STUDENT TRAVEL WORKSHEET

Please submit this form to Clarissa Coughlin at Please be aware that in order to be
reimbursed up to $200, original receipts must be submitted within a month of your travel.

Please read travel policy below and complete the worksheet:

Trip information must be submitted at least two weeks before you travel. Pre-approval is required for
University of Maryland travel which includes an overnight stay, regardless of whether the destination is "in-
state." Approved students will be allotted $200 for travel reimbursement. Detailed original receipts are
required for all travel expenses amounting to $200 including airfare, airport/train station parking, rail ticket,
car rental, ground transportation, lodging, conference/event registration, rental vehicle fuel, and any meal
reimbursed in excess of the per diem amount allowed for that meal.

Receipts should show the date and specific services rendered, vendor name, the amount charged, and the form
of payment. Receipts for air, rail, car rental, and lodging should also include the traveler's name. Travelers
should take care to submit receipts rather than "confirmations," which do not show how payment was made.
If hotel, car rental, or other "express" check-out receipts or Internet vendor receipts do not show how payment
was made, a copy of the credit card bill with the corresponding final total charge should be provided with the
Expense Statement.

Meals can be reimbursed per diem without receipts. The current per diem amount is $41 ($8 for breakfast,
$10 for lunch, and $23 for dinner).

You will be reimbursed for no more than $200 of travel expenses after you return. Please note that we are
only able to reimburse travel expense after you return. Submit all original receipts to Clarissa Coughlin at
2115 Benjamin. An expense statement will be processed with original receipts. Allow four to six weeks for


Social Security #:

Home Address:

Date of Travel:

Are you on the University Payroll:

Have you been approved for travel funding by EDHI before:

Airline name (if driving/taking the train please specify here):

Origin and Destination (airport codes if available):

Purpose of Travel (please include name of conference):

What do you plan on being reimbursed for: i.e. hotel (w/original receipt), air fare
(w/original receipt marked paid)….

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