Linde Annual Report 2011 by HC12091504518


									Linde Annual Report 2011
Management organisation

Executive Board                                  operational responsibilities                     Global and central functions
Professor Dr Wolfgang Reitzle, Chief             Gist                                             Communications & Investor Relations,
Executive Officer                                                                                 Corporate Strategy, Group Human
                                                                                                  Resources, Group Information Services,
                                                                                                  Group Legal, Innovation Management,
                                                                                                  Internal Audit, Performance Transformation,
                                                                                                  SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment,
Professor Dr Aldo Belloni                        EMEA segment (Europe, Middle East,
                                                 Africa), Global Business Unit Tonnage
                                                 (on-site), Engineering Division
Thomas Blades1                                   Americas segment, Global Business
                                                 Unit Healthcare, Business Area
                                                 Merchant & Packaged Gases (liquefied
                                                 and cylinder gases)
Sanjiv Lamba                                     Asia/Pacific segment, Asia Joint
                                                 Venture Management; Business Area
                                                 Electronics (electronic gases)
Georg Denoke                                                                             Capital Expenditure, Financial Control,
                                                 Finance/Controlling for the segments EMEA, Americas, Asia/Pacific
                                                                                         Group Accounting & Reporting, Group
                                                                                         Treasury, Growth & Performance,
                                                                                         Insurance, Mergers & Acquisitions,
                                                                                         Procurement, Risk Management, Tax
1 The Supervisory Board of Linde AG has appointed Thomas Blades as a member of the Executive Board. Blades succeeds J. Kent Masters, who stepped down
from the Linde AG Executive Board on 30 September 2011. Blades is expected to assume his position on 8 March 2012.
Linde Annual Report 2011
Management organisation

Gases Division                       Engineering Division            Gist
See diagram below for organisation   Werner Schwarzmeier, Chairman   Martin Gwynn
                                     Jürgen Nowicki
                                     Dr Bruno Ziegler
                                     Dr Samir Serhan
Linde Annual Report 2011
Management organisation

Gases Division
EMEA segment                        Americas segment               Asia/Pacific segment
(Europe, Middle East, Africa)
RBU Kontinental- & Nordeuropa       RBU North America              RBU Greater China
Peter Stocks                        Pat Murphy                     Steven Fang
RBU Africa & U K                    RBU South America              RBU South & East Asia
Mike Huggon                         Philippe Brunet                Bernd Eulitz
RBU Eastern Europe & M iddle East   Finance/Controlling Americas   RBU South Pacific
Dr Hans-Hermann Kremer              Philippe Brunet                Colin Isasc

Finance/Controlling EMEA Matthias                                  Asia Joint Venture Management Peter
von Plotho                                                         Owen
                                                                   Finance/Controlling Asia/Pacific Binod
Linde Annual Report 2011
Management organisation

Global Business Units (GBUs) und Business Areas (BAs)
GBU Tonnage                             GBU Healthcare Dr. Christian   BA Electronics Peter Owen   BA Merchant & Packaged Gases
(On-site)                               Wojczewski                                                 Dr. Steve Penn
Dr. Rainer Schlicher
Linde Annual Report 2011
Management organisation

Global and central functions
Procurement                                                    Christoph Clausen
Group Accounting & Reporting, Risk Management, Insurance       Björn Schneider
Financial Control, Capital Expenditure, Growth & Performance   Michael Ullrich
Group Treasury                                                 Dr Sven Schneider
Innovation Management                                          Dr Andreas Opfermann
Communications & Investor Relations                            Dr Harry Roegner
Mergers & Acquisitions                                         Jens Lühring
Group Information Services                                     Sandeep Sen
Performance Transformation                                     Dr Alexander Unterschütz
Group Human Resources                                          Werner Boekels
Group Legal                                                    Dr Christoph Hammerl (provisional)
Internal Audit                                                 Thomas Müller
SHEQ                                                           Phil Graham
Tax                                                            Michael Weißberg
Corporate Strategy                                             Jan Ellringmann

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