seen above            Melicope octandra (F.Muell.) Druce
and below the leaf. The midrib is raised on the underside.                             Euodia octandra F.Muell.

Flowers & fruit
Greenish to white flowers appear on panicles from the leaf axils, in the months of August to January. The fruit is less than 4
mm long with shiny brown seeds, maturing from March to June.

Germination from fresh seeds can occur rapidly, as early as 11 days. However, some seeds may germinate five months after
sowing. [2]

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