expense report itemized by 9NtCySy


									                                                                    University of San Diego
                                                                    Itemized Expense Report
                                                                    AN ADVANCE WAS GIVEN
                                                                    PAY TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT VISA
                                                                    REIMBURSE EMPLOYEE (TRAVELER)

Name                                                                                                 Date                                                     9/14/12

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                                             file in Oracle.

Phone                                                                                                Travel Type

       Date                  Business Purpose Description               Total              Project          Organization                      Expenditure Type                       Task            Source

                      Total Expenses                                   $0.00
                      Advance Issued
                      Pay T&E Visa Account
                      Total Owed Payee:                                $0.00

X                                                                                                        ¹ Payee: By signing this form you certify that the expense(s) itemized above were
Payee's Signature ¹                                                                 Date                incurred in the performance of your official duties for the university, that the charge(s)
                                                                                                        are reasonable and appropriate, and that you have not been paid and will not be
                                                                                                        reimbursed for these expenses by any other party.
Budget Administrator ²

X                                                                                                       ² Supervisor/Budget Administrators: By signing this form you certify that the
Budget Administrator Name (Print)                                                   Date                expense(s) itemized above have been reviewed and are accurate, allowable and
                                                                                                        appropiate expenditure(s). It is within my budgetary authority to approve the above
Supervisory Approval ²

Supervisory Name (Print)                                                            Date

OSP Approval (Sign & Print if "S" Source Used)                                      Date


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