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									• Victory For Victoria

• Adopt-A-Child (Christmas 2005)

• Second Harvest Food Bank Car Wash

• Humane Society of Valdosta Car Wash
Victory For Victoria
       Victory For Victoria Info
• Victory For Victoria was held for Victoria Newsome
  who had battled medulloblastoma, the most common
  primary central nervous system tumor in children.
• Valwood School held a Victory For Victoria
  fundraiser on Saturday, November 12, 2005.
• It consisted of a 5k run, 10k run, and a one mile fun run
  or walk.
• All participants received a T-shirt and goody bag!
• All net proceeds from the Victory for Victoria
  benefited the Newsome family and Victoria’s memorial
                        During Christmas 2005, the
                        Freshman Year Experience class
                        got together and brought in
                        wrapped toys. We donated the
                        toys to children who
                        unfortunately, were not able to
                        have a Christmas like many
other children. It is kind of similar to “Toys For Tots,”
which is a nationwide project that is done annually.
Both projects have brought the joy of Christmas to
needy children and family every year.
Second Harvest Food Bank
      “Car Wash”
Second Harvest Food Bank “Car Wash”

A couple of students from my Freshman Year Experience class got
together and had a car wash at the Red Lobster on St.Augustine
Road, near Valdosta Colonial Mall. Even though there were only
about eight people there, it was actually a lot of fun. We decided to
donate all of the money to the Second Harvest Food Bank!
      Humane Society of Valdosta
            “Car Wash”
                                           April 22, 2006 was
                                           suppose to be the BIG
                                           day, but “Mother
                                           Nature” decided to take
                                           over. We were suppose
                                           to have our 2nd Car
                                           Wash at Steak-n-
                                           Shake. The money was
                                           suppose to be donated
                                           to the Humane Society
of Valdosta. We tried AGAIN on Sunday, but things still
didn’t work out as planned! I feel kind of bad… I really wanted to
help the animals! Better LUCK next time huh?
         Humane Society of Valdosta
                                 • The Humane Society is a
                                   large group of caring
                                   volunteers whose main
                                   objective is to improve the lives
                                   of animals in Lowndes County
                                   and surrounding areas.
                                 • The main objectives of the
                                   society were to improve the
                                   lives of animals and put an end
                                   to pet overpopulation.
•The Humane Societies slogan, “We Speak For Those Who
Cannot Speak For Themselves”, expresses their desire to be
a voice for the animals in our community through education,
outreach, and advocacy.
 SL Mason Elementary School
        “Field Day”

Tug-A-War                    Parachute Game

              Me and Erica

                             Frisbee Game
 Bear Crawl
                       More Info About
                        “Field Day”
On April 28, 2006, me and a
couple of my classmates decided to
go help out at S.L.Mason
Elementary school for their “Field
Day.” The event was held at
Valdosta Middle School from 9am
until 1pm. All of us went to
separate stations to help out. I
helped at station 5 which was
called “Texas.” The kids played a
game called the “Lone Star
Toss,” which consisted of tossing
rings onto any of the 5 cones that
happened to be in the shape of a star. They were divided into three lines, and had
to compete to see which team would get the most rings on the cones in 3 minutes.
At first they seemed to be a little frustrated, but after a while they got the hang of
After participating in various Community Service
projects, I concluded things aren’t as hard as they
seem. A lot of people choose not to do community
service because it seems so time consuming, but
after you get into it, it is not as bad as it seems. I
actually think I enjoyed participating in these
community service projects. You meet so many new
people and you get to socialize with many people
who you probably would have never spoken with.

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