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									Assistant Choral Animateur
Job Description
The Appointment

   Bedfordshire Music Service and SingUK wish to appoint an Assistant Choral
    Animateur for the SingQuest project in the County.

   The Assistant Animateur will be contracted for 15 hours per week – to be delivered
    flexibly over the seven days, Monday to Sunday – both in and out of school operational
    periods to meet the project’s aims and outcomes. The appointment will run from the
    week beginning 7 April 2008, or as soon as possible after that date, to 17 July 2009 at
    a remuneration in the region of £8,100 pa, dependent on skills and experience. A
    contracted period of one year will represent 90 days over 45 weeks, subject to review.
    If funding allows, the appointment may be extended up to five days per week (37 hours
    maximum) and for up to a further two years.

   The appointee will be enthusiastic and self motivated; very good vocal skills, good
    organisational and interpersonal skills are essential. The successful applicant will
    have knowledge and some experience of voice and choir training with young people.
    An understanding of how schools and an LA Music Service work together will be an

   The appointed Assistant Animateur will be contracted by SingUK but will be
    accountable in the first instance to the Head of the Music Service and the current
    Animateur, Sarah Forbes.
The Person will have:
Skills and abilities to:

   Work towards and inspire excellence
   Gain trust and respect from pupils and colleagues
   Work with flair, enthusiasm and energy with small, medium and large groups of
   Respond flexibly and openly to change
   Communicate effectively with sensitivity to the needs of others
   Be a positive role model both for young singers and for fellow professionals
   Prioritise and manage time effectively
   With support, be able to plan, co-ordinate and produce large and small scale

Knowledge and understanding of:

   A range of relevant and appropriate repertoire for young singers at all Key Stages
   The many and conflicting pressures of time on young people.

Experience of:

   Voice and choir training for young children
   Planning, leading and directing performances.

The successful candidate will be required to provide evidence of an up-to-date and
satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure Notice from the Criminal Records Bureau.

Applications (no forms) including CV and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of
two referees, should be addressed to:
The Operations Director, SingUK
Address: PO Box 8687, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 9EA
E-mail :

Deadline for applications: 12 noon on Friday, 29 February 2008.
It is anticipated that interviews and auditions will be held in Bedfordshire on 17 March.


To provide a number of vocal activities to promote vocal work in schools and identified communities
during a specific period.


1.    To engage children, young people (especially boys) and adults in singing activities in and out
      of schools
2.    To help young people find and develop their singing voices
3.    To enable children, young people and adults to experience the joy of singing with others
4.    To encourage children, young people and adults to sing in unison and in at least two parts
5.    To enable children, young people and adults to access material that is musically of high
      quality via teaching/leadership and learning that is challenging and rewarding
6.    To begin to improve the quality of singing in County schools
7.    To facilitate/establish self-sustaining community vocal groups in each project area
8.    To provide a number of regular school, community and collaborative performances
      throughout the project’s duration to encourage singing with others
9.    To engage/collaborate with established Bedfordshire Music and community choirs during the
10.   To develop vocal provision models that can begin to meet the Wider Opportunities’ pledge
      and enhance Bedfordshire Music's existing Wider Opportunities’ programmes
11.   To improve performance by addressing the Extended Schools and Every Child Matters
12.   To begin to impact upon a reduction of school exclusions.


It is envisaged that this will be a three year project, beginning in January 2007 and ending in
December 2009. The total project length can only be confirmed once funding is secure. There are
sufficient funds to enable the project to continue until at least 17 July 2009.


The appointed Animateurs will each be engaged to work flexibly over seven days - Monday to
Sunday - both in and out of school operational periods to meet the project aims and outcomes.

In each of the planned three years, 10% of contracted time each week will be allocated for the
Animateurs to engage in necessary planning and meetings with managers, schools and other
relevant colleagues.
The schools and areas initially selected to be part of the project in years 1 to 3 have been chosen
because they are in:

     Areas of social and/or rural deprivation
     Areas with limited public facilities and/or transport links/infrastructure
     Areas in which significant impact upon ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes such as ‘enjoy and
      achieve’, ‘be healthy’, ‘be safe’ can be effected
     Areas in which pilot projects aim to meet the extended schools agenda outcomes
     Areas which because of their fringe nature do not quite meet key criteria to qualify for other
      local or national initiatives such as Education Action Zones.


The role of the Animateurs will be to work closely with school and music service leadership teams
to devise programmes of activities that engage children, young people and adults in singing
activities to meet the project’s aims through the development and promotion of singing.

A year plan for each project area will be mapped out which will involve the Animateurs working in a
mixture of contexts – during the school day, evenings, weekends and during school holiday periods.
It is anticipated that each area may need a different approach to meet the needs of the schools, the
community and the Music Service within the parameters of the project objectives and the
contractual Animateurs’ agreement.

Regardless of the organisation of each delivery model, in each area all work should focus towards
musical outcomes and performances. These may well take the form of both formal and informal
concert events in schools, churches, community centres, etc, and, where appropriate will link into
other Music Service, school and community events. Animateurs will also be encouraged to forge
links with other community music and arts organisation activities.
In order to raise the status of singing in these areas – and other parts of the County – it is proposed
that singing festivals be staged, where youngsters can come together to form a large choir. These
could involve KS2, KS2/3 and KS3/4 pupils; having chosen a suitable programme of singing
material, schools would prepare their own children, before they all came together to make music
with a professional director well used to working with the age group involved. The aim would be to
provide the young singers with a challenging, yet pleasurable experience, where their singing skills
would be developed, and where they can share their learning with an audience as the culmination
of the festival. For younger voices this could involve unison material; for older and more
experienced voices repertoire could be more complex, perhaps including part singing.


SingUK will engage Animateurs on a self-employed basis: neither the Local Authority nor SingUK
will be liable for the payment of National Insurance contributions, and Animateurs will make their
own arrangements for Income Tax. Responsibility for the day-to-day line management of the
Animateurs will rest with relevant staff within the County as determined by Richard Hart, Head of
Bedfordshire Music, although artistic and educational monitoring will also be undertaken by the
Managing Director of SingUK. It is expected that a good level of contact and communication will
be established between the Music Service and SingUK, through regular telephone/e-mail and
twice-yearly meetings between the Managing Director of SingUK and relevant County staff.

At the conclusion of the projects, an evaluation will be carried out to provide useful information to
support any future activity.

Malcolm Goldring
Managing Director

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