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									      Serving People with

 Developmental Disabilities
                              Ohio Association of County Boards
                              Serving People With Developmental Disabilities

        Celebrating the abilities of Ohio’s 85,000 individuals with developmental disabilities

We Will See You December 1!
Next week is the OACB 27th an-         ber 2 in the Grand Ballroom from         keynote speaker Ron Manderscheid
nual Convention. The convention        4:30 – 6:30 p.m. We are pleased to       of the National Association of County
will be December 1-3 at the Hilton     feature artists with disabilities from   Behavioral Health & Developmental
Columbus at Easton, located at 3900    throughout Ohio at this event. a         Disability Directors (NACBHDD)
Chagrin Boulevard. The main desk       hospitality event will be hosted dur-    will get the entire convention
can be reached at 614-414-5000.        ing the show by The Billing Connec-      started on the right foot.
                                       tion & Primary Solutions with a slide
The annual Meeting of the OACB         show sponsored by Norwich Consult-       Just a reminder - please remember
membership, the Delegate assem-        ing Services, Inc.                       to dress in layers as it is always dif-
bly, will be held following sessions                                            ficult to keep meeting rooms at an
on Wednesday, December 1. Each         an addition, the touring Sprout          ideal temperature for all partici-
member County Board of DD will         Film Festival will be featured. Films    pants. Don’t forget to place your
have two seats available at the Del-   by or about people with develop-         phones on vibrate and if you must
egate tables. Delegate assemmbly       mental disabilities will be available    take a call, please exit the room.
registration is seperate from con-     for viewing.
vention registration and can be                                                 And don’t forget - just steps away
completed on our website. a hos-       Back this year is the Self-Advocacy      from the convention site you will
pitality event will be sponsored       Track. The OACB had an over-             find the Easton Town Center – a din-
Wednesday evening by Petermann,        whelming response to the Track           ing, shopping and entertainment
                                       last year, and we are expecting even     Mecca. Please enjoy your free-time
                                       more participation this year. Self-      in the evening. Many of the restau-
                                       advocates will be actively involved      rants will take reservations. Both
                                       in all tracks December 3, and will       OACB and hotel staff will be happy
                                       open each track for the day.             to answer any questions you may
                                                                                have regarding the area.
                                       Registration begins on December 1
                                       at 8 a.m. in the Hilton Pre-Function     Most importantly, come ready to
                                       Lobby. OACB staff will be checking       learn, have fun and catch up with
                                       you in and making sure you have          friends you may not get to see but
Ltd., CBA Benefits and Midwest         your registration items.                 once or twice a year.
Health Services, Inc.
                                       On December 1, all participants will
Once again, the highlight of the an-   report to the Grand Ballroom at 9
nual Convention will be the an-
                                       a.m. for the Opening Plenary. OACB
nual art and Products Show, which      Executive Director Dan Ohler, Di-
will be held on Thursday, Decem-       rector John Martin, DODD and our

  OACB Newsletter                                                                    Volume 18 • November, 2010
         73 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite B-1 • Worthington, Ohio 43085 • 614-431-0616 •
Convention Provides Networking Opportunities
By Dan Ohler, OACB Executive Director
OACB will host its 27th an- have, or better still, has already          annual Convention and fol-
nual Convention beginning         experienced it in the past and        low the prompts from there.
one week from today. In ad- is willing to share with you
dition to being able to secure how they resolved that situ-             In many respects, the annual
continuing education credits ation. Perhaps like no other               Convention is viewed as the
for many professionals in the time in the 43-year history of            ‘signature event’ of the OACB.
developmen-                       County Boards of Developmental        It clearly is the one time each
tal disabilities                  Disabilities, it is imperative that   year when our staff has the
service system,                   we work together, learn from          opportunity to interact with
the       annual                  each other and collaborate to         so many of its clients in one
Convention                        find efficient, effective ways        place. We understand that at
provides       an                 to provide quality services.          the end of any given day we
excellent op-                                                           are in the customer service
portunity       to                another very important part           business and we feel honored
network with                      of the annual Convention is           to have gained the support and
individuals from other coun- the Delegate assembly. This                trust of our members. as we
ties. Regardless of whether represents an “annual meeting               move forward into 2011 and
you are a Board Member, a of the members”. It is at this                beyond, we are committed to
Superintendent,          Business meeting where any member              continuing to achieve those
Manager, Personnel Manager, board can introduce a resolu-               objectives. The needs of 88
MUI Investigator, Early Inter- tion that may revise OACB’s              County Boards of Developmen-
vention Specialist, Informa- governing documents or take a              tal Disabilities are not always
tion Technology Professional policy position on a significant           identical and there are cer-
(et. al.); there are sessions de- issue. A financial report for         tainly times where democracy
signed to meet your needs and 2010 is provided, along with              rules in terms of a particular
perhaps more importantly, 2011 budget projections. This                 position or project. We stay
there are people from other meeting also presents an op-                focused on the Constitution
counties that have the same portunity for members to hear               & Bylaws to guide us; govern-
responsibilities that you do. from their elected leadership             ing documents that are estab-
Through the years, feedback and hear from one another as                lished by our membership. We
has consistently indicated that to the best ways to move for-           also keep at the forefront one
“interactions with peers” is a ward toward the accomplish-              common theme: to enhance
valued part of the convention ment of goals. It is our hope             the quality of life for individu-
experience. The opportunity that all 88 counties are rep-               als with developmental dis-
to learn from others, hear that resented at the Delegate as-            abilities. We look forward to
there is someone else expe- senbly; to register, simply go              seeing you at the Convention!
riencing the same thing you to, click on 27th
Bridges to Transition Helping Youth Succeed
By the end of federal fiscal year 2010, the Bridges team had processed nearly 400 referrals for
youth to receive vocational rehabilitation services.

Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming OACB Events
2011 Spring Conference - May 19 - 20, 2011 at the Hilton at Polaris
2011 Annual Convention - November 30 - December 2, 2011 at the Hilton at Easton
Spotlight on Steve Bolger
In an effort to better acquaint you with the volunteers who serve on the OACB
Board of Trustees, we will profile a Trustee who is a County Board of DD Board
Member each month. Profiled this month is Steve Bolger of the Jefferson County
Board of Developmental Disabilities and Board Member of the OACB.

How long have you been a Jefferson County Board Member? 7 years.

How long have you served as a trustee on the OACB? 2 years.

My family: Married to wife Pam. Children are Brady (age 13), Jake (11) and Karly (9).

Occupation? Nursing Home Owner & administrator.

Education? Business administration from Ohio Dominican; Masters in Healthcare Administration
from Ohio University.

Proudest moment as a Board Member? Successfully replacing the Superintendent for Jefferson
County and contributing towards the opening of the Jefferson Spectrum Center, which is a school for
children with autism.

Three people (living or dead) you would like to have dinner with? Nelson Mandela, al Pacino and
my Grandfather.

One thing I would like to accomplish: Create a new healthcare system for delivering care for nurs-
ing home residents.

People would be surprised to know that: I’m a very good cook.

My favorite thing to do is: Spend time with my kids and if I have a moment to myself, play golf.

My favorite snack food is: Potato Chips.

This irritates me: airports.

Last book I read was: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.

My favorite movie is: Gladiator.

OACB Trustee Appointed to DD Council
Bob Milliken, President of the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities and OACB Board
Member, has officially been appointed to the Developmental Disabilities Council.

Ohio County Boards of Developmental Disabilities Pass Levy
Requests on the November 2nd Ballot
Despite a very poor economic climate, Ohio’s County Boards of DD received a 100% success rate on their
levy requests. Eleven (11) Boards were on the ballot and all 11 were successful. Medina County Board of DD,
which lost a hard fought battle in May, came back with a 60% passage rate. Williams County Board of DD
passed a continuing levy!

The complete list of results:

Ashtabula: 1.33 mill renewal levy for seven years.
athens: 1.8 mill replacement levy for eight years.
Defiance: 1.9 mill replacement levy. First time on the ballot as a replacement.
Mahoning: 3 mill renewal levy for five years.
Marion: 3 mill Renewal Levy. To generate TBA for five years.
Medina: 1.12 mill replacement levy for 10 years.
Montgomery: 6.03 mill replacement levy. (NOTE: Montgomery County operates a Human Services Levy
and is a combination of DD, ADAMHS, Children’s Services, Elderly support, etc.)
Portage: 1.8 mill renewal levy for five years.
Putnam: .5 replacement levy for 10 years.
Vinton: 2 mill renewal levy for each of 5 years.
Williams: 2.5 mill replacement and 1 mill increase for a total of 3.5 mill on a continuing basis.

                 Meet OACB StaffOACB. Some of Dustin’s responsibilities at the OACB
                                                      Member Dustin McKee
                 Dustin is the Policy analyst for the
                 include working with the state legislature and DODD, conducting policy research, and collecting
                 and analyzing data on the statewide county board system. In an effort to give our members the
                 opportunity to get to know our staff better, we thought we would share a little insight into their
                 personal lives...

Family: With the help of my Dad, my poor mother had to raise three boys!

Favorite restaurants: Surly Girl Saloon, Marcella’s, Dragonfly (the list goes on).

Guilty Pleasure: Bells Two Hearted ale with Political News.

What I do when I'm not working: Jogging, playing music, reading, hanging out
with my wife and cats, rooting for the Steelers…

Favorite Movie: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (I know, the book is better).

Favorite moment working with individuals with developmental disabilities: Watching the people I
served help to make a Thanksgiving Dinner after taking my cooking class…
NOTE: The following letter to the editor was published in the November 9, 2010 issue of The Daily
Standard in Mercer County

To the Editor:

In reading the article published in        the Standard on October 28, 2010, titled “Parents told
to drop disabled kids at shelters”          I was amazed and disappointed that officials at any
level could even consider advising         parents of individuals with developmental disabilities to
drop them off at a homeless shelter        when the parents could no longer provide for their care.

After a great deal of reflection on this situation I understood why a similar response to a crisis
would not happen in Ohio. While Ohio and Indiana have the same Federal laws and regulations to
follow, and, I am sure, many identical or similar State laws and regulations governing services for the
developmentally disabled, Ohio has at least two laws that make Ohio’s system stronger than most of the nation.

The first of these is the law, passed in 1967, that created County Boards of Developmental
Disabilities. In Mercer County that board is the Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities, more
familiarly known as the Cheryl Ann Programs. County Boards Developmental Disabilities are
made up of seven unpaid members, five being appointed by the elected Board of Commission-
ers, two by the elected Probate Judge. The Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities is
given many responsibilities, including the responsibility to assure the safety and welfare of the citi-
zens of Mercer County who have developmental disabilities who may be in an emergency or crisis

The second pertinent law in this regard went into effect in 1986 that mandated the County Boards
of Developmental Disabilities to provide social work services to those eligible for County Boards of
Developmental Disabilities services. Among the many Mercer County Board of Developmental
Disabilities staff responsibilities is crisis intervention. At Cheryl Ann this staff is known as the SSA

When a crisis situation occurs here in Mercer County the SSA team gets together immediate-
ly to determine a short-term action plan that will meet the immediate needs of the individu-
al. Once the situation is stable, the individual, the individual’s SSA and his/her family will be-
gin to plan for long-term services and supports designed to prevent future crises. This planning
will involve other service groups at Cheryl Ann as well as other service providers and agencies.

Why this works so well in Ohio is because of the local accountability that is built into the system
from the beginning. Not only is the Board appointed by locally elected officials but more than 75% of
Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ operating funds are voted on and approved dir
ectly by Mercer County voters. Assuming no major changes to Ohio’s system by the Ohio legislature and
Governor, you will never see an article like the one on October 28 about Mercer County.

Mike Overman, Superintendent
Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities

The OACB recently began offering Affiliate Memberships to people and companies that enhance the lives of
people with developmental disabilities. In an effort to better acquaint you with our Affiliate Members, we will be
showcasing an Affiliate Member in each newsletter.

OLMR – Who is the “Ohio League”?
                      Often times when introducing The Ohio League, people smile politely and say they
                      have never heard of them. and, many who actually have heard of The
                      Ohio League believe they are the “Developmental Center supporters”.
                      This couldn’t be further from the truth. Founder and father alfred Leist
                      created the Ohio League in 1987. His goal was and is today very simple.
                      People with disabilities need to have the correct options available to meet
                      their needs in residential settings, educational settings and in employment.
                   The Ohio League is a non-profit advocacy group with approximately 5,000
parents, sisters and brothers, people with developmental disabilities, direct-care workers, and
other professionals supporting the organization. They continue to push the goal of choice for all.
Rich Klein, President and father states “It’s no longer about the current ‘buzz word’, or latest,
greatest trend being tossed around as the great fix for all, it’s about sitting down with people who
have developmental disabilities and their families and figuring out the options that will best meet
their needs.”
“We can’t have a system that’s one size fits all and expect everyone to be successful in that
system” Executive Director Deb Plaza states. “Many people move into a community setting and are
incredibly successful and thrive in that setting. We believe that option should remain available
and people should have the chance to try it out. additionally, we recognize that some people have
a need for a higher level of support, and parents and families should not be afraid or ashamed to
ask for that support and that level should also be available.” The negative stigma of ICFMR’s or
Developmental Centers being an option for people needs to be eliminated; it’s simply another
option available. “I go back to it’s about what a person needs, simple as that”, Deb Plaza states.
Deb Plaza has been with The Ohio League for two years and can be reached through email at You can also visit The Ohio League’s website or become a member of The
Ohio League at

Congratulations 2010 Executive Development Program Graduates!
Connie Ament - Hancock CBDD            Arletta Hinger - Licking CBDD           John Schwartz - Huron CBDD
David Ashley - W   ayne CBDD           Kelly Hunter - Scioto CBDD              Mary Beth Schwarz -Cuyahoga CBDD
Carrie Beier - Erie CBDD               Myra Jackson - Greene CBDD              Toni Scurpa - Mahoning CBDD
Michael Boaz - V Wert CBDD
                 an                    Valiet Johnson - Cuyahoga CBDD          Melissa Skiljan - Summit CBDD
Jim Burns - Butler CBDD                Ali Koroma - All About You              Michel Smith - Richland CBDD
William Caplinger - W  arren CBDD      Jennie Lukey - Shelby CBDD              Susan Smith - Montgomery DC
Jeanette Carpenter - Knox CBDD         Laurie Martin - Ross CBDD               Court Sturts - Richland CBDD
Lori Chick - Cuyahoga CBDD             Eric Matheny - Summit CBDD              Caren Taylor - Lucas CBDD
Amy Coey - Ashland CBDD                Dustin McKee - OACB                     Cheryl Tresnan - Lucas CBDD
Joy Copen - Scioto CBDD                Mike Mehalik - Jefferson CBDD           Monica Veal - All About You
James Crist - Ottawa CBDD              David Miller Lake CBDD                            ade
                                                                               Jennifer W - Clark CBDD
Jennifer Denney - Licking CBDD         Julie Monroe - Scioto CBDD              Greg Wehr - Hancock CBDD
Joe Edwards - Franklin CBDD            Robert Nicholson - Coshocton CBDD       Fred Williams - Fayette CBDD
Lee Ann Fogle - Butler CBDD            Vince Paolucci - Mahoning CBDD          Drew Williams - Summit CBDD
Nancy Foglesong - Morrow CBDD          Johanna Patena - Cuyahoga CBDD          George Winsen - Mahoning CBDD
Michelle Garrett - Montgomery CBDD     Bud Patterson - NEON COG                Molly Wobbecke - Knox CBDD
Amber Gibbs - Cuyahoga CBDD            Charles Quinn - Montgomery CBDD         Dorothy Yeager - Franklin CBDD
Kelli Grisham - Clearwater COG         Mary Lynn Roberts - Cuyahoga CBDD       Eric Young - Athens CBDD
Cara Groman - Wood CBDD                Hope Schang - Lucas CBDD                Cathy Zwyer Pant - Wood CBDD
Across Ohio - News In A Nutshell
Adams CBDD’s Venture Productions        Butler CBDD’s Early Intervention        Both school age and adults are ex-
Inc. has been working with the local    Specialists and a Service Coordi-       cited about this season.
Master Gardener’s group, resulting      nator are working with Help Me          Cuyahoga CBDD joined the ranks
in the creation of Ohio Valley Grown,   Grow to pilot the Primary Service       of millions who are using Facebook
a non-profit corporation dedicated      Provider approach with 20 But-          effective October 1. This is part
to promoting the production and         ler County families. The empha-         of their ongoing effort to increase
marketing of locally grown produce.     sis involves using many techniques      customer service by offering more
Many individuals have participated      already utilized, such as provid-       interactive communication for con-
in weekly classes offered by the        ing services where children are the     sumers and their families; a way for
Master Gardeners and have been in-      most, coaching families to be their     them to communicate not only with
volved in the planting, maintaining,    child’s best teacher, as well as us-    the CBDD and one another.
harvesting, and selling of produce.     ing the Routines Based assessment       Delaware CBDD officially dedicat-
Recently, Ohio V   alley Grown was      to determine what the family feels      ed its new building to the public
awarded a grant for the purchase        they need to support their child        October 22. Nearly 400 people at-
of a greenhouse for Venture, which      with a disability.                      tended the open house and toured
will allow for year round gardening.    Carroll CBDD purchased the One          the spacious building. as part of the
The Adams CBDD approved the in-         Call Now system to improve noti-        celebration, 2,000 balloons were re-
stallation of a terraced garden on      fication of events and closures to      leased in honor of those receiving
a hillside behind the workshop for      staff and people receiving services.    services from the agency.
strawberries.                           A staff committee has developed
Allen CBDD is marketing leaf rak-       an evaluation tool and is looking at
ing. For a number of years, Marimor     eliminating steps and moving to pay
Industries has had an enclave that      for performance.
works in the Lima City Parks each       Champaign CBDD held its annual
summer doing various lawn mainte-       Employee Recognition Luncheon
nance tasks. Marketing leaf raking      on November 12th. Of the 66 em-
has been very successful, and the       ployees currently working for the
“Leaf Doctors” are in high demand       board, 53% have worked for the
in allen County.                        board for more than 10 years, and
Ashland CBDD formally dedicated         80% have worked more than 5             Erie CBDD’s Special Olympics softball
the Messerly-Kithcart Activity Area     years. The CBDD also conducted          team, the Erie Bucks, won their sec-
on October 18. The outdoor rec-         an extensive survey of families re-     ond consecutive state champion-
reation and social area for teenage     ceiving CBDD services. About 1/3        ship, defeating Darke County in the
and adult clients is a product of a     of those families were contacted        championship game. Harry Miller,
community-wide project. The area        by phone to gather input about the      who receives services at Erie CBDD,
includes a basketball court, paved      importance and quality of services      was recently selected to be a leader
walkway, tables, swings, and in the     provided, and 99% rated our servic-     in the 2011 Project STIR program.
future a bocce court. The area is       es as excellent or good, while 93%      Harry completed the Project STIR
named after two long-time support-      did not suggest any changes to the      training and was one of a select few
ers, Donna Messerly and the late        current array of services. The infor-   invited back as a leader.
Frank Kithcart.                         mation will be used to develop the      Fairfield CBDD’s Bobby Fisher, a
Athens CBDD proudly announces           CBDD’s strategic plan.                  73-year-old graduate of Berne Union
it has passed a 1.8 mill, 8-year levy   Clark CBDD recognized it’s Com-         High School and attendee of the se-
passed at 69%. Individuals receiving    munity Partners at a luncheon No-       niors day hab program at the Op-
services and their families recorded    vember 18. Clark CBDD expressed         portunity Center, collected personal
radio levy-support advertisements.      they are incredibly thankful for the    hygiene and other comfort items
Major fundraisers included a tele-      citizens, business partners, and fam-   for troops in afghanistan. He pre-
vised sub-eating contest and a com-     ilies who supported Clark CBDD.         sented them to a Berne Union 7th
edy night with professional come-       Clinton CBDD drafted its new Stra-      grade class that sent more than 70
dians. The Athens News published a      tegic Plan. They worked many            boxes overseas through the Blue
10-page feature section on all Board    months obtaining feedback and lis-      Star Mothers.
programs the week before Elec-          tening to constituents. They feel       Franklin CBDD congratulates Board
tion Day. also, on that weekend,        the data is a good roadmap to guide     Vice President Dean Fadel, who
Beacon School and PersonnelPlus were    us through the next few years.          also is President of OACB, for being
the recipients of the proceeds from     Coshocton CBDD had a great re-          recognized at the 10th annual SIBS
WATH/WXTQ Radio’s 27th annual           sponse to the Special Olympics bas-     Conference for his efforts to pro-
Chili-Bowl Cook-Off Benefit with        ketball program and this year two       mote the importance of siblings of
more 1,100 attendees.                   teams had to be created to meet         individuals who have developmen-
                                        the demands of the growing group.       tal disabilities.
Gallia CBDD has relocated its adult      event recognizing the participants       chased for the SSa department to
Program and Sheltered Workshop.          and businesses that have made our        give each SSa a private work space
The new facility is located next to      community employment effort suc-         with adequate storage and space for
the Gallia County Early Childhood        cessful.                                 consumer files.
and Family Center at 77 Mill Creek       Holmes CBDD’s Training Center had a      Knox CBDD sponsored an anti-bul-
Rd. in Gallipolis. They are excited      float in the Antique Festival parade     lying event for fifth grade students
to be in their larger, more centrally    (see related photo) in October. Be-      that incorporated activities about
located facility.                        cause of past problems with snow         disabilities and abilities throughout
Geauga CBDD is pleased to an-            closure days in February, the Moth-      the day. Organizations from across
nounce its partnership with the          er’s Club held their quilting meet-      Knox and Richland counties helped
Geauga County Educational Services                                                with the booths. More than 400
Center to operate preschool classes                                               students attended the two day pro-
in the Metzenbaum Center. as more                                                 gram. Students and teachers who
students are placed in the public                                                 participated expressed very positive
schools, collaboration and coopera-                                               thoughts about the activities.
tion in operating the classes at Met-                                             Lake CBDD held its 13th annual
zenbaum Center will help save dollars                                             Doc’s Deepwood Run at the Deep-
while using the facility more fully.                                              wood Campus on September 26,
Guernsey CBDD hosted a “fun day”                                                  with about 750 motorcycle enthu-
for the students at Golden Rule School                                            siasts participating. Prizes and re-
and the adults attending Guernsey        ings in November this year. The          freshments were plentiful, with a
Industries in cooperation with the       quilt stitched is always one of the      grand prize drawing of 2010 Harley
Kiwanis Club. activities included a      most sought after of the more than       Davidson Fatboy lo. Doc’s Deep-
bounce house, games and food.            70 quilts auctioned at the Spring        wood Run was established 13 years
Hamilton CBDD had several indi-          Festival in May. Dr. Cuccaro from        ago by a Vietnam vet named Doc
viduals volunteer at Vineyard Com-       the University of Miami in Florida,      and is supported by a group of vol-
munity Church in Cincinnati sorting      in conjunction with V   anderbilt Uni-   unteers to benefit individuals with
donated clothes for people served        versity, gave a presentation about a     developmental disabilities. Over
by the church’s Healing Center.          study of autism in amish commu-          the years, more than $350,000 has
The individuals who volunteered          nities at the parent’s association       been raised and disbursed in grants
are part of a program at Hamilton        meeting in November.                     to help people get specialized
CBDD for those at risk of involve-       Huron CBDD had two individuals           equipment, go to camp, and assist
ment with law enforcement.               Jean Mull (fore-                         in meeting a variety of needs. The
Highland CBDD celebrated with            ground) and Ra-                          Lake County Board of DD appreciates
a ribbon cutting for the new play-       chel Jones (back)                        the efforts of everyone involved in
ground. The photo below shows Su-        assist the Nor-                          hosting the Doc’s Deepwood Run
perintendent Chuck Biggert (left)        walk Salvation                           event, and the outstanding benefits
and Preschool Teacher Joyce Baker        army in their                            the committee provides to the indi-
                                         community vol-                           viduals served by the Board. It is
                                         unteer efforts in                        an extraordinary event with excep-
                                         packing lunch-                           tional people.
                                         es for children                          Lawrence CBDD’s Open Door School
                                         who receive free                         will be participating in the 2010
                                         lunches during the week.                 Festival of Trees at the Paramount
                                         Jackson CBDD is celebrating the          Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky.
                                         holidays during November with a          Students from Primary II and Inter-
                                         private showing at their local movie     mediate classes will be decorating
                                         theater for the J-V Adult Service        the tree for their theme, a Dreamy
                                         Center and Hope Haven School. They       Dickens Christmas.
                                         are also attend a viewing of the         Licking CBDD’s Chapter of People
holding the ribbon, while Board          American Cancer Society’s “Festival      First got its start in September, and
President Linda allen cuts it with       of Trees” and a reception follow-        already members of the group have
preschool student andrew McCol-          ing. “art in the Heart” has donated      booked speaking engagements.
lum. The playground was funded by        a handmade nativity and creche for       In early November, five individu-
a combination of donated funds and       this fundraising event.                  als gave speeches to Granville High
funding from the Ohio Department of      Jefferson CBDD has recently began        School students. It didn’t take long
Education, Highland County Endow-        a number of small projects aimed         for our People First group to hit the
ment Fund, and the Highland County       at improving our Training Center         ground running; advocating for
Board of DD.                             building. A small roof project, pav-     themselves and sharing their ex-
Hocking CBDD is getting ready for        ing project, restroom renovation,        periences seems to be their forte!
its accreditation review. They also      and painting project are scheduled       They did a great job at Granville
celebrated October as Community          for completion by the end of the         High School, and they look forward
Employment month by holding an           year. Cubicles are also being pur-       to sharing with other groups.
Logan CBDD The people served by                             Comer the prestigious honor of           org, by utilizing the services of a
RTC Employment Services are open-                           State of Ohio Special Olympics Coach     local Public Broadcast TV station
ing a store in Bellefontaine called                         of the Year, presented during a cer-     throughout 2010 to produce the
“Instant Replay”. It is a second-                           emony at the University Plaza Hotel,     videos. The videos are 30-minute in-
hand sporting goods store where                             near the campus of the Ohio State        terviews of Department Directors
customers can buy used athletic                             University.                              discussing services provided to the
equipment. The opening of the new                           Mahoning CBDD recently held a            community supporting individuals
retail business will help those served                      rally to support its 3 mill levy cam-    with disabilities. Links are provided
by RTC Industries Inc. learn valuable                       paign. The evening included a clas-      on each page of Montgomery CBDD
on-the-job skills while offering Lo-                        sic car show, chili cook-off compe-      website. The videos are first shown
gan County residents unique deals                           tition, a marching band, fire truck,     on the Miami Valley Communica-
on sporting good items. The official                        pony rides, fun, music and dancing.      tions Council community station
opening was October 14.                                     With nearly 400 people attend-           over a three-day period. Staff and
Lorain CBDD recently hosted two                             ing the outdoor activity under the       provider training videos will also be
exciting events promoting health,                           canopy at Bev MaSCO, the evening         available. In the future there will
                    wellness, and ath-                      was a huge success and helped pass       be video of Early Intervention ses-
                    letics. The Mur-                        the levy. Thank you to Mahoning          sions made available to the family
                    ray Ridge Center                        County for supporting the Board’s        via password protected links.
                    Fun & Wellness                          programs and activities.                 Morgan CBDD will continue a tra-
                    Expo provided                           Medina CBDD saw nearly 100 in-           dition dating back to 1991. That’s
                    a day of food,                          dividuals with developmental dis-        when then-Superintendent Gil-
                                                            abilities take the stage last month      bert Melragon hosted the first
                                                            for the Medina CBDD’s semi-annu-         program-wide Thanksgiving meal.
                                                            al musical stage production. This        Staff and families provide the side
                                                            year’s presentation, titled Don’t        dishes for the meal, and the turkeys
                                                            Stop; A Story of Self Determination      are donated by area civic organiza-
                                                            & Believing, was written by Medina       tions. For the past two years the
games, athletic activities, wellness                        CBDD staff members and told the          consumers’ cooking group has pre-
information booths, and a special                           story of one individual’s journey to     pared side dishes at the workshop,
appearance by the Mega Cham-                                self-determination as he interacts       frozen them, and they have been
pionship Wrestlers. The Murray                              with iconic musicians from the past      enjoyed at the meal. Preparing for
Ridge Inland Trail Marathon/Half                            and present. The two night produc-       the Thanksgiving meal is a wonder-
Marathon and 5K Run/Walk fol-                               tion was seen by more than 1,800         ful opportunity for staff and people
lowed the next morning. This Bos-                           audience members.                        receiving services to work together.
ton-qualifying event attracted more                         Mercer CBDD had its annual in-ser-       We look forward to carrying on this
than 300 runners from around the                            vice recently, and this year’s presen-   Thanksgiving tradition for many
country, and proceeds benefited the                         tation was on their own community        years to come.
Murray Ridge Levy Committee.                                employment and services presented        Morrow CBDD will bid farewell to
Madison CBDD is proud to announce                           by the Board’s community support         one of its longtime Board Members
they are home to the State of Ohio’s                        staff. The staff presentations were      as Phil Ohler, father to one of our
Special Olympics Coach of the year.                         enhanced by testimonials from sev-       adult consumers. Mr. Ohler leaves
While winning has been important                            eral recipients of community servic-     the Morrow CBDD after serving 12
to Recreation Coordinator Lincoln                           es. The Board reported that seeing       years. He has been a very faithful
Comer as he has skippered many                              and hearing results from their de-       and dedicated Board member, al-
Special Olympics sports teams over                          cisions that were made in the past       ways keeping the best interests of
the years, the development of his                           makes current decision-making            those recieving services in mind.
                       athletes as                          more meaningful.                         Mr. Ohler has witnessed many
                       people has                           Miami CBDD recently reported on          changes to the Board’s programs,
                       been at the                          the community outreach projects          having been through 21 levy defeats,
                       top of his to-                       for three teams of Service and Sup-      and having been involved in the
                       do list. It was                      port administrators. The remin-          difficult decision of making many
                       this compas-                         ing team has rented a unit in a lo-      program cuts. In his capacity as a
                       sion for Spe-                        cal storage facility and has been        Board Member, Mr. Ohler has also
                       cial Olympics                        working hard the past few months         served on the Board’s Facilities/
                       athletes, as                         to stock it with donated furniture       Transportation Committee and the
                       well as suc-                         and household items and create           Board’s non-profit housing corpora-
                       cess on the                          an inventory system. Individuals         tion. Mr. Ohler will continue to stay
                       playing field,                       served by the CBDD who are in            involved with the Board in some ca-
                       that earned                          need of household items can utilize      pacity. It is with great appreciation
Madison CBDD Recreation Coordinator Lincoln Comer           this well-organized system to access     for all of his hard work and dedica-
(left) was presented with the Special Olympics Coach of     help in times of crisis.                 tion that Morrow CBDD say good
the Year for the state of Ohio recently. Presenting Comer
with his award is Marty Allen, Program Director for         Montgomery CBDD has created a            bye to Phil as a Board Member.
Special Olympics Ohio.                                      video website www.mcbddsvideos.
Muskingum CBDD will be present-           in numbers of Special Olympians                             mer Ohio State University basketball
ing its Starlight Industries art of the   who participate every year, and it’s                        standout Jay Burson. also, to mark
                                          a great recognition opportunity,”                           the month, RNI had five billboards
                                          said Kirk McMahon, District Su-                             and received a proclamation from
                                          perintendent. “They are athletes                            the County Commissioners.
                                          and should be awarded varsity let-                          Ross CBDD Music Therapist Kris
                                          ters with all the rights and privileges                     Ramsey has Pioneer School’s Bell
                                          that go along with it.” For more of                         Choir on the road again this year.
                                          this story visit http://www.circlev-                        The Bell Choir regularly practices
                                                         and visits nursing homes, assisted
                                          news/doc4ce14607eca23640983710.                             living centers, senior citizens cen-
                                          txt.                                                        ters, churches, and all kinds of com-
                                          Pike CBDD and the Pike Metropoli-                           munity activities to which the Choir
                                          tan Housing Authority are working                           is invited. This is a free community
                                          with those receiving CBDD services                          service which everyone enjoys.
Heart Studio artists at the OACB          and their families to improve qual-                         Sandusky CBDD is very excited to
27th annual Convention. They              ity of life through environmental                           announce that they have recently
will be selling wind chimes, holiday      modifications and adaptive assis-                           purchased a beautiful 6,400 square
cards, and Christmas ornaments.           tive equipment services under the                           foot facility dedicated to all day ar-
We hope to see you there!                 HCBS Waivers. There have been                               ray programming. This facility is
Ottawa CBDD has teamed up with            11 projects completed since 2009                            located in the heart of Fremont, di-
its public transit authority OCTA,        making life easier for all involved.                        rectly down the street from the high
to challenge RVI (Riverview Indus-        Portage CBDD was pleased with the                           school, future home of the middle
tries) and ORSI (Housing Corporation)     very positive renewal of its five-year                      school, and our local YMCA. The
to a volleyball match to benefit both     1.8 mill levy issue. The Board thanks                       site has given us the room neces-
the United W of Ottawa County and         the citizens of Portage County for                          sary to expand our innovative pro-
the People First chapter. People First    their continuing commitment to                              gramming and quality services.
members are excited to manage             the needs of persons with devel-                            Some opportunities available are
concessions and door prizes.              opmental disabilities and would
                                                                                                                            UNITY President,
Perry CB and its The Employment           also like to congratulate the other                                               Bill Young, having
Connection of Hocking and Perry Coun-     10 counties whose issues were also                                                fun with the Brutus
ties (TEC) helped celebrate October       very successfully supported. The                                                  mascot
                                                                                                                            that presided over
as National Disability Employment         Board will next be on the ballot in                                               the conference. His
awareness Month seeking to pro-           the 2013 general election.                                                        girlfriend, Michelle
mote positive employment out-             Preble CBDD honored four of its                                                   Smith is wearing
                                                                                                                            the shirt that was
comes for people with disabilities        retiring Board Members at a recep-                                                designed for the
by encouraging employers, schools,        tion November 9. Collectively, Paul                                               weekend by Wil-
and community members to recog-           Shaeffer, Carolyn Showalter, Mary                                                 liam Keels, who is
                                                                                                                            another self advo-
nize the talents that people with         Louise Howard and Stanley Spen-                                                   cate with very cre-
disabilities bring to the workplace.      cer have contributed more than 44                                                  ative abilities.
TEC hosted their first annual aware-      years of service to the Preble CBDD.
ness luncheon in Hocking County           Congratulations and thank you for                           pool league, corn hole, music class
and dinner in Perry County where          your leadership, dedication and                             and karaoke, academics, book club,
more than 70 people attended.             commitment!                                                 art club along with daily exercise
Business partners, school districts,                                                                  and vocational training. Gener-
and individuals were recognized                                                                       ally, three times per week our walk-
for their efforts in improving di-                                                                    ing club members join the YMCA
versity throughout the community.                                                                     walking club. To date, we have
TEC would also like to announce                                                                       walked collectively nearly 60 miles!
Sue Schmitter-Motta as Executive          Pictured left to right are Stanley Spencer, Carolyn Show-   We are planning an open house in
Director of the program. For pro-         alter, Mary Louise Howard and Paul Shaeffer.                early spring after some minor reno-
gram information contact Sue at ss-                                                                   vations, but if anyone is interested and for         Richland CBDD saluted more than                             in a tour, please contact Mandy
Community Outreach efforts con-           100 area employers during Disabil-                          Camden at 567-201-2063.
tact Lindsey Jago at ljago@tecohio.       ity Employment awareness Month                              Scioto CBDD will be hosting a re-
org or by calling 740-385-4371.           in October during the annual Em-                            tirement party for Superintendent
Pickaway CBDD is pleased to an-           ployer Recognition Breakfast on                             Brenda Benson at 1 p.m. December
nounce that Circleville High School       October 28, which attracted nearly                          10 in our adult Services Building
students who participate in Special       300 people. Gorman-Rupp Industries                          (STAR Inc.) Everyone is welcomed
Olympics will now be eligible to earn     and PB and Jelly Beans were named                           to attend. The Board has hired Ben
a varsity letter for their efforts af-    the Employers of the Year. RNI                              Hollinger, currently Superintendent
ter a unanimous vote by the Board         also honored three Employees of                             in Hocking County, as the new su-
of Education. “We are growing             the Year. The guest speaker was for-                        perintendent. On a seperate note,
the new bus garage is completed,                 Tuscarawas CBDD has provided ser-                          hold its fall concert in November.
and Petermann has moved in to it.                vices to children ages 5-21 through-                       The choir has produced a DVD
Seneca CBDD saw its Individuals                  out the years in the traditional                           which highlights the choir, its
For Unity, Self Advocates from Seneca            way of assigning students to an in-                        members and its performances. It is
County, just complete their 16th an-             structional classroom according to                         available for purchase for a suggest-
nual conference November 13-14 at                chronological age and classroom                            ed donation of $10. Please contact
the Sawmill Lodge. advocates chose               numbers as specified by the Ohio                           Dawn McKenna at (513) 695-1857 or
the theme “Ohio State Basketball”                Department of Education’s (ODE) Pro-             
to promote the advocacy confer-                  cedural Guidelines. It has become                          Washington CBDD’s staff and persons
ence which was entitled “Let’s Get               increasingly apparent that by just                         receiving services participated in a
Fired Up for advocacy.” John Die-                following these Procedural Guide-                          fundraiser for beloved bus driver
bler, Ohio State basketball player,              lines, individual student needs were                       “Joe” who has been diagnosed with
sent an inspirational video message              not always able to be met to the                           a life threatening illness earlier this
to the group via his father Keith                fullest extent possible. This school                       month. Through the generosity of
Diebler. There were 145 people in                year, with the help and support of                         participants and our community
attendance.                                      an educational consultant, students                        more than $17,000 was raised.
Stark CBDD presented the annual                  and staff were assigned to the fol-                        Wood CBDD is taking advantage of
Great Pumpkin Race with TWi.                     lowing classes by individual need/                         current technology. They are using
There are many community spon-                   strengths versus chronological age                         iPads to teach students. accord-
sors of the race. all proceeds bene-             span: an Intensely Structured Class-                       ing to Chris McDonald, Speech/
fit Stark Special Olympics. Given bud-           room, a Technology Classroom, a                            Language Pathologist, the use of an
get cuts, this event becomes a major             Functional academics Classroom                             iPad is giving students an additional
              fundraiser for the Spe-            for younger students, and an Inde-                         avenue to expand their abilities to
              cial Olympics program.             pendence/Vocational Classroom for                          learn and communicate. Children
              about 500 runners/                 the older students. This approach is                       now read stories by having the
              walkers from Northeast             proving to be beneficial in maximiz-                       story pictured and spoken through
              Ohio participate in the            ing the potential of each student by                       the iPad. Students learn to identify
              race each year.                    allowing staff to focus on strengths                       signs, learn vocabulary, and express
                                                 and better meet individual student                         feelings. One program even repeats
TWi artist Bambi Bernhardt won the logo design   needs.                                                     the sound, phrase or sentence ex-
contest for the 2010 race t-shirt.
                                                 Union CBDD is saying good-bye to                           pressed. This has encouraged stu-
Summit CBDD is now offering hand-                two Board Members, Steve Streng                            dents to increase their communica-
sewn and pottery products made by                and Bruce Davis. They both began                           tion skills. The iPad can also serve
the Summit CBDD program par-                     their Board tenure in 1999. They are                       as a student’s communication board
ticipants in a seasonal kiosk at the             completing their third consecutive                         with standard words and phrases
Chapel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls.              four-year terms, the maximum per-                          they would use in everyday activi-
This is the fourth year for this high-           mitted by state law. Bruce was ap-                         ties at school and home. And, just
traffic location during the holiday              pointed to the Board by the Union                          like any kid, they can connect to the
shopping season. Open from No-                   County Commissioners. He served as                         Internet and access things like You-
vember 1 - December 31, the kiosk                Board President from 2001-2009                             Tube, e-mail, and other fun digital
provides a great community pres-                 and also has served on numerous                            media on the web.
ence for the agency as a distribution            committees. Steve currently serves                         Wyandot CBDD is pleased to an-
point for literature and community               as the Board President. Over the                           nounce its local Lions Club just
outreach material.                               years, he also has served on numer-                        completed a wheelchair accessible
Trumbull CBDD offered its com-                   ous committees and was appointed                           nature trail and observation deck
munity a glimpse into the world of               to the Board by the Union County                           in the Soil & Water Conservation
art performed by people with dis-                Commissioners as a parent appointee.                       District’s natural woodlot, which is
abilities. The Fairhaven Foundation,                                                                        located on the property adjacent to
under the direction of Linda Tiiho-                                                                         angeline School & Industries. It’s
nen, sponsored an art Show at the                                                                           fantastic and all volunteer!
Squaw Creek Country Club, which
was attended by hundreds of mem-
bers of the public and employees of              Pictured are (left )Bruce Davis and (right) Steve Streng
the Trumbull CBDD. Hundreds of
pieces of art were displayed along                 an
                                                 V Wert CBDD has a contract with
with the 12 winners of the compe-                Hupp Aerospace Defense. Employees
tition. The art will be featured in              have packaged more than 1.5 mil-
the Fairhaven Foundation 2011 calen-             lion parts for kits used on the Chi-
dar. Warren City Schools vocal music             nook and apache helicopters, as
department performed and artists                 well as the Humvee and other mili-
with disabilities demonstrated their             tary equipment.
painting skills during the evening. It           W  arren CBDD was proud to watch
was a gala event.                                its choir, Voices of Warren County,

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