Wallowing in Misery

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					Wallowing in Misery
Nice, uplifting article title, isn’t it? Yet, we all know people
who enjoy wallowing in misery, and we cannot fathom why on
earth they would do such things. It seems that they are
choosing depression over happiness or misery over love. To
                            normal people, those who wallow are
                            degenerate and weak…when in fact
                            they are merely suffering. It is not
                            merely good enough to grow up in a
                            family      with    high     emotional
                            intelligence. You must have it
                            yourself. If you fail to develop it
                            early on in life, when you were
                            supposed to receive it, then you may
                            find yourself growing up and getting
                            new life experience further and
                            further, having less and less ability to
                            cope with it. Pretty soon, even if you
                            wanted to learn how to grow up as a
normal adult, you are still unable to do so, because you cannot
tell when the problems first began and you are not sure where
exactly they were located. Then, the source of the problem is
disguised and distorted and you find yourself even more at a
loss as to where to begin dealing with your under-developed
Misery loves company, or so they say, but in fact people need
to feel that they are not alone in their misery. This is because
they need to not feel alone, period. They are not looking to
drag anybody else down into the mire with them. They are
looking to find someone who is just as unhappy as they are, so
that they are reassured that they are not freaks of nature or
abnormal in today’s world.
Today, companies do various things to help people feel
included in the workplace. They engage in company sports,
form creative teams, and treat everyone as an equal as much as
possible. What is standard for one person is standard for
everyone. This includes workplace drug testing. Onsite drug
and alcohol screening is designed specifically to test all
employees fairly and equally, so that any aberrations in the
testing methods show up across a large cross section of
employees, rather than targeting specific individuals. Call
Mediscreen today for more information about onsite drug and
alcohol screening, and workplace drug testing laws: (+61) 1300
79 70 40.

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