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					                           UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                                1ST BATTALION, 3D MARINES
                              3D MARINE DIVISION (-) (REIN)
                                        BOX 63006
                             MCB, KANEOHE BAY, HI 96863-3006

                                                               BNO 1320.1
                                                               28 Apr 09


From:    Commanding Officer
To:      Distribution List


Ref:     (a) MCO P1320.11E
         (b) RegtO 1320.1E

Encl:    (1)   Sample Sponsorship Assignment Letter
         (2)   Sponsorship Planning Questionnaire
         (3)   Sponsorship Checklist
         (4)   Sponsorship Program Survey

1. Purpose. To publish instructions for the conduct and management
of 1st Battalion, 3d Marines Personnel Sponsorship Program.

2. Background. The 1st Battalion, 3d Marines Sponsorship Program
is of vital importance. It contributes to our combat readiness by
aiding Marines, Sailors, and their families in getting settled in
their new surroundings, allowing them to quickly become effective
members of the Battalion. An effective sponsorship program will
build unit cohesion, integrate new Marine and Sailors into the
Battalion, provide a good introduction to Hawaii, and will allow
our new members to learn how to do things the Lava Dog way.

3.     Policy.

    a. The references provide policy and guidance for the conduct
of the Personnel Sponsorship Program. Use enclosures (1) thru (3)
to ensure consistency of the sponsorship program for all personnel
reporting to the Battalion. Enclosure (4) will be completed by
arriving personnel and maintained in accordance with the reference.

    b. To ensure the smoothest transition to duty in the
Battalion, the Personnel Sponsorship Program requires that all
incoming personnel other than students from the School of Infantry
(SOI), be assigned a sponsor. The induction of large groups of
Marines from SOI will be planned and executed as a Battalion-level
operation. A training cadre will be formed to lead the Marines
from SOI graduation, during the movement to Hawaii, and through the
check-in and acclimation period. At the end of the acclimation
period, the Marines will join their designated companies.
                                                         BNO 1320.1
                                                         28 Apr 09

    c. Every effort will be made to insure the spouse and family
members are also provided sponsorship information. The intent of
this Order is to improve the quality of life and encourage a strong
mission oriented Navy and Marine Corps team by reducing
difficulties experienced with permanent change of station orders.

    d. The sponsorship program is an official Marine Corps
program. Personnel assigned duties of sponsoring incoming Marine,
Sailors, and their families are authorized reimbursement for
official expenses incurred in performing those duties.

4. Responsibilities.

   a. Commanding Officer. The Commanding Officer will establish
policy and assign sponsors in writing once inbound orders are
known. The Commanding Officer will inform the inbound service
member of the identity of their sponsor and maintain records of
inbound personnel, assigned sponsors, and other pertinent details.
The Commanding Officer will ensure designated sponsors are afforded
the opportunity to attend sponsorship training by the Family
Services Center.

   b. Sponsors. Sponsors are command representatives, responsible
for assisting the arriving service members and their families to
ensure that their initial experience is pleasant and that
complications and confusions are minimized. Once assigned,
Sponsors are to contact the Adjutant, 1st Battalion, 3d Marines for
receipt of their sponsorship package. Sponsors will contact
arriving personnel once assigned and gather information as outlined
in enclosure (2). Once the information is gained, report to the
Family Readiness Officer and ensure a Welcome Aboard Package is
forwarded to the inbound Marine or Sailor. Responsibilities as a
sponsor are a Marine’s or Sailor’s primary duty on the day of
arrival, the day immediately following the arrival of an inbound
Marine or Sailor and family, and on the day of official check in.
Sponsors are to comply with this order and appropriate enclosures
in performing sponsorship duties. Specific attention is directed
to the Sponsorship Checklists in enclosure (3). Sponsors are to
attend sponsorship training conducted by the Family Services Center
when possible.

5. Applicability. This order applies to all Marines and Sailors
in 1st Battalion, 3d Marines.

                                 A. R. MILBURN


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