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									 Volunteer Role Title:          No Second Night Out Assessment Hub Assistant
 Location:                      North Assessment Hub Margery Street, WC1X
                                West Assessment Hub Market Lane, Off Goldhawk
                                Road W12 8EZ
 Supervised by:                 The Assessment Hub Manager
 Last Reviewed:                 May 2012

Purpose of Volunteer Role:

A key factor in the success of the No Second Night Out pilot is the ability of London
outreach teams to reach new rough sleepers as quickly as possible, before they have a
second night out and before they come to any harm on the streets. To this end,
outreach teams will be out in London each night making contact with new rough
sleepers. The No Second Night Out Assessment Hub provides them with the option of a
safe place to which rough sleepers can be taken where their needs can be speedily
assessed and addressed. Assessment and Reconnection workers will be based at the
hub to assist non-local rough sleepers to reconnect to accommodation in their local

The Assessment Hub is open for referrals 24/7 and a staff team will work on a rota to
ensure that new rough sleepers brought in by outreach teams have their immediate
health and support needs met and are thoroughly assessed and supported to make
decisions about their housing options. There are no beds at the Assessment Hub and it
is intended that the maximum time anyone will need to spend there is three days so
maintaining a dynamic, fast-moving assessment process is critical.

The Assessment Hub will provide basic care – ensuring that rough sleepers can
shower, have a meal – but it is not a day centre and use of the Hub is conditional upon
the person co-operating with moving on to some form of onward housing.

We are seeking to recruit volunteers to assist with ensuring that the hub retains a safe
and supportive atmosphere, assist with meeting basic care needs of rough sleepers
and to assist with the process of bringing new rough sleepers to the premises – this
may involve travelling to meet outreach teams at work in inner London and
accompanying a rough sleeper by taxi or public transport back to the Hub.

Volunteers will be based either at the North Assessment Hub on Margery Street in
Islington, WC1 or the West Assessment hub on Market Lane, Off Goldhawk Road W12
A. Key tasks:

   Providing practical/emotional support to rough sleepers using the Assessment Hub
   Contributing to generating a supportive atmosphere
   Assisting clients to make phone calls, complete forms, to use the internet
   Checking current client list
   Ensuring the hub is kept clean and tidy (includes helping clients with their luggage,
    re-stocking kitchen, bathroom and office supplies)
   Collecting and unpacking local food donations
   Working with Assessment Hub staff on preparing rough sleepers for a forthcoming
    reconnections journey (this may require accompanying clients to accommodation,
    booking travel etc)
   Meeting outreach teams in central London boroughs and accompanying new rough
    sleepers to the Hub (where it is assessed as safe to do so)
   Answering the phone and providing basic admin assistance such as filing and
   Using IT and information systems to update spreadsheets/ complete research

B. Key Skills/Abilities:

We expect Assessment Hub volunteers:

   to be willing to travel outside of the Hub as necessary, using public transport/taxis
   to have the ability to establish good rapport and working relationships with people
    who have been rough sleeping
   to feel comfortable using the phone and to have basic IT skills
   to work calmly under pressure
   to have a non-judgemental attitude
   to be willing to work as part of a team
   to be willing to ask for support or guidance
   to have the ability to follow Health and Safety regulations, Equal Opportunities and
    Confidentiality policies once explained
   to be willing to undergo a CRB check

C. Commitment:

We are asking volunteers to commit to offering to cover a minimum of one, four hour
shift a fortnight, ideally in a regular slot.

D. Support offered to volunteers:

All volunteers will be given induction and training prior to starting their voluntary work.
The Assessment Hub will be staffed at all times by experienced project staff so there
will always be someone on duty available to provide on-the-job advice and support.

E. Possible Development Opportunities:

There are opportunities to develop your volunteering role but please note that taking on
any extra responsibility is optional and would require assessment of skills and additional
training. Development opportunities could include undertaking outreach shifts or
working on reconnecting hub clients, or undergoing CHAIN (the Combined
Homelessness And Information Network) training.

After six months of regular volunteering, a professional reference can be provided. For
further information, please contact tessa.hart@nosecondnightout.org.uk

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